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Sex at Dawn Summary

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Sex at Dawn SummaryHow We Mate, Why We Stray, and What it Means for Modern Relationships

Sex at Dawn is perhaps one of the books that marked 2010, with its realistic ideas based on extensive research and creativity.

We are honored to present such a gift in the form of summary so that you can indulge your passion.

Who Should Read “Sex at Dawn”? And Why?

It’s hard to say to whom is this book intended. However, we feel like the more conservative countries should take into account the happiness of both partners, and not just use sex as a tool for reproduction.

This simple idea could easily alter our lives – in a blink of an eye because we’ve been living on the verge of societal pressure that drives us crazy. As such Sex at Dawn is recommended to all individuals of the world, regardless of other features.

About Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jethá

Christopher RyanChristopher Ryan is an American born author of several books. He obtained his B.A. in 1984 in both American and English literature, and since then Christopher has been focusing on the history of sexual relationships.

Cacilda JetháCacilda Jethá as his wife and life companion shares the same views. Despite being an author, she is also a psychiatrist.

“Sex at Dawn Summary”

Sex at Dawn is a book that does not oppose monogamy, as much as it reveals new concepts of building relationships. If you ever wondered, if we are made for “one-on-one” love on a long-term basis, this is the best way to find out.

Before we start making any conclusions, it’s best, to begin with, a comprehensive investigation of our internal needs:

For instance, did our ancestors lived under the same rules of life as we tend too? Yes, that’s exactly what we are trying to figure out – are we monogamous – do we have the capacity to do it, without any societal pressure?

In fact, being open for discussion, without having any fixed mindset is an imperative, because if you already “protect” a certain opinion, probably you’ll end up making biased judgments. From lots and lots of movies, we’ve seen a scenario like this – man meets his soul mate or vice versa they fall in love and live happily ever after.


Does something stands in between, or technically all people live their own fairy tale? – Don’t bother answering; you know how things go.  

Many evolutionists and scientists including psychology experts endorse the theory that it’s virtually impossible to be 100% committed to someone. Take America’s former president – Bill Clinton, who almost lost it all because of an affair.

Here’s the deal:

In many Muslim countries, women are punished by death, even for unproven affairs that they had – according to the accusers, beyond the wedlock boundaries. In reality, the process of search for a partner originates even before the creation of our species.

Generally speaking, it’s the right of not just humans, but the entire kingdom.

Nevertheless, even the westerners are rigorous when it comes to the concept of adultery. By all means, it is responsible for tons of sadness, murders, and unhappiness. Sometimes even endorsing these irrational concepts, is done merely by reflex, we are not aware that humans have limitless possibilities.

Until now, with how many people did you share the act of love?

The key is to answer all these questions, in order to expand your perspective and allow wisdom to enter into your heart. Don’t start with the count, at least not yet.

When you have the time, on a piece of paper, you can briefly summarize and count your sexual experiences. This eccentric idea emerged from authors whose expertise doesn’t correlate with the collective opinion on sexuality.

Wanna hear a fun fact?

Despite your “performance” in the bedroom or whatever place, it’s likely that your so-called number would not come even close to our “beastly” ancestors, and their successors. This is exactly what Ryan and Jetha had in mind while writing this open-minded masterpiece.  

On the other hand, if you still are not sure – what road suits you the most, start investing, don’t accept imposed religious, and societal concepts and ideas.


On a yearly basis, more and more marriages are prone to failure. Women being more empowered is only a segment; it doesn’t contain the whole message that is conveyed. Finance, lack of patience, affairs, all these things are the end-result of a “closed-relationship.”

It’s never too late to start asking questions, especially when your peace is at stake. Sooner or later, we all come to a point, when we must analyze and investigate the reality of human sexuality?

Sex At Dawn deliberately provokes you to seek an answer to these mysteries. The comfort zone is not your friend; perhaps a better opportunity awaits if you have the curiosity to meet it.

Key Lessons from “Sex at Dawn”

1.      Let’s get personal
2.      Monogamy is doomed to failure
3.      You shouldn’t hide your feelings

Let’s get personal

Ever wondered why women are louder during sex, and yet they fail to reach orgasm, or fake it? – It’s all in there, we don’t pay attention to how things should be, and focus on how the society wants it to be. The reality doesn’t work that way.

Monogamy is doomed to failure

From the very start, you are being possessed by another person or the other way around. Is that the voice of happiness? – Jethá and Ryan couldn’t agree for another million years.

Before claiming that this book opposes your personal agenda, give it a try, because maybe monogamy doesn’t represent the laws of nature as you thought.

You shouldn’t hide your feelings

Putting at stake many essential things just for a pointless “extracurricular activity” is becoming a common practice. However, neither Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá are into gossiping; they are eager to rediscover and reinvent a system that can bear fruits, without suffocating our freedom.

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“Sex at Dawn” Quotes

Societies in which women have lots of autonomy and authority tend to be decidedly male-friendly, relaxed, tolerant, and plenty sexy. Got that, fellas? If you're unhappy at the amount of sexual opportunity in your life, don't blame the… Click To Tweet But with trust we can strive to accept even what we cannot understand. Click To Tweet One wonders, in fact, why marriage is a legal issue at all - apart from its relevance to immigration and property laws. Why would something so integral to human nature require such vigilant legal protection? Click To Tweet Darwin says your mother’s a whore. Simple as that. Click To Tweet Before the war on drugs, the war on terror, or the war on cancer, there was the war on female sexual desire. It’s a war that has been raging far longer than any other, and its victims number well into the billions by now. Like the… Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Sex at Dawn is not merely a unique book, but enriched with content that is rarely findable. For all persons that thrive on challenges, will surely be amazed and excited by this one-of-a-kind material, as we were.

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