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Start growing!

Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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Work It! Summary

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Work It! SummaryHow to Get Ahead, Save Your Ass, and Land a Job in Any Economy

Any life-philosophy is composed of different elements which are hopefully useful in these competitive times.

Relying only on one strategy is like signing a “business-related death sentence” – adopt a flexible approach!

Who Should Read “Work It!”? And Why?

Have you ever heard people complaining about certain job-standpoints? 

The Internet cannot answer every question, dig up information from reliable sources and implement their suggestions.

Give something back to the community by supporting your associates. Build long-term relationships and let your success speak for you by creating your corporate identity.

Don’t waste time and become the next job-hunter, since “Work It” is good-fit to anyone.

About Allison Hemming

Allison HemmingAllison Hemming enjoys her success as a recognized writer with an exceptional career. She started at the internationally renowned Pink Slip Parties, a networking happening for the newly downsized.

Allison has climbed up the stairs of New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, with her commentaries related to the career-development subjects and working-environment issues.

Despite the writing category, she has also appeared on numerous TV programs sharing her opinion. The beginning of her career was tough on Wall Street where she used to spend extra time in publishing.

Later on, Allison Hemming founded an interim workforce company located in Manhattan called – The Hired Guns.

“Work It! Summary”

Today’s globalization has its effects. The world economy is a system without any guarantees, because the majority of people are involved in various on jobs cooperating with many firms. Is it something you find amusing or not – no one can tell.

Take a closer look at these statistics:

At the beginning of the 21st century, an average American employee had at least ten different jobs – in minimum three various industries according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor. You are witnessing a typical job-hunting example with all its features.

If you are ready to take full responsibility for your career, you’re qualified to join the “job-hunter’ community”. Nevertheless, you should never rely on a single strategy (for instance –  Internet Boards).

Allison Hemming advises utilizing a mix of several techniques and approaches in order to increase efficiency and crush the “Blind-man attitude”. Take into consideration classic job hunting strategies like creating a base of contacts, managing personal networks, introducing the people with high-quality tailored resumes, writing breathtaking cover letters, putting extra effort into giving interviews, etc.

Get familiar with Allison Hemming life-story (which is entirely different than a bio). She occasionally runs a workforce agency; her time is spent mostly on discussing various strategic approaches and the gains from them. It not just about getting employed, extra attention must be placed on effort, regardless of your current standings.

She mainly talks about the entry-level jobs and aids young workers with a series of first-class tips on the relative economic situation.

Initially, her words are directed towards those affected by the relativity of the job market. Nevertheless, never take these words as an excuse – be an all-around job hunter!

Many individuals have expressed their feelings about the useful techniques which changed the course of many professional careers.

Hemming writing style is a representative of the authority and credibility she gained over the years. It is challenging for her to use the “Authoritative air” and target the younger population with a casual and comprehensive style which reveals the job-hunting principles to the community.

Underline the book’s useful and useless tips according to your perspective on the subject and try to apply some of them in your professional life.

After all, what do you have to lose? Pursue the solutions to your problems.

In the digital era, you are probably going to experience many ups and downs on a professional level. This sort of relativity will enforce you to rely on different companies throughout your career.

The first mistake people make is the process of pursuing job-security (which is unrealistic by many standards). If you are worried about your life – spice it up with a little bit of everything.

Allison is not like any other conventional writer who strictly promotes its ideas. Her flexibility reaches a whole new dimension by advising its readers to conduct an Internet research on multiple subjects.

It’s not very flamboyant but, today’s economic situation compels us to take the “job hunting” process as any other extremely competitive sport. Recommended by many professionals, this book undoubtedly deserves its place on your bookshelf. 

Key Lessons from “Work It”

1.      Know what is best for you
2.      Display your Talent
3.      Design a perfect Resume

Know what is best for you

You are the one who needs to choose the best channel for communication, whether you are comfortable with e-mail communication or traditional mail.

Another key aspect when communicating is the need of having a well-written cover letter.

Take care of your company’s image by building your corporate identity. Pinpoint your strengths which separate you from the group.

Display your Talent

The best way to increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams is to get noticed. Companies look for individuals; they don’t like those people who just copy others.

Prepare a slogan which clearly defines your way of contributing. This compelling statement will give you an advantage – it is a blessing in disguise.

Design a perfect Resume

Having a good resume is one thing, making it unique is what matters. In fact, some professionals will help you design an outstanding resume for a certain amount of money.

However, if you feel confident enough, you can take matters into your own hands and create it yourself.

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“Work It!” Quotes

By developing a wardrobe that reinforces your corporate identity, you’ll improve the chances of the interviewer remembering you. Click To Tweet To establish your corporate identity, start by coming up with a short phrase that describes the one thing that you do best. Click To Tweet Your rule of thumb should be that it will take at least seven interactions (or, as marketers say, ’impressions’) to get a hiring manager to start remembering you and your messages. Click To Tweet The single best way to get hired by a company is through contacts with existing employees Click To Tweet The most effective job hunters are the ones that never stop hunting. If you plan on actively managing your career, you need to be out there looking all the time. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Acknowledge the challenges we encounter in these difficult times. The author inspires the use of job-getting strategies mixed with proper approach tactics, while targeting job-seekers varying from young to old adults.

You are not obligated to use her methods in any way, but her determination acts as a guarantee for success.

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