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Creative Schools Summary

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Creative Schools SummaryRevolutionizing Education from the Ground Up

Revolutions throughout history have always been an illustration that something is not unfolding as it should.

People voiced displeasure and took drastic measures to implement their reforms.

We focus on the weaknesses of our educational system, and how to overcome them with a sincere attitude.

Who Should Read “Creative Schools”? And Why?

Schools represent an institution that is designed to improve our way of life, by providing valuable information on numerous subjects.

Creative Schools” on the other hand, highlights the key elements that require special attention – regarding education, and how to inflict change.

About Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica

Ken RobinsonKen Robinson is hailed as an exceptional writer, education advisor, and a speaker. He was also a professor at the University of Warwick, teaching pedagogy.

Lou Aronica

Lou Aronica is the author of several non-fiction books.

“Creative Schools Summary”

Pretty much all countries worldwide don’t have the tools nor the will to modernize the education system. Let’s take it from the top – Who created the modern-version of schools? You certainly did not, but it sure does concerns you, because each one of us is an integral part of the same processes.

Well, one thing is certain, whosoever invented this institution didn’t plan to form an organization, which will foster creativity. In general, the talent comes secondary, and the students must abide by the rules of the teachers.

Formal education was designed to produce healthy workforce or people who can create value while working in the factories. So, that was the day when exploitation of workers officially started.

So, the Westerners launched a wide-spread education campaign for one apparent reason – to produce labor for the industries with such demands. Considering the fact that education is performed in line with linear processes and hierarchy, schools play a vital part in developing such workforce.

After conducting a series of investigations and experiments, skeptics realized that all individuals absorb the knowledge uniquely. So, think again if you insist that your child should perform exquisitely in school.

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