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Your Best Year Yet! Summary

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Your Best Year Yet! SummaryTen Questions for Making the Next Twelve Months Your Most Successful Ever

How many times so far have you decided to change your life? You probably do it each year.

Who Should Read “Your Best Year Yet!”? And Why?

Your Best Year Yet!” is one of the many famous self-help books that are supposed to help you change your life. To be fair, the strategies and advice she gives are not unfamiliar, especially to avid readers of such books, but you can work with them, and achieve real results.

If you do her exercises, you are one step closer to changing your life. The critical thing to mention when it comes to the tasks in her workshop is that they are easy to follow and quite helpful.

Even if you do not continue further with your plan, If you go through the whole process of self –questioning described in the workshop, you will learn many things about yourself and your limitations.

Sometimes, just realizing what is limiting you, can set you free. Because of the straightforwardness of this book, we recommend it primarily for beginners in the self-help genre, who are motivated to improve their lives.

About Jinny Ditzler

Jinny DitzlerJinny Ditzler is the creator of the Best Year Yet workshop in 1980. Ever since then, the workshop has helped thousands of people in the United States and the United Kingdom begin better and happier lives.

“Your Best Year Yet! Summary”

As the current year ends, you probably promise yourself that the next year is going to be the best year of your life. However, you still find yourself living the same life as always. So, what could you do?

Well, according to author Ditzler, three hours is all you need to start building the life of your dreams. She promises that in three hours, by answering just ten questions, you will discover the basis for the best year yet. So, where do you start?

First, think about what you have accomplished in the past year. Write down everything you can think of, no matter how small and insignificant it seems, connected to every area of your life. Pat yourself, applaud for what you have already achieved.

Start the change by noticing how far you have already come. Next, think of your biggest disappointments. Think of the times others let you down, and the times you let yourself down. Don’t be scared to “relieve” the stressful moments. You need to identify them, to let them go.

Next, look at what you have learned so far. Look at both your accomplishments and your disappointments and try to determine what you did right and what you did wrong. Try to think of things you could have done differently and how that would change the outcomes.

The point of this exercise is not weeping about the past but realizing what behaviors you might want to adopt. Furthermore, determine the ways that you limit yourself. Negative self-talk is a considerable limitation.

Many of the negative statements will correspond with your disappointment, casting light on how your thoughts are dependent upon the results you get. Then, you will understand that the reasons for your negative beliefs are your results and not your character.

Now you can decide to stop limiting yourself. To do that you have to change how you think of yourself and how you feel about yourself. Change all the negative statements about positive ones. Use the present tense and feel as though you are already the person that you have decided to become, and that you are living the life that you want to create.

To continue with, determine your values. These values will help you figure out what drives you. Then think about the different roles you have (husband/wife, friend, etc.) and the responsibilities you have.

Think if you can consolidate some of them, to make your time and self-management easier. Now that you have everything written down, decide on what you will focus next year. Focusing on just one role is vital – do not attempt to change everything at once.

Put all your energy into the role that has the most significant impact on your life.

Key Lessons from “Your Best Year Yet”

1.      Select Your Top Ten Goals for Next Year
2.      How Can You Achieve Your Top Ten Goals
3.      Your Best Year Yet – Plan

Select Your Top Ten Goals for Next Year

Decide which goals are the most important for you at the moment – have at least one for each role you play. Doing this will bring balance to your life. You can focus on other goals as well but have in mind that narrowed focus delivers the best results.

In case you are not sure what you should do to reach some goal, you might need to swap it with another. Do not worry – goals you erase from your plan can always be added at some later time. Your plan is not fixed.

How Can You Achieve Your Top Ten Goals

The best way to achieve something is merely by doing it. Practice weighs more than theory.

So, start acting on the desired goals, instead just thinking about the outcomes. Set up a daily to-do-list, that keeps you on track with the things you have to do.

Discipline yourself, stop postponing and procrastinating and make the time you spend on your goals a priority.

Your Best Year Yet – Plan

When you have finished thinking about your values, your needs, your wishes, the roles you play in your life, and the goals you want to accomplish, you will have the three guidelines to your best year yet.

First, you will clearly see your limiting beliefs swapped for new, empowered beliefs. Next, you will clearly know what you are focused on.

Lastly, you will know your top ten goals which will lead you to the better, future version of your current reality. Use this plan to get rid of destructive thinking patterns, and pave the path towards a happier life.

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“Your Best Year Yet!” Quotes

The coming year is just your best year so far - they can get better and better as the years go by. Click To Tweet The more specific your goal, the more quickly you’ll see what to do and be able to find the resources to achieve it. Click To Tweet When you find yourself dwelling on the past in a way that makes you think less of yourself or your ability to make change, let go of the thought and focus on what’s happening right now. Click To Tweet The principal value of our mistakes and failures is our ability to learn from them. Click To Tweet Our limiting beliefs about ourselves become like brick walls in front of us, keeping us from even thinking about how to make the big changes or set the big goals. Click To Tweet

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