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Talent Is Overrated Summary

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Talent Is Overrated Summary

What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else 

No one can easily disregard the talent. However, although it is still a relatively important matter, hard work is what pays off, and it is much more significant for achieving personal goals than talent.

So, drop all the negative self-talk that tells you that there are people who are more talented, and join us in exploring why “Talent is Overrated”

Who Should Read “Talent is Overrated”? and Why?

Geoff Colvin does not want to be identified as a motivational speaker; he intends to incite an inner change that would ultimately transform person’s mindset.

Different obstacles to success are nothing but self-created limits in which we believe endlessly.

The population is exposed to propaganda that compels us to believe that our society and community divides the people into two separate groups: Talented ones “better than us” and Normal ones.”

Talent is Overrated” wants to enlighten all readers by explaining the fact that hard work pays off, “SUCCESS= 90% HARD WORK+ 10% TALENT”.

After all, no matter where you live or what you believe in, do not let your limitations guide your life.

About Geoff Colvin

Geoff Colvin

American journalist, thinker, broadcaster and a full-time motivational speaker Geoff Colvin, is currently a senior editor who works for Fortune magazine.

Despite working for Fortune magazine, Geoff speaks openly on different subjects and he is also a frequent TV and radio guest.

He is quite often considered to be among the sharpest and highly appreciated commentators on management, leadership, and economic subjects.

Geoff has obtained a Harvard degree in economics, his education and expertise gave him the opportunity to discuss different matters on the CBS Radio Network on a day to day basis.

“Talent is Overrated Summary”

Either you are talented, or you are not that much. That you cannot control.

However, even if you have what they call “a gift” if you don’t work hard, you’ll end up stuck in mediocrity. So, talent is not everything. In fact, it is not even as important as you think it is.

Talent is a concept invented by some ancient community. This concept is built on the fact that some individual is capable of performing some task better than the others.

We can’t disregard its influence as being among the leading factors that will build our career arc, but it is ignorant to say that your future depends strictly on it.

The author of “Talent is Overrated” Geoff Colvin dismisses the popular notion which indicates that geniuses like Tiger Woods, a Beethoven or Walt Disney are born once in every 100 years.

The author cites one unique research that contradicts the concept of rare, innate talent and provides its readers with numerous examples that hard training produces requires.

Real person’s extreme and “deliberate practice” is based on unambiguous goals, thorough analysis and plans, quick feedback, and well organized systematic activities.

It all comes down to the requirements needed for an individual to achieve extraordinary things. So, which are they?

Your mindset, dedication, hard work, and talent are all listed among those elements.

Ultimately, you’ll conclude – there are not as many geniuses as we think!

Later on, the readers will find that Colvin somehow reveals the harsh requirements or hard practice that only a small portion of the people can master. No one can help you if you can’t undergo a hard-working tempo.

The real gift of genius is composed out of dedication, character and all-around inner strength. Even a celebrity like Michael Jordan didn’t rely strictly on talent, he pointed time after time after time, that his highlight started at the gym.

No one has the capacity to become perfect, but you can always improve. However, you have to understand that not even the greatest talent can grant you free access to glory.

You don’t have to be the greatest that ever was in any industry, all you need is communication abilities, strong focus, hard-working mentality, and a reliable memory.

To achieve greatness, you must believe in it first, define realistic goals and train hard every single day.

Key Lessons from “Talent is Overrated”

1.      The majority of people don’t think that deliberate practice is so crucial
2.      The IQ doesn’t matter – place your faith in Hard Work
3.      To win a title is one thing, defending that title is something different

The majority of people don’t think that deliberate practice is so crucial

Put yourself in a position where you need to practice for a skill-based activity that you care so much, such as basketball. What is your daily routine?

Do you think that just by participating in a team practice you’ll find yourself among the world’s greatest basketball players?

Do you believe that it is necessary to sacrifice a little more than that?

 A hard-working professional strives for improvement, practices when everyone else is doing some other stuff, and that person really wants to be a part of greater success.

The IQ doesn’t matter – place your faith in Hard Work

Recent examination study of a person’s IQ has shown that some of the respondents are very smart, others found themselves in the middle, and a small portion of them have a low IQ capacity.

IQ tests are not capable of measuring person’s skills and other inner attributes.

There are different kinds of Intelligence, so you should immediately remove any feeling of superiority or inferiority, the only difference between you and your fellow is your mentality and nothing else.

To win a title is one thing, defending that title is something different

The community evaluates various performances relative to other already existing ones on the same matter, so it all comes down to a comparison.

When a person achieves great success, it sets a high standard which is hard to reach by others.

Sustaining that standard is a whole another level, particularly when the bar has been raised so high.

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“Talent is Overrated” Quotes

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Our Critical Review

Colvin tries to make his point as clear and sharp as possible. He shows its readers that dedication is critical to success, but it also indicates that deliberate practice is the ticket to financial stability.

You may find contradictory arguments about person’s nature of genius, however; this is a very engaging and intriguing subject.

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