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Reality-based Leadership Summary

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Reality-based Leadership Summary

Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace & Turn Excuses Into Results

If your current job is making you sick, do something about it, and transform it into a worthy experience.

Complaints on your momentary situation are not improving the status.

Who Should Read “Reality-Based Leadership”? And Why?

Any workplace carries a dose of frustration and stress, but remember, it all depends on how you react. Is the world crushing on your shoulders? Whose fault is it? Whether we like it or not, it’s ours.

Generally speaking, in any country, for instance, political connections can inflict biased judgment about the contribution of each employee. The real question is – So what? Sooner or later, you’ll be glad that you are climbing the corporate ladder all by yourself, without the feeling of envy.

Reality-Based Leadership” is an excellent asset for all those individuals who struggle to get the best out of themselves. The next best thing is to focus on the things, that you can improve.

For instance, your attitude, how you perceive the surroundings, and your impact on others. Your effort will not go unnoticed, not to mention if you stand out from the rest of the crew – referring to interpersonal skills.

About Cy Wakeman

Cy WakemanCy Wakeman is an American-born speaker, entrepreneur, trainer, consultant and a management expert.

She embarks on her professional journey in the late 80s. Instead of submitting to conventional management tactics, Cy Wakeman enforced new perspective in the company. That was the beginning of a new era in her life.

“Reality-based Leadership Summary”

Any employee or person, has found himself/herself in a position of being wholly neglected by someone. Despite your hard work and intentions to deliver high-quality work, somehow the emphasis falls on somebody else.

Don’t fall into despair, such things are prevalent in today’s environment, but never allow to be pushed around – stand up for yourself. Many people misinterpret this advice, by implementing it the wrong way.

One may say: With all due respect sir/madam – I deserved the promotion as a result of my dedication and commitment, not to mention the value I created in the past. On the other hand, the worst way to handle this kind of situation would be – He/she doesn’t deserve credit, I did everything…

The previously mentioned example showcases your interpersonal skills, which are appreciated by any wise manager. However, 90% of the time, we feel like everyone tries to harm us in some way, that paranoia has to stop.

Even if, someone disagrees with your request for getting a more valuable role in the organization, with lies and fairy tale stories, you should not get into an argument. The more emotional individuals burst into tears as soon as someone mentions their name – in a negative connotation.

The entirely opposing idea of feeling flattered doesn’t serve a higher purpose either. Stand in the middle, keep your balance and let the others talk. No one can make you feel snubbed if you don’t allow that kind of thoughts entering your mind.

Nevertheless, your conclusion is not “reality-based as you already know. “You are living in a self-destructive story, which is self-made. Avoid making any rash decision about the present state, analyze the environment and then make your move.

This strategy is much better than simply acting by the rules of “the ego mind” whose tricks are only good to confuse you and make you unworthy. Reality is shaped by facts and an impartial piece of advice.

In this short book summary, Cy Wakeman guides its readers through the sections offering tips that are rational and easily-absorbable. Leave your emotions at home, and push yourself to the limit! Above all, the fear of failure rises to the surface, the question is how to confront it?

Only by standing firm and backing your opinions with facts and useful ideas!

Nothing out there can get the best out of you if you don’t allow that. Even though it sounds a bit cliché, it’s actually the best way to prove yourself on a controversial territory. If you feel unprepared to take such drastic measure, perhaps it is time to start with something smaller like – understanding where are you now, under what circumstances can you grow and what are your goals for the future?

Don’t pay attention to those destructive ideas such as  “I’m underpaid for what I do” and “My co-workers don’t like me at all” kind of things, because if you really think that there is a better place for a person with your skills you should quit immediately.

Drawing on your experience is a high price to pay, despite the notion to learn from others, sometimes we must confront ourselves.

Drama is expensive by all means, utterly ridiculous and unnecessary. Playing a victim is not a good strategy either, making up stories of how you’ve been the underdog is the worst-case scenario.

Focus your time and energy on things that actually produce some results, and improve your decision-making abilities

Key Lessons from “Reality-Based Leadership”

1.      The victorious individual
2.      A new attitude leading to prosperity
3.      The obsessive mind and its impact

The victorious individual

Let the value you create, speak for itself. In either case, you’ll end up as a winner, even if you don’t receive any public recognition for your efforts.

The important thing for your sake is that you are aware of the quality, you are producing.

A new attitude leading to prosperity

Sometimes our efforts can go unnoticed, but that mustn’t stop you from feeling happy for your co-workers.

In other words, embracing other’s success will show that you put the organization before personal gain and consequently the leaders will notice your input.

The obsessive mind and its impact

Our ego reflects the inner world we live in. It only offers a variety of self-destructive thoughts that harm the workplace atmosphere and your peace.

Never blame anyone for your displeasure, you have a mirror in your bathroom, you can find the culprit there.

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“Reality-Based Leadership” Quotes

Profits are the result of personally accountable bulletproof employees who make trust a conscious decision. Click To Tweet When you work with a group of willing people – no matter how small – you will start to get results that make believers of others. Click To Tweet It always takes less energy to have a legitimate confrontation than it does to keep avoiding it. Click To Tweet Drama is ultimately the result of a lack of clear leadership. Click To Tweet Our stories come from a deep inner voice of doubt that we owe it to ourselves to question. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

We promote this fantastic book to all people, especially to leaders in the making, whose intention is to challenge the drama queens within the company.

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