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The Power of Why Summary

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The Power Of Why Summary

Simple Questions That Lead to Success

“Why” is a powerful word, which you should consider adding to your dictionary of everyday phrases.

About Amanda Lang

Amanda LangAmanda Lang is an award-winning journalist and the anchor and producer of Bloomberg North on Bloomberg TV Canada.

“The Power of Why Summary”

Do you want to know the way to become more productive?

Simple: become more innovative.

We urge you to try to ignite innovative thinking which is connected to curiosity and continuous asking yourself what are the ways to do things faster and better while decreasing costs at the same time.

Asking this question has helped many successful entrepreneurs to organize their businesses and grow their empires.

Asking yourself “why?” can be just the thing you need to fuel your creativity and promote the spirit of innovation and curiosity in your company.

Just look at children: they do not stop themselves and continuously pose their questions in various forms and situations.

Children like questioning and experimenting. It is through it that they create an image of the world that surrounds them.

We are all born curious, however, as we grow we learn how to shut our “whys” up.

In fact, it is not even our own fault: parents and other people surrounding children do not always have the patience to explain everything to them.

And so, every “because I said so” translates as “get lost” in the child’s mind.  

Moreover, children enter the school system wanting to know things about the world and leave it with all their questions dried up.

Schools feed students facts and leave little room for questioning and critical thinking.

Fortunately, some people do not let others influence them, and keep the curiosity alive even as they get older, understanding “The Power of Why.”

Those are the people who succeed and transform the world and their environment.

Such is the case because curious people are reluctant to accept the status quo and try to find all problems and opportunities for improvement in the existing situation.

Hence, they always end up changing things up for the better.

So, how can you become one of these curious people?

Find some of the answers in the lessons below.

Key Lessons from “The Power of Why”

1.      Seven Innovation Myths
2.      Think Like a Child
Become More Curious

Seven Innovation Myths

    • “Innovation is about the newest thing.”
    • “Innovation is a solo activity.”
    • “Innovation cannot be taught.”
    • “Innovation is top-down.”
    • “You cannot force innovation.”
    • “Change is always good.”
  • “Innovation is not for everyone.”

Think Like a Child

Innovation happens when you succeed in seeing the world differently than those around you.

To manage to change your worldview, “why” and “why not” are your go-to questions. Make them an integral part of your life, just like children do, and notice how everything slowly changes.

Become More Curious

Forget everything you learned and question everything. Do not just accept information as – is, instead discover what is true and what is false yourself.

Allow yourself to make mistakes, and learn from them.

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“The Power of Why” Quotes

Before anyone can do anything innovative or original, there’s got to be a sense of wonder or at least a spark of interest, and a whole bunch of questions. Click To Tweet A SWOT analysis involves asking, What are our strengths and weaknesses? What are our opportunities? What are the threats? Click To Tweet We miss opportunities to innovate and to make positive changes in our lives when we aren't willing to question ourselves. Click To Tweet You have to free your brain to roam to places that are a little impractical, and innovation consultants have come up with some great ways to encourage that. Click To Tweet Once you have a list of really, really bad suggestions - and coming up with them does force your brain to work in a different way - you try to flip them over into the positive. Click To Tweet

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