Talking as Fast as I Can PDF Summary

Talking as Fast as I Can PDF Summary

From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls

Well, it’s pretty far to say that Lauren Graham is currently winning on two fronts.

As an author and actress, she is undoubtedly transforming into a real gem and inspiration for thousands of people all across the globe.

We were skeptical about the possibility of her excelling in two fields, but she proved us wrong.

Let’s delve into her message!

Who Should Read “Talking as Fast as I Can”? And Why?

How fast can you talk?

Is it the speed of uttering words, or the concept of saying the right ones?

Well, the narrative behind this interesting book places emphasis on life as a whole, and how things unfold.

As such, it would be totally imprudent to exclude a group of people or to prioritize one over the other. With that said, we believe that “Talking as Fast as I Can” deserves all the merits and as such it’s suitable for everyone.

About Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham’s recent achievements can’t be put into words. Critics describe her recent take off in the professional realm as merely a glimpse of her unwavering potential.

We couldn’t agree more.

She is the author of:

“Talking as Fast as I Can PDF Summary”

In the beginning, Lauren looks back at some of the things that hold a special place in her memory. Born in Hawaii, Lauren didn’t have enough time to work on her tan, as they moved to Japan shortly afterward.

While in Tokyo, she discovered that her favorite food is in fact: mashed peas. They had to stay with her grandmother for a while and had a Japanese nanny, who Lauren loved dearly. She even remembers that her first word in Japanese was o-heso (which can be roughly translated into belly button).

Lauren’s mother grew up in Japan and had no problems at speaking in Japanese.

Back in the days, when there were just a couple of TV channels in the States and even fewer in other countries, her mom was aired on national TV in Japan.

Appearing on a TV with the size of a tablet, Lauren’s mother as a non-native Japanese speaker got the attention of Japan.

Her rise to prominence and traveling made it difficult to fulfill the traditional duties as a mother and wife.

As a result of that, her parents decided to go separate ways, because they couldn’t make their marriage work. The urge to pursue a career as a singer urged Lauren’s mom to split up her marriage in a friendly manner. Soon afterward, Lauren was on a plane to the US.

For quite some time, she recalls of sleeping on a bunk-bed-type placed in the kitchen. Their “residence” was actually a houseboat, which from today’s perspective seems kind of weird when you think about it. So, Lauren decides to call her dad and find out what was the reason behind it.

The chit-chat didn’t pan out as well as Lauren had imagined. After a lot of beating around the bush, we finally get to the bottom of the mystery:  

It was a strange place, I’ll admit, that marina—but friendly. Very bohemian.
Everybody there was sort of dropping out from society, which we were too, in a way—for weeks after we’d left D.C., I’m pretty sure my mother still thought I worked on Capitol Hill.
But I got to spend more time with you, which was 13 the goal. It was beautiful there.
We drove around a lot and went to the beach.
It probably seems strange to you now, but it was a 1970s thing to do, I guess. And we had fun.

No one knows why, but most of the people back in the days had some weird perception regarding the life of an actor. The closest thing you’ll ever get to watch on TV was Star Search and perhaps American Idol.

Same as nowadays, there were some major publications all working in feverish haste to publish the latest scandal or rumor.

We are pretty sure that it won’t come as a shock to you but back then, you couldn’t lean on Social Platforms to get media coverage.

Despite all of this and the lack of genuine knowledge of what to expect once she unleashes her talent, Lauren was determined to enter the big door in Broadway.

In the meantime, Lauren exerted herself to become a member of Actors’ Equity to fuel her ascend. She realized that one of the ways to achieve that was to earn enough hours in order to get in line for membership.

There was a faster route, but it was even harder to pull off. She had to figure out a way to get casted in an Equity role. As it turns out, that was easier said than done. Lauren put a lot of pressure on herself, especially on the part “special skills.”

It’s hard to stand out from the rest if you don’t possess a special set of skills and flair that will eventually put you on the pedestal.

Many actors were auditioned, and Lauren miraculously managed to leave a very good first impression. Maybe even too good, for the directors and members of the Equity Company.

During the audition, Lauren was caught off guard, and her vulnerability appeared on the surface.

At one point, she felt like a failure because in her opinion some of the things could have been done a lot better. The overall embracement took a toll on her performance as she realized that there’s still a lot of ground to cover.

Yes, it became clear that Lauren wasn’t psyched up for the challenge, mostly due to her burning desire to obtain the Equity card. When you are prepared to cling on anything out of desperation, you know that something isn’t right.

Years later, Lauren pushed her way through the obstacles and made it to Broadway.

It was one of those moments; you’re so thrilled that you don’t know how to react. It was literally a dream come true.

It was not all milk and honey, to say the least, but there is some magic in the idea of exceeding your expectations day in and day out.

Lauren was also given the honors to play Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls.

The Rise of Gilmore Girls

The Gilmore Girls script was delivered to Lauren’s home, long before the whole show commenced. On the flip side, she didn’t read it the first time. Lauren acknowledged the possibility of becoming too fond of the storyline and feared that a potential bond could end in separation.

But, despite this early pessimism, she was still in the game!

The whole world turned upside down the minute Lauren got the role to play Lorelai Gilmore, the thirty-two-year-old mother of a sixteen-year-old girl.

People close to her voiced concerns about the potential twist that could happen if her character gets the wrong label as the “Mom.” Lauren Graham claimed that she never once thought about that, and even less worry about something like that.

Lauren quickly realized that she is not one of those actors/actresses who want to see and critically observe themselves onstage.

When you’re committed to such an important project that does 22 episodes per season, you must know where you draw the line. Watching every single scene could take too much of your time, and make you totally engrossed into it.

Why would someone consider Gilmore Girls to be special?

Is it really that easy to discern it from all the rest? – Lauren had fallen in love with the script, and the story it portrays.

Later on, you’ll come to some important details that explain why Lauren craved to return and be a part of Gilmore Girls, once more.

It surely wasn’t easy for Lauren to say goodbye. As an “unemployed” actor afterward, she struggled to organize her daily activities, and cope with the new lifestyle. When that transition emerges, it’s tough to move on, especially when you were a part of a successful project such as Parenthood or Gilmore Girls.

The same holds true for other professions or jobs that are just as enjoyable as Parenthood.

It was a confusing time for Lauren, as she tried to get through this tough period in life.

When things get out of hand, we feel this need to ask for help, or at least to have someone special who can lighten the burden.

On the other side of the fence, are those moments when you feel so excited about something that you can barely sit still. Don’t you just hate it when a person you know, or a celebrity can’t keep their mouth shut about having a brand-new car, or getting a raise, or whatever?

Yeah, congratulations!

Are we done here? – How lucky they feel; it’s not our primary concern!

Lauren believed that the same reaction would ensue after appearing on a show like Parenthood. Nobody actually believed that Lauren could be as annoying as that, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, shall we?!

In this chapter, Lauren lavishes praise upon the cast, the crew, the screenwriters, the directors, all the fellow actors, and proves her point.

One big family is how she prefers to describe it!

Key Lessons from “Talking as Fast as I Can”

1.      Keep the fire burning
2.      Find the beauty in the small things
3.      Don’t abandon your dreams

Keep the fire burning

When things get rough, people often collapse on all fronts. You must not succumb to this pressure, and keep this momentum going.

Before you know it, life will tip the scale in your favor without any preparation whatsoever.

Your job is never to give up and keep blazing the trail for others.

Find the beauty in the small things

Like we said, somewhere down the road you’ll get greedy. You’ll forget about the things that made you happy and filled you with excitement regardless of their trivial nature.

Never fall under the thumb of “more” just keep pushing but remain vigilant.

That is the formula for achieving ultimate prosperity.

Don’t abandon your dreams

If you are given the option to fast forward to all the great moments and skip the hardship, what would you do?

If you are like most people, you’d probably take the fast track to success. But in doing so, you’ll abandon your dreams, which are consisted of both dangers and rewards.

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“Talking as Fast as I Can Quotes”

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Our Critical Review

We highly doubt that you haven’t watched at least a single episode of Gilmore Girls, but if that’s the case, we urge you to give it a go.

Apart from that, we love how personal and enlightening this book is. It truly opens us our eyes to the fluidity of life, and how we can leverage that.

You should most definitely give it a quick read.    Take this summary with you and read anywhere! Download PDF:   

In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It PDF Summary

In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It PDF Summary

Yeah, you shouldn’t worry about the temporary defeats, since all failures are needed for a person to marinate in itself.

But, when sadness takes the reins, it’s a different game.

Our optimism is punctured, as we try to prowl on and fight these currents.

In this summary, you’ll get introduced to a “worry-less” concept, and why you should capitalize on every situation.

Who Should Read “In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It”? And Why?

It seems as if Lauren weaves the biographical elements with a sense of self-development that manifest the struggle behind the scenes. It does a grand favor to those, who still struggle to find balance in today’s world.

With that said, we believe that “In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It” is astonishing for every person, since it covers aspects that most of us face on a daily basis.

Getting your hands onto it, will be advisable.

About Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham is an American actress and an author, mostly known for her appearance on Gilmore Girls.

In 2016, she also wrote Talking as Fast as I Can.

“In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It PDF Summary”

If Lauren continues to churn out bestsellers at an alarming speed, there’ll no more room left for the rest of the world. All joking aside, she really excels at wrapping up the primary hypothesis and deliver it in the most digestible way possible.

How would you feel if someone gives you the opportunity to address a big audience? – Well, it may turn out to be a surprise after all.

Anyway, Lauren recalls her graduation at Langley in 1984. No kid had a cell phone, Macintosh Computers were out on the market, for the very first time, and the greatest movie at the time was “Ghostbusters.”

In the Introduction, the author ponders about the idea of getting on a soapbox, no matter the price.

Will Ferrell’s speech was something to be admired because most people fell out of their chair in laughter while he was igniting the crowd. He was green from head to toe and said all this nonsense which the people found hilarious.

Lauren doesn’t remember much about the “gala performance” called Graduation. Her raspy white dress made her sweltering beneath the polyester material.

The hair products back then were also “unfitting” for various types of hair, which made hers poofy. With all of her friends scattered around the auditorium, she had to contend with the feeling of discomfort during the ceremony.

The whole process of receiving the diploma felt like a meaningless achievement. Moreover, Lauren obtained an empty pleather envelope, because her diploma was held due to library fines.

Back in High School, Lauren dreamed about the big stage as an actress. She intended to fulfill that dream by signing up for school auditions, and eventually, she was cast as Townsperson #3 in the spring musical, Li’l Abner.

In her Sophomore year, she got to play Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes. But the big breakthrough emerged in her Junior year in Hello, Dolly, when she for the first time had a leading role and received a standing ovation.

The biggest challenge in High School surfaced during the audition for Once Upon a Mattress when she was a Senior. Prior to the audition, her teacher demanded that every actor and actress write down their preferences on the audition form (whether they would accept any role, or want only the leading one).

Fearful of being perceived as a pompous and arrogant brat, you guess what she did. As a response, she was cast as a lady in waiting – a character without a name.

It was one big slump, and Lauren feared that she could not recover from that. On the way to the show, Lauren’s car slid on ice and went off the road. She was brought in a police car and asked whether she is able to perform.

A young and ambitious girl named Jenny approached her. She shared her concerns regarding the crash and asked her whether she is able to do the show. Her eyes blazed with fire, as she said: I learned all your lines.

That was a signal that people just wait to rise to the occasion and seize the opportunity.

Lauren’s mindset changed in a flash, and she was okay and willing to crash the show. By looking into Jenny’s eyes, Lauren saw a reflection of herself – the girl she was a couple of months ago. That night, she ruminated on the purpose of life, and happiness.

Now, she can understand why “The Most” and “The Best” is not equivalent to happiness. Lauren had her ups and downs, had her successes and failures, but all of them were somehow intertwined to give life the full disclosure of joy.

Years after the high school graduation, Lauren pulled it off. She was cast to play Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. This was the break Lauren was hoping for; a real Broadway sensation.

Talented and experienced, she didn’t realize that the worst is yet to come. Every night prior to the rehearsal, her head was brimming with thoughts – questioning her capability as an actress, and whether she deserves the role in the first place.

She was in the spotlight, but the “click” was missing. She couldn’t find how to push through this overwhelming feeling of doubt, as though she was in High School once again.

After a couple of weeks, she finally pulled herself together, not worrying about who was in the crowd.

She reckoned that people came to have a good time and a few laughs. They didn’t come to see an actress who doesn’t feel like she can live up to the expectations.

Lauren’s mindset suddenly switched, as she performed with confidence and courage. A friend approached and asked her:

What happened to you?

She replied: I don’t know, but it sort of feels like…sailing.

Lauren feels lucky enough to have a job that resonates with her heart, but the path to it wasn’t straightforward. It was a series of ups and downs, which should not be misinterpreted as something that wasn’t necessary.

Back in 1984, when Lauren graduated from high-school, a random person could have picked three to four hundred people before her, to give the commencement speech. In 2017, you have another story to tell, which leads us to this – different people blossom at various stages of their life.

Don’t get upset if you still haven’t reached the level you were hoping for. It’s right there, just be patient and aggressive at the same time.

You may feel disheartened that some person got the thing you deserve more. During those difficult moments, you might demand sympathy from your family, and fall into melancholy but that’s not the way one should take.

Like clouds, the sky will eventually clear up, and those on the top of the mountain will have to descend – leaving you plenty of room to take what’s rightfully yours.

However, once the dream is at your fingertips, all the anxiety and doubt will disappear! You’ll be happy forever, and no one could impede that inner melting, right?

Well, not quite.

Reaching success is not something that will automatically boost your self-esteem without any further wavelike tendencies.

So, people believe that being an actor or in this case actress is all sunshine and rainbows. Although the acting career of Lauren is more than impressive, is without question a stressful one; from time to time. It’s all part of the beauty, and she has to work on herself on a daily basis.

Lauren mainly shares the whole excitement behind the scenes, the lights, the yelling, the cuts, the directions-giving, the rehearsals, the mediocre coffee…

It’s inevitable to do the off-stage things right, in order for the actors to put up their best performance.

When a person finally arrives at the desired destination, it’s often struck by the undistorted reality. Some achievements feel a lot better when you can share them with your loved ones. Don’t get this the wrong way, you should, by all means, pursue your dream job, but beware of false narratives that may impede the process.

Feedback is not something that you ought to base your stature and value. It’s a necessary ingredient that can help you absorb the entire perspective, but that’s all.

Whatever career you deem to be representable of your innate desires, must be complementary to your character. You must be happy while doing that in order to grow with each passing day, and that’s the beauty of it.

When Lauren went to the theater with her dad to see Hello, Dolly, she was engulfed by emotions and thoughts. Tears were falling like snow on Christmas Eve as the play triggered many high-school memories and feelings.

Lauren Graham implies:

DON’T wait until you’re on Broadway. Or until you reach the Olympics. Or until you’re CEO of a major company. Don’t wait until you’re the president of something, or for the day when your life looks perfect to you and everyone you know.

Don’t worry so much, just get the job done. That’s the essence of progress and growth and something you should strive to attain.

One cannot become a great achiever and a happy person without loving thyself. It’s not a cliché tip, because you seriously cannot ask from anyone to give you respect, without you doing that for yourself. It’s a two-way street that will help you to find a way through the rush hour.

If you wish to become triumphant, allowing mistakes to happen is the way. Those that accept and endorse risk-taking behavior get the big picture.

Give yourself the right to “blow it.” It will open doors for you to exploit in the upcoming period.

Even if you don’t do something extraordinary, don’t judge yourself by the behavior and metrics imposed upon you. Those big accomplishers may have one thing, but that’s not the end goal.

You are enough, just as you are. Cherish the little moments and enjoy life to the full extent.

Key Lessons from “In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It”

1.      Stand up straight
2.      Keep your composure all the time
3.      Understand the big picture

Stand up straight

This lesson can be construed in dozens of different ways, but we will address the one we deem most important. People these days struggle to face the fire when things get out of hand.

Lauren feels duty-bound to urge you to plug away at the key project, and never quit. Even if someone keeps haranguing you, just believe in yourself, and you’ll make it.

Keep your composure all the time

It sounds obvious not to burst into tears, but sometimes we can’t seem to maintain a cool head. It’s one of those things that are easier said than done.

In addition to this, the author implies that the best decisions are rarely the byproduct of obsessive thinking.

They are a direct consequence of rationality and endurance!

Understand the big picture

It goes without saying that short-sighted people rarely get to the top. And the less agreeable you are, the more likely you’ll have an aerial perspective on everything.

It’s not about short-term victories, but about keeping your morale up.

Such a mindset will prevent you from abandoning your dreams, and help you withstand external and internal attacks.

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“In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It Quotes”

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Our Critical Review

Lauren Graham has received many accolades for her acting and writing performances. We feel like this book has a lot of personal connotation embedded into it, and hence it facilitates the connection with the audience.

As a matter of fact, it covers what every ambitious person needs to know in order to surmount the external and self-inflicted difficulties.

It will help you make headway in your path to success and prosperity.    Take this summary with you and read anywhere! Download PDF: