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Out of Our Minds Summary

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Out of Our Minds PDFThe Power of Being Creative

Are you creative?

Did you have to think twice? Did you say no?

You are mistaken!

You are creative. You just have to find out how to wake up that part of yourself.

Who Should Read “Out of Our Minds” and Why?

“Out of Our Minds” is a book that will teach readers why creativity is more important than ever, and show them the way that they should transform their mindset and perspective on the topic, in order to prosper in the modern business world.

We recommend it to everyone who wants to keep up with changing times, and preparing for the future, in which creativity will surely be the companies’ competitive edge.

About Sir Ken Robinson

Ken RobinsonSir Ken Robinson is an author, a speaker, consultant, Professor Emeritus of Education at the University of Warwick and a renowned leader in the field of creative development.

“Out of Our Minds PDF Summary”

If we ask you if you are creative, what will you say?

Most people would get embarrassed, and say a few words about lacking any artistic skills.

Those people misunderstand creativity.

They believe that it is a gift, a talent which is reserved only for the lucky few who have been born with overflowing talent to paint, write, or compose music.

As you may already guess, that is not the case.

Look around you.

The phone you are holding, the device you are reading this summary on, they are all products of creative people.

The medicine you use when you are sick, the bed you sleep on, and every single thing that surrounds you is such a product as well.

Everything in this world has once been invented, and once created has been continuously improved.

For such advancements, creativity is essential.

Everyone can be creative since creativity can be taught. Creativity is a potential which everyone can choose to use.

Sadly, our education does not teach us to be creative, but only feeds are facts we need to memorize.

However, as the world is changing drastically, creativity is not only needed but an essential business skill to learn.

The competitive edge will soon become so strong, that it will only matter which company has the best creative ideas.

Also, people will have to get used to changing jobs, since having just one vocation over the course of an entire working career, will be something impossible.

Adaptability and flexibility will be the traits that will decide who survives in the contemporary market.

To be able to change the working environment, the world needs first to change the educational system we already mentioned.

In the traditional educational system, each stage of education builds upon the previous one.

Successful students are those who have successfully progressed through all logical stages, as imagined. Schools emphasize mathematics and pay less attention to humanities, and the least attention to art.

However, the world has changed so much that this system is no longer as useful as it once was.

What we see nowadays are huge numbers of graduates, who are not actually ready for the real requirements that come with a job and a transformed market.

So, the change has to happen, especially in the field of creativity.

Self-expression, and the ability to think creatively are crucial for the workers of the future.

Just think about it. What is the difference between humans and other animals?

Is it the ability produce sounds, or the ability to walk on two feet?

No, it is not.

What sets us apart is our brain and most of all the scope of our imagination.

Humans use imagination to see way beyond the present moment and circumstances.

People can travel in the past through their memories, understand the present by considering different perspectives, and anticipate the future by creating different possible scenarios.

Creativity is imagination at work.

It enables people to see more than just a piece of wood in front of them: they can see a table, a chair, or something else that can make life easier and more comfortable.

That is the same with every material, with every sound and every little detail that surrounds us.

When people put their creative ideas into practice, innovation happens.

This world is built on innovative practices.

So, forget about filling up your mind with endless lists of facts. Facts are important, but only if you can use them to come up with something new.

Instead of thinking that factual knowledge will make you a better worker, start understanding that only creativity can make you truly valuable.

In the end, anyone can learn how to do the job in the way it was always done – but only creative and exceptional people will think of ways to do it better.

Key Lessons from “Out of Our Minds”

1.      The Steps of a Creative Process
2.      Misconceptions About Innovation
3.      Creativity is the Competitive Edge of Modern Companies

The Steps of a Creative Process

Each creative process consists of two steps.

The first one is generating new ideas, and the second one is evaluating the generated ideas.

Not all ideas can and should be accepted. Most of them need to be refined, while some of them need to be rejected as well.

Misconceptions About Innovation

Many managers act in the wrong way when they are trying to promote innovation in their companies.

They constantly fear that if they do decide to do it, they alone will have to carry the burden of coming up with creative ideas.

However, managers and business leaders need to understand that a leader is someone who creates an environment which enables and motivates others to be creative.

Creativity is the Competitive Edge of Modern Companies

It is no longer important just to be well educated, but to also know how to think creatively.

Rules change fast in the modern world, and only flexible people that know how to transform as fast as their environment and think of ways to satisfy the emerging needs of the customers can make it.

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“Out of Our Minds Quotes”

If all you had was academic ability, you wouldn't have been able to get out of bed this morning. Click To Tweet What we become as our lives evolve depends on the quality of our experiences here and now. Click To Tweet The task of education is not to teach subjects: it is to teach students. Click To Tweet Being in your element is not only about aptitude, it’s about passion: it is about loving what you do. Click To Tweet Our ideas can enslave or liberate us. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

“Out of Our Minds” explains why creativity is important, what is the fault at the educational system, and what society can do about creating creative generations that can prosper in the turbulent market.

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