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Virtuous Leadership PDF Summary

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Virtuous Leadership PDFAgenda for Personal Excellence

What if leadership is something more about just leading people?

What if it is also about becoming a better person yourself?

In “Virtuous Leadership,” Alexandre Havard digs deep into history to apply some of the findings of the Ancient Greek and Medieval Christian philosophers to modern leadership.

And, commentators say, he does a pretty great job!

Who Should Read “Virtuous Leadership”? And Why?

Unlike most of the leadership books we’ve summarized so far – and there are hundreds and hundreds of them – this one is not about how you can become a good leader, but how you should become a good man leading people to better things and a better world.

“In modern society,” warned Peter Drucker back in his 1973 classic “Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices,” there is no other leadership group but managers. If the managers of our major institutions, and especially of business, do not take responsibility for the common good, no one else can or will.

Havard took this suggestion extremely seriously and developed a whole philosophy out of it.

And his book “Virtuous Leadership” is for anyone believes Drucker’s cautionary notice to be nothing short of a truism.

Alexandre HavardAbout Alexandre Havard

Alexandre Havard is a French thinker and leadership expert.

Born in Paris on February 7, 1962, Havard is the grandson of Soviet émigrés on both sides of his family: his father’s parents fled Saint Petersburg during the Bolshevik Revolution, and his mother’s father was a Georgian aristocrat who left the Soviet Union in 1926.

Alexandre Havard studied law at Paris Descartes University and served as a barrister in both Strasbourg and Helsinki. In 2007, he moved back to the country of his ancestors and has been living in Moscow ever since.

He has written three books – “Virtuous Leadership,” “Created for Greatness,” and “From Temperament to Character”– and is the founder of Virtuous Leadership Institute (VLI).

“Virtuous Leadership PDF Summary”

You’ve heard (possibly from us) about primal, conscious, servant, everyday, entre- – and god knows how many more different types of leadership!

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