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Ziglar on Selling Summary

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Ziglar on Selling SummaryThe Ultimate Handbook for the Complete Sales Professional

Even if your career doesn’t explode in a matter of years, don’t feel discouraged. Many sales superstars had humble beginnings, and that’s precisely what “Ziglar on Selling” clarifies.

About Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar was a sales expert and the author of many bestsellers such as Secrets of Closing the Sale, Selling 101, See you At the Top, etc.

“Ziglar on Selling Summary”

Ziglar’s rule that every salesperson should follow is “Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection.” In 1947, he had his first sales encounter with an old lady. After he knocked on the door, Zig Ziglar wasn’t expecting a positive response, but that’s how it all started.

The Father of sales emphasizes several elements that constitute the road to success. In all of his books, Zig pinpoints the real value and underlines many misleading theories that are triggering all sorts of misfortune.

For instance, in a race against time, salespeople take profits or closing in for sale – as the most vital aspect of doing business.

In reality, finding prospects, presenting your ideas and making good first impressions are elements of a more pressing nature. Without well-defined target audience and IBP (ideal buying persona), not even the greatest salesman can cut ice.

Until you find the ideal customer, you can say goodbye to all strategies and ideas. Prospecting is the alpha and omega in sales, and every expert is aware of this reality. Think of it this way, absent prospects all the talks and deals mean absolutely nothing.

Reading the minds of the customers and giving the people a sense of freedom to decide what is right for them – is what makes a competent sales team.

Successful salespersons are not persuaders nor influencers, they fall into “I love my job” category, and the profits come only as a result of such commitment and passion.

Are you reluctant to make the first step? Do you hesitate to pick up the phone?

Such tendencies are normal for beginners, but it’s not something that you should build up your career on. Stay direct and confident, is it too hard to simply say “Do you like our goods”? You’ve got nothing to lose.

You should not feel guilty if at some point you also suffer from a call-reluctance “disease.” Just remember, such attitude will reduce not only your profits but your influence in the market as well. Overcome this weakness by staying true to what you believe in.

Good salespeople don’t want to scare people off. With this in mind, they’ve developed a routine to ask the right questions and anticipate the answers. Sometimes this inquiry is nothing but a decoy; testing the preferences of the prospect.  

Key Lessons from “Ziglar on Selling”

1.      Be flexible, don’t stick to one method
2.      Embrace objections and their meaning
3.      Develop into the right person for the job

Be flexible, don’t stick to one method

There are endless approaches that are equally effective when it comes to closing a sale. There are two particularly useful ones that you ought to take into consideration:

The Probability Close – is choosing the right question, after the presentation.

The Summary Close – After you presented the details of your product, simply go back to clarify the elements that your prospect expressed interest in.

Embrace objections and their meaning

Truly, no one wants to receive complaints and handle new, unnecessary paperwork due to unfulfilled promises.

However, look at it this way – objections indicate that someone is interested in your services.

Develop into the right person for the job

Your aura radiates the energy of your heart and being. Becoming a salesperson of high stature is a tricky business. In general, you must live up to the expectations of those requiring your services.

Clothing, behavior, family all of these aspects ignite or hinder your influence as an independent salesperson.

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“Ziglar on Selling” Quotes

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. Click To Tweet If extras are in the best interests of your clients, you certainly have a professional responsibility to offer them and encourage your prospects to act upon them. Click To Tweet Your role is to become an assistant buyer and help the prospects make the purchase – not to make them feel you have just sold them. Click To Tweet You are thinking prospecting all the time, and when you do, it’s amazing how potential buyers will pop up in the most unlikely places. Click To Tweet You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want! Click To Tweet

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