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Why Fail? Summary

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Why Fail? PDF SummaryYour Bestial Way to Success

Getting a college degree is probably the most challenging part in one’s life, right? Wrong! The struggle only intensifies when you sit behind a desk and perceive the world through the lens of success.

In this book, Rahul attempts to deliver the real-life experience as a contributor to an organization.

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Who Should Read “Why Fail?” And Why?

Oftentimes we cannot discern the real difficulties until we are trapped and unable to escape this delusional saga. Dodging the poisonous arrows in the workplace is not an easy task, and almost all people agree on that one.

We side with Rahul on this topic, and urge everyone to read “Why Fail?”. It’s clearly a book that will alter your viewpoints and help you mature.

Rahul ShrivastavaAbout Rahul Shrivastava

Rahul Shrivastava is s graduate from the Ravenshaw University in Cuttack. He holds two Master’s degrees, one in Computer Applications and the other in International Relations.

He is also known for his ability to immerse in writing; a passion of his that follows him since the age of 12.

“Why Fail? PDF Summary”

The storyline of this book revolves around a character known as Rabbito. A person whose professional journey is about to experience some twists and turns.

He wakes up in cold sweat due to the excitement and fear regarding his first day at the office.

After struggling to get a good night’s sleep, he finally is on his feet ready to seize the world. He enjoys his breakfast when his father asks him – What are your plans for the future? – Rabbito looks up (dazed by the question), because in his opinion – getting the best job in the country is probably good enough.

Without understanding the core of the question, he packs his stuff and hits the road.  

The first day is a fizzle. Upon arriving, Rabbito is not greeted at the gate, and the security guard barely gives him directions to his office. Reclining in his chair and looking around is probably the only thing he can do, during those moments of adaptation.

Moments later, he receives a call and is instructed to go to Grizzly’s office. After answering many private questions, he is asked: What’s your first impression? He opens up by complaining about the reception, and the chaos that is omnipresent.

Grizzly (His Boss) listens carefully and outlines two mistakes:

  • You are just a civil servant, and joining the Ministry of Mammals is merely the first step. Build from there!
  • He ought to figure out his role all by himself!

He goes home, not too happy with his first-day display at work. Rabbito hits the rack, with hopes of a better sequel to this story. The next morning, geared up with the right mindset, he storms out of the house.

The security guard has a smile on his face, and Rabbito wonders – Is Grizzly responsible for this? He saunters into his office, where a thick layer of dust on his desk is driving him mad. Then, he hears a knock on his door; it is the janitor, Zeebra.

He tells him – As time goes by, you’ll get used to the dirt, and learn how things are handled around here. Not long afterward, the telephone rings, it is Grizzly. Rabbito goes to his office and gets his first assignment. On the way down, he starts to read it in order to get the idea.

As it turns out, he is in need of a file. He calls the File Section with an intention to speak to the Section Officer (Por Kay). All he gets is a rude response that only completes the picture of his miserable start. He is reluctant to call Grizzly and complain about this issue.

The only way to learn is to deal with this stalemate by himself. After not receiving support from Por Kay, he goes there to pick up the file and delivers the final piece to Grizzly.

With a desperate need to revamp the organizational structure, and rejuvenate himself, Rabbito goes home, with a thought on his mind – Shouting at your subordinates is not a good way to earn respect. It was a long day!

It’s been a month since the day Rabbito joined the Ministry. In the meantime, he gets together with the colleagues and learns more about the system. Buck (one of the co-workers) invites him to a beer party; an opportunity to break the rules.

At first, Rabbito is hesitant and doesn’t want to leave its safe space, but after a few waves of persuasion, he agrees. Rabbito picks up a beer can and starts talking to his co-workers, most of whom such as Foxy have never met him before.

After a while, he unleashes a sequence of complaints related to the relationship with Grizzly, not being aware of the fact that people gossip. The next morning, he is summoned to Grizzly’s office. Grizzly is outraged and furious with Rabbito’s recent string of criticism targeting his personality.

He screams and shouts at him, and tells him to leave the office, immediately. Rabbito bursts into tears and calls upon Buck to clear up the confusion. Buck accuses Foxy as being the biggest blabbermouth in the Ministry. Now, Rabbito has to pay the price for his wrongdoings and deal with the burden.

Mama and Papa sensed that something is wrong with Rabbito because he’s been acting weird lately. To make matters worse, he gets into a fight with his best friend Buddy, and forces him out of his room.

Rabbito wants to be left alone, but he complies with Papa’s request to come down for dinner. They have a nice chat, while Rabbito’s position at work is questioned. They are curious to understand the reasons for his misbehavior.

Rabbito finally blurts out a few words and wants to know more of Papa’s boss, and how he treats him. After hearing Rabbito’s side of the story, Papa lays it on the line by saying that it’s not very ethical to spread rumors and talk behind someone’s back.

The blame falls on his shoulders, and as a grown-up, he is no longer entitled to run for cover.

Although this is not the answer Rabbito has been hoping to hear, he finally gets the big picture. He’s no longer upset with Grizzly and calls Buddy to reconcile with him.

Rabbito learned his lesson and was rewarded shortly afterward. Grizzly called upon Rabbito and informed him that soon he’d be traveling abroad as a representative of the Ministry.

He calls Mama and shares the great news. She is thrilled and urges him to inform his father as well. The excitement is overwhelming, but Rabbito stays with both feet on the ground this time. He decides to contact Buck because he is not privy to any information about the nature of these trips.

Buck lays a couple of tips and says that the Grizzly’s boss – Elephanto is a cool person. A team of three people is an ideal combination, and there’s nothing to be worried about. A word of caution to this tale – the work continues to pile up even in his absence.

In the next few days, Rabbito works like crazy, doesn’t take juice breaks and refuses to hang around with the coworkers. During the flight, he lays eyes upon Elephanto for the very first time and is worried about the pending files on his desk.

We can only go thus far, the rest of it is your job. We urge you to take a gander at the whole story and implement its takeaways into your life.

Find out more of the Beastly Republic and how this journey changed Rabbito forever.

Key Lessons from “Why Fail?”

1.      Safeguard your integrity
2.      Understand the system
3.      Tackle your narrow-mindedness

Safeguard your integrity

It’s only a matter of time when people will start to take the masks off and show their real face. It’s a lesson that Rabbito learned the hard way.

Understand that great work-ethic embodies competitive spirit and peacefulness.

Understand the System

You don’t have an awful lot of time to adjust to the present surroundings. The urgency may galvanize you into action and prompt you to take a firm grip on the reality.

It’s a task most rookies fail to execute.

Tackle your narrow-mindedness

Unfortunately, for a lot of things in life, there’s no school. These are the things that can make or break your character.

Shaping your personality in the right direction is in tight correlation with the concept of broadness and flexibility.

Stay sharp and never stop learning.

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“Why Fail? Quotes”

Trust is the word you should forget first in this Ministry. Click To Tweet Everyone is either relaxing or sleeping happily. I am the only beast worrying. Click To Tweet I take immediate action on all important papers. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

This is one of those books we deem worthy to share and promote. However, telling the whole story will only jeopardize the experience.

Therefore, we deliberately left a void that you need to fill with your curiosity and willingness.

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