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The Longevity Project Summary

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The Longevity Project SummarySurprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study

Once again, we find ourselves stranded on an isolated island.

Yearnings to expand the knowledge of human life has brought us to this point, where one can analyze the entire existence of species.

In our brief summary, we discuss the factors that affect longevity and what you can do about it.

Who Should Read “The Longevity Project”? And Why?

The person’s lifespan depends on various factors that include both influences deriving from external and internal sources.

If you are eager to “prolong” the end of this journey, you must take countermeasures.

The Longevity Project” is a practical and insightful book, which focuses on superior knowledge with an intention to decode the message in the bottle.

We recommended it to all people, no classification is necessary.

About Howard S. Friedman & Leslie R. Martin

Howard S. FriedmanHoward S. Friedman is an award-winning psychology professor at the University of California.

He is the author of several books including “The Personality Reader,” and “The Self-Healing Personality.”

Leslie R. MartinLeslie R. Martin is a colleague of Howard and teaches at La Sierra University in California.

She is passionate about finding a way to improve social relationships and find the recipe for longer life.

“The Longevity Project Summary”

Being organized is a good way to earning the nickname “Geek” or something similar.

But fear no more, research has shown that these children tend to be an adjunct of conscientious; an asset that adds to longevity and happiness on a larger scale.

Take notes and push forward.

In other words, a great way to indulge in happy childhood and later stages of life is to apply carefulness.

The power of such attitude derives from conscientious behavior, which leads to forming a defensive mechanism construed of positive vibes and sincerity.

Dr. Terman realized the significance of observation. As a matter of fact, the only way to make this analysis work was to take into account all patterns.

Evaluating the impact of these concepts must be supported by two analyzes, one at the beginning, and the second one 20-30 years later – during the adulthood age.

By all means, one cannot stop from mentioning, that conscientious people have hard feelings about risk, an attitude that grants them the privilege of living a healthy life.

They are less prone to be addicted to drugs, alcohol, or to get into trouble.

We don’t end here; biology plays its role when it comes to synchronizing the components of the brain, and the ones of the emotional intelligence.

Taking the matters to another level rests in the hands of those who understand that laughter and playfulness are essential for achieving longevity.

It may seem too optimistic, but a cheerful behavior can easily subdue any type of cold, and help you feel better.

Is this a long-term prescription, or merely a placebo effect?

As it was expected, children that were not exposed to stress and violence during the childhood period had better chances of living longer and being happier.

Same cannot be said about those who encounter struggle on a daily basis.

The abundance of information makes us cling to one particular theory, that is often misleading.

For instance, laughter as a phenomenon cannot be placed in the same category with happiness.

Finding a beacon of hope is not enough, and many other participants of the study felt the same way.

As it turns out, a healthy lifestyle is the only route one should take. Having the full package includes being wise, happy, and healthy despite the influence of external factors.

We bet you are already familiar with the growing divorce-rate throughout the world.

Scientists have proven that longevity is mostly affected by unhealthy relationships and represents a strong ground for turning towards drinking and immorality.

In college, Donna began smoking, and even though she managed to build a successful career, Donna wasn’t able to create harmony in the home.

Her marriage also resulted in divorce (same as her mother), and not even prosperity, regarding the professional endeavors, saved the situation.

Donna’s example should serve as a lesson to you, and to those who believe that children exposed to the painful process of divorce, will continue to penetrate life in all its spheres without any scars left from the painful past.

After comprehensive research, it was discovered that failed marriages have a greater effect on man’s life longevity than on women.

Such disturbance triggers instability in both physical and mental perspective, leading to health problems and frustration.

Not even one list can go without the effects of religion or belief in something. The philosophy about life is critical for maintaining happiness in the long run.

According to experts, these ideas are not entirely accurate, and the aftermath of such claims is yet to be discovered.  

From what we have seen so far, the formula for ensuring the quality of life varies on a case-to-case basis.

However, one thing we can say for sure: Having too many friends, is not the same as having a few that react to your cry for help.

Longevity = Happiness + Social Acceptance + Happy Marriage + Health + Belief

Key Lessons from “The Longevity Project

1.      Failed relationships are a real issue
2.      The power of religion
3.      Understand happiness, and absorb its features

Failed relationships are a real issue

In reality, married men tend to outlive those who are single or got divorced. As far as the women are concerned, their longevity is affected by the quality of marriage.

Such revelation indicates that divorced women have no disadvantages when it comes to the lifespan.

The power of religion

The conducted study revealed that the side-effects of a “prayer” had no significant impact on one’s life, nor the quality of it.

It doesn’t influence health and longevity, because the last touch belongs to the person and its individuality.

Religion is here to keep high spirits and motivate its subordinates.

Understand happiness, and absorb its features

It’s not a rocket-science to be aware of the fact that happiness has no existence of itself. It’s often the byproduct of successfulness in other fields.

Good social life, successful career, healthy marriage, loving wife/husband all contribute or hinder the progress of one human being in efforts to find bliss.

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“The Longevity Project” Quotes

The late comedian and actress Lucille Ball had her own secret to staying young: live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

We cannot reveal all the secrets that will eliminate your urge to read the book.

We leave you on the verge of restlessness, which will hopefully reduce the stigma attached to meaningless concepts.

In our opinion, this book will remain embedded into the very core of human existence.

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