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Start growing!

Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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Career Warfare Summary

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Career Warfare Summary10 Rules for Building a Successful Personal Brand and Fighting to Keep It

The battle for designing a brand strategy starts the minute you become decisive.

The eagerness to endure is the difference between success and failure, since the economic situation is becoming volatile.

Who Should Read “Career Warfare”? And Why?

This book is designed to clarify some confusing aspects related to career and business management. The bottom line is, you can only count on yourself, before making a move. Of course, access to all sorts of information is vital, and for that purpose

Career Warfare” and provides insights into the brand-creation process. We prescribe this book to individuals who are keen to learn new ways in order to cope with the challenges of the digital age.

About David F. D’Alessandro

David F. D’AlessandroDavid F. D’Alessandro was born on January 6th, 1951 in New York.

Despite being the author of a few best-selling classics, he is also a former marketing executive, the chairman, and CEO of John Hancock Financial Services.

“Career Warfare Summary”

First and foremost, many things related to the career must already be a part of your skills and ambition. Nevertheless, on numerous occasions, managers fail to identify the elements leading to disaster and consequently total collapse.

The ambition to succeed is crucial but not the most critical aspect, due to the expertise needed before you start your campaign. The successful launch of a brand depends on whether you have the strength and commitment to learn new things.

Management, on the other hand, must avoid the development of processes, which cannot be controlled.

According to experts, having a vision and flexibility to operate, while in the meantime giving yourself enough room for improvisation illustrates the perfect recipe for a brand launch. It takes time and constant attention to detail.

The ability to maneuver, and being portrayed as a good listener is all it takes to improve productivity on all organizational layers. In reality, if your company has obtained the “underdog” status, for quite a while, it’s time to consider another “war” strategy.

Thousands and thousands of times, the term “competitive edge” knock on our doors, willing to clear things up.

Dealing with things that can do a lot of damage, is a skill known to those flexible brand builders. Several things need to be reconsidered, like whether your customers approve your moving closer to them, and are they pleased with the activities being taken in order to satisfy their demands.

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