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Buddha’s Brain Summary

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Buddha's Brain Summary

The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

OK, we’ve encountered upon some kind of a pattern:
When we aren’t writing summaries of scientists writing on scientific matters (the cosmos, the future of the mind, evolution, etc.) we are writing summaries of scientists writing about popular non-scientific subjects (like, self-help and personal development books).

The reason:

In a world of false news and alternative facts, we like to keep you on the safe side of truth.

Your summary for today is once again written by a Ph.D., so we guess he knows a thing or two. And when he is a psychologist and talks about happiness, love, and wisdom – well, you better listen.

Or, in our case, read on.

Who Should Read “Buddha’s Brain”? And Why?

Now, why would you ask us such a stupid question!

We just said that “Buddha’s Brain” is about happiness, love, and wisdom! It’s like the Holy Trinity of things you desperately want in life! So, we guess the question should actually be “Who shouldn’t read ‘Buddha’s Brain.’”

We actually have an answer to that question.

Firstly, people who don’t like to read interestingly written books about interesting subjects. Also, those who prefer to remain skeptics without actually reading anything. Psychology majors who don’t want to learn anything outside their books. Your regular Joes and plain Janes who don’t want to try and find a solution to their stress problems.

All the others – give “Buddha’s Brain” a go.

About Rick Hanson

Rick HansonRick Hanson, Ph.D., is an American psychologist, meditation trainer and a New York Times bestselling author. A summa cum laude graduate from UCLA, he is a senior fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkley, and a regular speaker at major universities (Harvard, Oxford, Stanford) and NASA.

His books have been published in more than thirty languages. “Just One Thing,” “Hardwiring Happiness,” and “The Neurodharma of Love” have been particularly successful.

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