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Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

Start growing!

Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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The Element Summary

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The Element SummaryHow Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Ready for another insightful, thrilling and engaging book?

We summarize the critical features of “The Element” and present to you in an easily-absorbable manner.

Who Should Read “The Element”? And Why?

Both Robinson and Lou Aronica, passionately clarify the route to self-fulfillment in a process called “the Element.” This book is enriched with plenty of common ground rules that can really put you on the map. Stories from renowned athletes, scientists and artists endorse the methods explained in this guidebook.

At least, out of curiosity, you should check this book because it opposes traditional paths to success, and brings new dynamics to the idea of enforcing intelligence and creativity.

About Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica

Sir Ken RobinsonSir Ken Robinson is a British speaker, author, consultant and a motivator born on March 4th, 1950 in Liverpool. He wrote many intriguing books such as Finding Your Element, The Arts in Schools, The Arts in Further Education, Out of Our Minds, etc.  

Lou Aronica

Lou Aronica was born in 1958, and he is an editor, publisher, and a part-time writer.

“The Element Summary”

Our education system entirely neglects the element of surprise. However, in this short book summary, we’ll try to convey Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica’s message and hopefully provoke a change that can fix that!!

Let’s start:

Although the global society is somehow promoting education – as a significant part in every person’s daily endeavors, yet these processes are so one-sided, referring to the limited number of ways we can gain access to these concepts.

In fact, many people complain that instead of testing our memory, the educational systems should provide guidance and exploit our potential.

In other words, “The Element” pushes you over the edge – if that’s your case. Do you believe that every profession can be replaced a machine or technology? – Of course not, let’s take one step back and recall those memorable moments.

Here’s the thing:

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