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Paradoxical Thinking Summary

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Paradoxical Thinking SummaryHow to Profit from Your Contradictions

An irrational consistency is the embodiment of uneducated minds.

If you are keen to make sense of paradoxical methods, you should give this book a try.

Who Should Read “Paradoxical Thinking”? And Why?

Are you a brave person, or you advocate for averageness? 

The answer shapes you not only as an individual but as part of the whole.

The book is intended for the entire population because we must not allow being controlled by the media and the collective opinion. Be courageous let the world see your beauty and uniqueness.

About Jerry L. Fletcher & Kelle Olwyler

Jerry L. FletcherJerry L. Fletcher is a specialist in helping profitable corporations handle certain issues that occur in the human resource department. Organizational change must be an imperative for every company according to Jerry.

Among his clients, you’ll find one of the world’s largest corporations as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM and Procter & Gamble.

As a writer, he has written several books such as Patterns of High Performance, Paradoxical Thinking, and Human Growth Games.

Kelle OlwylerKelle Olwyler is a consultant and an expert in team consultancy who strictly focuses on processes related to innovative thinking and executive coaching. Kelle has managed and trained many consultants in Europe, North and Latin America.

“Paradoxical Thinking Summary”

Successful people (regardless of profession) seem to be comfortable and flexible during arguments; their different perspective makes them even more extraordinary. As a matter fact, the more a person adopts a paradoxical approach in life, the more it will benefit in every situation.

The greatest asset of paradoxical mentality at your disposal is that it allows you to compete with highly professional individuals and to spread your values among the people with no significant effort.

A paradox must not be interpreted as a clear contradiction to the truth; it is more like a different angle of it. The theory also refers to expressing thoughts or emotions and showing an apparent contradicting approach with lots of inconsistencies.

A dictionary has the habit of identifying the paradoxical thinking as a one-way street. These restraints bear the same mark of contradictory, so the limitations only refer to certain mutually exclusive combinations, which quite often seem to be impossible to attain.

It is not easy to explore them fully, but it is helpful so that you can experience the truth from both sides without any attachments.

It would be a great advantage, if you understand how and when to apply your paradoxical skills, in pursuance of a better life guided by a true identity. The use of these qualities will only enable you to resolve complicated and intricate problems and help you upgrade your communication skills.

The goal of any conversation is to make your Interlocutor feel amazed by your communication abilities.

How to perform at your very best?

Paradoxical way answer this question, with approach capable of dealing with challenges that emerge in any given situation. The flexible manner can serve your purposes; adaptable nature is the key to the evolving world.

Take the paradoxes to be your strongest, contradictory and at the same time inconsistent quality that comes into view spontaneously.

The authors Jerry L. Fletcher and Kelle Olwyler analyze when should we use such “ideology” and thus exploit the potential of paradoxical thinking.

In general, incompatible ways of approaching life-situation, doesn’t mean that you’ve taken the wrong path. There are many discussions left open struggling to find the answers to certain paradoxical mysteries.

One of them is – How to make paradoxes work for you, not against you? Or in other words – Is the contradictory thinking your ally or our enemy?

You mustn’t be carried away by useless thoughts, remain sober and recognize the good and bad outcomes that come out of these paradoxes.

Later on, you’ll be able to choose and apply those paradoxes working for your sake. Jerry and Kelle invite readers to contemplate deeply and to resolve the present problem. The book is beneficial referring to its valuable nature to help you overcome personal or professional obstacles.

Nevertheless, while the standard is relatively truthful, components may seem a little complex and difficult to apply without guidance. New decision-making approach and an admirable way to regard goal setting without that monotonous voice of reasonableness in your head.

Too much reasonableness destroys creativity. The bottom line is –  today’s world suffers from an overwhelming population of robotic minds.

Every individual felt the societal constraints on its skin, the struggle against the paradox has been going on for centuries but fortunately – the society failed to destroy it.

Key Lessons from “Paradoxical Thinking”

1.      Learn how to perform well
2.      Find the best contradictory qualities within you
3.      Find your biggest problem

Learn how to perform well

When people understand how to express their paradoxical qualities, spontaneously they will be apt to accomplish their assignments efficiently and energetically.

Make up a list of your strengths and your weakness to become aware of your capabilities. Ten characteristics at each side are recommended.

Find the best contradictory qualities within you

Different mindsets have developed different reactions to what’s right and wrong. All these traits give birth to your contradictory qualities.

Later on, you should find the best way to express your paradoxical thinking, which represents your character.

Find your biggest problem

If you experience difficulties along the path, you should immediately set up a goal to resolve your complexed paradox.

At first, pick the most important concern of all, and design a method that will help you to overcome it (with a paradoxical approach of course).

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“Paradoxical Thinking” Quotes

The challenge is understanding and using your capabilities in positive, mature, and constructive ways rather than suppressing the qualities you don’t like or expressing them in negative ways. Click To Tweet Understanding how to use your own paradoxical qualities as a tool can enable you to cut through complex, confusing problems and find more effective routes for getting things accomplished. Click To Tweet Pick the one combination in which both words or phrases are true and capture a core personal conflict or tension with which you seem to be constantly struggling. Click To Tweet Very successful people seem almost universally to be contradictory and apparently more comfortable with their contradictions than the rest of us. Click To Tweet Each person has a particular combination of contradictory and paradoxical qualities that seem to work together to produce a person’s best work. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Contradiction not only that it opposes the robotic way of life, but also it shows that the paradox is not contrary to the truth.

The authors of the book “Paradoxical Thinking” want to create a completely transformed mindset that will encourage people to express their contradictory views freely.

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