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Selfish Gene Summary

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The Selfish Gene Summary

“The Selfish Gene” intends to educate the population, about the only thing that connects us as beings on Earth – Genes.

To sum up, the book covers different aspects of the human evolution including physical attributes, genes, inheritance, what is the human’s role among other living creatures, our ancestors, etc.

Who Should Read “The Selfish Gene”? And Why?

Some books are constructed in very separate and contradicting views. “The Selfish Gene” book can cause confusion, clarity, appreciation, and amazement at the same time. In this occasion, a large portion of the readers finds this book as an astonishing, magnificent, and educational piece of writing. It targets all readers who crave to understand the nature of stability – that also includes genes.

Darwin’s perspective:

Darwin pointed out the fundamental principle of evolution – “the survival of genes,” this theory is also implemented by Dawkins. If you as a reader wish to expand your field of knowledge, you must be able to comprehend everything associated with your ancestors. Only then you’ll be able to see beyond the “evolutionary stable.”

About Richard Dawkins

Richard DawkinsRichard Dawkins is an English evolutionary biologist, knowledge seeker, scientist, writer and the author of “The Selfish Gene” and “The Extended Phenotype.”  He was born on 26 March 1941, in the Nairobi, Colony, and Protectorate of British Kenya at the time. Both of his parents placed their interest in science just like Richard. He is an award-winning writer who tries to understand the whole process of evolution.

From 1995 until 2008 he worked at Oxford University as a professor for Public Understanding of Science, where he shared his atheist views and evolutionary theories with the students. Despite working as a teacher, he is the author of many bestsellers, including “Climbing Mount Improbable.”

“The Selfish Gene Summary”

Have you ever asked yourself – Is it possible for smaller lions to be eaten by the big ones? Probably Not! However, that’s not actually correct. Why? – The answer lies in the genes.,

The Selfish Gene” is a unique kind of book, it somehow provokes person’s mind by luring that individual to understanding that evolution has another dimension. Written in a lucid writing style enriched with tons of ideas that seem relatively new even after thirty years since the first publication, Richard surely has a lot to offer. As an award-winning writer and author of numerous science and philosophical books – Richard Dawkins is an outstanding individual who attempts to bring the nature closer to our hearts.

This is crazy:

For instance, Dawkins in his book refers to older technologies (like transistors) in his analysis of computers, he is skeptical about computer’s ability to ever win a chess match game versus a Chess-master (like Garry Kasparov) and it seems like the people are not able to completely understand the gene sequence.

That subject will always remain a distant dream according to Richard. However, we’ll leave that matter to the next generations. The concept of selfishness is misunderstood, the book’s fundamental point with its eccentric ideas have nothing old-fashioned or irrelevant about itself.

Here’s the thing:

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