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Start growing!

Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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    Non-Obvious PDF Summary

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    Non-Obvious PDF

    How to Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict The Future by Rohit Bhargava

    What’s obvious for you, is probably obvious to everybody. Nothing challenging about that.

    But really challenging is the non-obvious things that may reveal some interesting trends in the marketing world.

    I’m not just saying that. Rohit Bhargava, a marketing expert and Georgetown University Professor, proves it by his best-seller “Non-Obvious: How to Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict The Future”. 

    Intel, Under Armour, the World Bank and dozens of the largest brands and organizations in the world used his insights on future trends and the art of curating trends.


    Great trends are never obvious declarations of fact that most people already know.

    “Non-Obvious PDF Summary”

    Rohit Bhargava definitely drew the attention of many brands with a list of “non-obvious” trends by asking the questions that most trend predictors miss.

    Non-Obvious Summary

    Do you need an example? Take a look at this nuggets:

    When you are solely focused on creating Glanceable Content, who cares about creating something permanent?

    How many trend forecasters do you think predicted the rise of something like Twitter back in 1997?  Exactly zero.

    In Non-Obvious you’ll find featured 15 trends for 2015. All  across 5 categories:

    Culture & Consumer Behavior,

    Marketing & Social Media,

    Media & Education, Technology

    Design plus Economics & Entrepreneurship.

    But you don’t have to believe it until you see it. Check out other book summaries to have a clue about his approach. Then you must read the book to see how much your story can fit into it.

    Non-Obvious is a book that will make you re-think things and teach you how to predict the future trends by learning and observing today’s patterns.

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