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The Eureka Factor Summary

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The Eureka Factor Summary

Aha Moments, Creative Insight, and the Brain

Did you ever wake up in a middle of the night, just to put your “insane” ideas on paper, because you thought that they were a sign of pure inspiration and intuition?

In either case, we solve the dilemma of the aha moment in a nutshell.

Who Should Read “The Eureka Factor”? And Why?

The Eureka Factor is suited not just for biologists, and people intrigued by the inconsistency of our brains.

We believe that almost all people with surely be amazed, to know more about the “Mystery” moment, and keen to wrap their heads around it.

About John Kounios & Mark Beeman

John KouniosJohn Kounios is the director of Drexel University’s doctoral program in Brain Sciences and a renowned psychology professor.

During his career, he has published on numerous occasions research papers on insights, creativity, ingenuity, decision-making and Alzheimer’s disease.

Mark BeemanMark Beeman is a professor at Northwestern University, and he also places focus on brain studies and analyzes that test the “remote” areas of an average human brain.

“The Eureka Factor Summary”

More than two thousand years ago, when the world was new, King Hiero II of Syracuse was in a hurry to solve a puzzle. But not just any puzzle!

He made an unusual request to his loyal subjects. At the time, the crown wasn’t made of pure gold, so he demanded, or should we say, wished it to redesign it for the new coronation. However, the King was in a dilemma that brought us something extraordinary.

Is it possible to make a new crown, but avoid destroying the old one and then not being able to recreate the stunning one?  

He sought the help of one of the greatest mathematicians and philosophers that ever-set foot on Earth – Archimedes.

At first, even the brilliant mind of Archimedes couldn’t provide a solution for this odd demand. While bathing, he realized that only by observation of water, he could measure or calculate whether the crown is made of 100% gold.  

After the revelation hit him like a bolt of lightning from a clear sky, He Stood Up and shouted “Eureka”! This amazing story marks the beginning of the moment that takes place after being enlightened.

Are you still not convinced?

Regardless of your temporary status, just be recalling some extraordinary discoveries that we as humans have made over the last thousands of years, you can really begin to sense the tension of Eureka.

Take Newton’s theory of evolution for example. However obvious, and simple it may seem from a today’s standpoint, it sure was one heck of a challenge in the middle ages.

Any idea that remains concealed will always symbolize the mysterious. After the revelation, we can all agree on how foolish and simple it was. Strange but true!

But this is just another one-in-a-million years kind of things; it’s not feasible for an ordinary mind?!

You couldn’t be more wrong because even intuition and insightful thinking can be practiced on controversial grounds.

Let’s do a puzzle.

All you need is a pen and a paper. The challenge is this: Can you connect nine dots with maximum four tries or four lines? Oh, we forgot to mention, taking your pen off the paper is not allowed.

9/10 people claim that it’s an impossible task, but take a closer look! Only by extending the lines beyond the dots, you’ve got yourself a Eureka moment.

For many years, not even the most educated and shrewd scientists couldn’t define the nature of insights. A myth or a fact, not in our expertise. Many of you will easily agree that they are probably a reflection of previous thoughts, which just happened to be there.

No miracles, not eye-opening phenomena, no aha moments, no thunderbolts no nothing.

Stay put for an astonishing discovery!

Several scientists driven by curiosity presented something that no man could have dreamed of. While conducting in-depth brain investigation, they saw something unpredictable and indescribable.

When a brain was at the height of experienced an insightful “deja-vu,” some sparks or impulses were spotted.

You didn’t see that coming, did you? – That sure does prove, that Eureka moments are not a myth, but a theory that is finally confirmed.

What can we do with this revelation and how these sensations affect our brain motion?

It’s widely known that the human brain has two hemispheres that work together. Even though they are interrelated, they perform various functions. The left hemisphere is more connected with our logical and rational aspect, while the other half is designed to exploit our creativity.

We hope you’ve allowed some wisdom to enter your mind, and we await your feedback on your Eureka moment.

Key Lessons from “The Eureka Factor

1.      If your partner is in the shower, be patient
2.      Quality Sleep
3.      Be Open to anything, don’t cherish a rigid personality

If your partner is in the shower, be patient

You assume that we are joking, but we are actually death-serious. The next time you are seconds from rushing your partner, think about what you have been taught. The showers are proven to be a quality-thinking time. In fact, the best discoveries occurred while someone was naked.

Quality sleep

Just another factless anecdote right? – No, don’t take anything the wrong way. Many people have reported miracles, and even life-altering experiences while sleeping or somewhere in-between dreaming and being conscious.

Be open to anything, don’t cherish a rigid personality

The wisdom lies in allowance. What is worse than not reading books? – Having read only a single one -meaning that you’ll always be too protective of your viewpoints. There is no greater power than being exposed to various experiences, concepts, and ideas.

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“The Eureka Factor” Quotes

The first retail barcode scanner was used in 1974 to scan a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum in a Marsh supermarket in Troy, Ohio. Click To Tweet

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Our Critical Review

The main thing about a book is uniqueness. If something this classic doesn’t miss or lacks that undoubtedly is the element of surprise. In other words, if you give this book a fighting chance, it will provide you with more than you expected.

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