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The Now Habit Summary

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The Now Habit SummaryA Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play

Have you ever been on the verge of defeat? – If you answer is Yes – that’s fine if it’s No, you are lying.

In either case, we summarize only the most essential topics that can give you the inner edge to come out a winner in any “harsh” environment.

Who Should Read “The Now Habit”? And Why?

This is one of those inspiring, and life-altering non-fiction books, which tend to get too personal. It makes you aware of the danger, if you ever become the victim of your mindset, and gives you tips on how to overcome such overwhelming force.

In addition, it’s highly recommended to all people, who are tired of being enslaved by their thoughts.

About Neil Fiore

Neil FioreNeil Fiore is a well-known author, motivator, and psychology superstar. Over the years he became a productivity expert and master in all elements linked to performance.

In his rich career, he has collaborated with top-notch brands such as Bechtel Corporation, AT&T, Levi Strauss & Co, etc.

“The Now Habit Summary”

Procrastination is a highly unfamiliar term that actually represents the difference between progress and stagnation. In general, Neil Fiore explains it through several examples. For instance, surfing all day long, or spending time on Facebook, instead of doing something that can ultimately produce value is procrastination.

Some people reckon that lacking productiveness indicates the same point, but as we move slowly you’ll grasp the contrast. Doing your chores, going shopping, or painting; only make sure that you are not laying around and doing absolutely nothing.

Believe us, when we say, there is never nothing to be done. A simple phone call just to say hello is sufficient to start the day in high spirits.

By now you surely have a clue of what we are trying to convey and why are we dispatching this message to the world! The bottom line is, there is not a single person in this world, who was born lazy, absent skills, talent, and will.

It’s evident that we procrastinate most often while we are at work, or something similar to it. As we mentioned, instead of going for the “Golden Globe,” – you are making excuses to avoid fulfilling the assignments for today.

Let’s reveal three characteristics of the highly avoided types of tasks that make people sick:

  • The most common aspect, when a job has been assigned to you but comes with a heavy load like fulfilling someone else’s expectations and neglect yours.
  • Second, when the task you are about to do is incredibly dull. From the beginning, you don’t feel the pull from it, and you are not motivated to go all the way through.
  • And the worst of all, you have no idea why are you being selected for the job.

You mustn’t sidestep any phase if you wish to understand why are we inclined to believe that some people are destined to be less productive. Returning to the roots is job number one.

How many times did your parents punished you as a kid for not fulfilling your duties or vice versa (you’ve been given a reward)? From the other perspective, if your child doesn’t obey your rules, and continues to be stubborn, you should teach him/her a lesson or not?

Kids are intuitive, pushing them harder won’t produce the expected results, and years later you’ll realize that you’ve made the wrong call. As a matter of fact, this method is a pitfall, and using it will only generate a counter-productive outcome.

How did the “grown-ups’ world” make us lethargic, and inactive? There is no other explanation then the one – We acquired the “lazy-skills” under the patronage of adulthood.

The society unintentionally has produced a system in which, work and playfulness cannot act as one. Instead, they collide and are presented as two opposite realities. The kids from very young age, absorb these harmful concepts and implement them later.  

Once the children are infected with this “virus,” it’s natural that they seek employment and find it okay when their job doesn’t match their potential. People continue to interpret work as some survival tool, and entirely disregard the idea of converting your hobby into a daily job.

Is it possible to be errorless? Not even the Greek Gods had that power. Why are we referring to perfectionism? Procrastination is deeply rooted in perfectionist’s mind. The trust you develop in your workplace with your colleagues or yourself must only serve as an incentive for future successes.

You cannot be perfect, no matter how you try it. Even in the digital age, some bosses or leaders are too concerned with every little detail and shout at even the slightest mistake. These individuals are 10x more prone to failure then gentle and calm leaders.

Key Lessons from “The Now Habit

1.      You are responsible for yourself
2.      The right spell of success
3.      Be courageous and go for glory

You are responsible for yourself

First things first, being a victim of injustice, and judgemental attitude should only make you stronger.

At all costs, you must avoid becoming a whiner who looks for a guilty party for every professional failure. Break that self-created, invisible wall, and build your own platform of success!

The right spell of success

The other side of the story; from the shadows of procrastination a new type of personalities emerge who have a clear vision, and the guts to follow it. They don’t say – I know, they say I wish to learn!

They avoid saying – It’s my time; they prefer: When is best to start putting my ideas into action?

Be courageous and go for glory

The ultimate truth – No try = no fail. Absent attempts you’ll be deprived of two things: personal development and professional enhancement. So, think twice, before you judge yourself on every temporary failure.

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“The Now Habit” Quotes

There’s a myth that time is money. In fact, time is more precious than money. It’s a nonrenewable resource. Once you’ve spent it, and if you’ve spent it badly, it’s gone forever. Click To Tweet In most cases, you are the one who confuses just doing the job with testing your worth. Click To Tweet The healthy individual has an appetite for fruitful activity and for a high quality of life. Click To Tweet Replace “This project is so big and important” with “I can take one small step. Click To Tweet In extreme cases of perfectionism, there is no distinction between judgment of one’s work and one’s sense of value as a person. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

The Now Habit is a perfectly designed book for the digital age. It’s hilarious even to question the ideas of it, and we completely support and endorse Neil Fiore’s theory on productiveness.

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