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Selling 101 Summary

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Selling 101 SummaryWhat Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to Know

In a world of almost no geographic barriers and free markets, differentiating is harder than ever.

In such regards, one must take into account every scenario and focus on the sales team to avoid bankruptcy and collapse.

About Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar was a renowned sales expert and the author of several bestsellers including “Secrets of Closing a Sale”.

“Selling 101 Summary”

Zig Ziglar, unlike other experts, presents a walkthrough that any newcomer in sales can easily follow. “Selling 101” gives instructions that would turn you into an indispensable member of your organization. Finding clients, overcoming “call reluctance” is only a small portion of the package deal.

All examples are drawn from personal experiences and other stories that are suitable for the situation.

    • Without sales, profits can hardly increase and exist.
    • Don’t be shy to build new relationships. You can spread your influence by politely asking one of your partners to tell others about your goods.
  • Next, “call reluctance” is typical for beginners, but developing a routine to overcome this awkward feeling is critical.

Sales professionals must not take rejection too personally. If you’re inclined to believe that each of your calls will end up in revenues, you are living in an imaginary world. In general, fearing such offensive reaction will get you nowhere, you must prepare for all scenarios and adjust your strategy on a case-to-case basis.  

First and foremost, making a sale is out of the question, if you fail to find a prospect.  You don’t know what a prospect is?! – It’s a person or a target group that can convert your regular call into an income. Prominent salespeople are always on the lookout for such parties.

Before “going pro” all salespeople must become aware of how hard it is to make an impact and very good first impression via the phone. Moreover, around 85% of all sales professionals are reluctant or at least experience some feeling of hesitation before making the decisive call.

If you believe that sales are merely a result of luck, you will not improve. Designing a blueprint that is composed of a list of responses to any reaction in order to anticipate every possible outcome – is what distinguishes a professional from a rookie.

There are four steps for creating the perfect sales process that brings positive results.

“Need Analysis”

It’s only logical that people have a tendency of purchasing specifically outlined commodities that they require.

Need Awareness”

Once you understand the client’s necessities, it is critical that you explain the features of your product and how those are complementary to their needs.

“Need Solution”

Talking about your products or services is the next step. Offer a solution and don’t be afraid of being rejected.

Need Satisfaction

Get feedback and see whether your product truly has proven its worth.

Key Lessons from “Selling 101

1.      What does my target audience want?
2.      Understand their demands
3.      “No” for an answer

What does my target audience want?

Conducting a needs analysis can be done in many ways for you to elicit requirements. Burst the routine bubble and try to provoke an emotional reaction while supervising the investigations.

In reality, people are rarely guided by logic; emotions mostly drive their decision-making.

Understand their demands

After the comprehensive analysis, you can begin designing your strategy, right? No!

The game never ends, and if you don’t want to trail behind, you must continuously invest in understanding the behavior of your potential customers.

“No” for an answer

What to do if you cannot get out of the “no” zone?

Some sales experts including Zig Ziglar, declare that only after being rejected five times, you can delete that potential client from the list, not before.

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“Selling 101” Quotes

Personalize the benefits for the prospect. Click To Tweet Organization, discipline and commitment make for consistent high-volume production. Click To Tweet True selling professionals don’t talk about ethics; they live ethically. Click To Tweet I strongly encourage those in the world of selling to deal with a product or service they cannot help talking about! Click To Tweet To be the winner you are capable of becoming, you must plan to win; you must prepare to win, and then you have every right to expect to win. Click To Tweet

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