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Steps to the Top Summary

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Steps to the Top PDF

Reaching the heights takes more than just superficial sacrifices. It’s a mix of talent, attitude, knowledge, and wisdom.

We briefly explain all aspects, which are presented in the most transparent way possible.

About Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar is an award-winning author and a sales expert who wrote many books such as Selling 101, Secrets of Closing The Sale, and others.

“Steps to the Top PDF Summary”

    • Miserable and depressive persons rarely make an impact.
    • Work on yourself, and control mood swings.
    • Regardless of the current situation, never let your guard down.
    • Setting high goals must be imperative to you.
  • Be around people that really worry about well-being. Their presence will give you strength and energy.

For a person to understand how to apply unique practices, it must pay more attention to the “Steps to the Top.” These seven phases explain all elements a person must comprehend in order to find peacefulness and prosperity.

We throw light on these seven central areas to demonstrate Ziglar’s creativity and know-how.


In reality, we are the creators of our destiny. Whatsoever troubles your peace, it is self-made. Good or bad all derives from your emotional state. Attitude is not fixated on your external circumstances; it can be developed, modified and altered.

Having the winner’s edge takes more than just preparations. It also requires a mindset that is not concerned with others’ achievements and focuses exquisitely on itself.


Apparently, being depressed reduces your chances of getting the desired results. Emotional outbursts and physical conflicts are your biggest enemy when choosing a career, life-partner, etc. Although sadness and depression are not the same, mood swings are dangerously decreasing your ability to make the right calls.

Counter depression in three ways:

    • Control your temper
    • Organize your assignments wisely and outline the most important tasks
  • Help others – Try not to become selfish


Are you a fighter? Underachievers tend to give up in the midst of crisis or when things get a little out of hand. Nurture that fighting spirit and show your eagerness to get what you crave for.

Such attitude isn’t typical, and one must be prepared to take drastic measures to keep its chin up – regardless of the situation.


Everything that has been said would mean nothing, without a list of goals. Record all your agendas and plans, determine whether your blueprint is feasible and does it require adjustment.

In general, many people after fulfilling this step, fail to put an extra effort because they are busy making hundreds of excuses.

Learning “How To”

Take advantage of any situation by exploiting your potential. Don’t be afraid of new opportunities, embrace uncertainty and walk fearlessly. First and foremost, you must be open to new ideas, before your mind can accept such viewpoints, one must be willing to transform its behavior.


Nothing comes close to being capable of spreading love, compassion, and understanding. Showing signs of empathy will give you energy and motivation to proceed and follow your dreams.


Some people are misled with the idea that knowledge is key to success. In fact, the real strength emerges from true determination just like the heavyweight boxing champion James J. “Gentleman Jim” described – the ability to stand up and fight one more round.

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“Steps to the Top Quotes”

Nothing in life includes an absolute guarantee, and opportunity is no exception. Click To Tweet You can criticize a cow in the cornfield all day, and it will neither increase its milk production, nor stay out of the cornfield. Click To Tweet You can’t change the cards life has dealt you, but you can determine the way you’ll play them. Click To Tweet There are moments in all of our lives when we feel below par and have brief moments of doubt. Click To Tweet Intense belief in a goal is one of the most powerful forces on earth. Click To Tweet

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