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10% Happier Summary

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10% Happier SummaryHow I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress without Losing My Edge and Found Self-Help That Actually Works

In the vanity of human wishes, we are left with little choice than to seek salvation.

We present the meaning of a new person, who can operate without being imprisoned by its mindset.

Who Should Read “10% Happier”? And Why?

In the world filled with judgment and comparison, we really narrow it down to a simple question: Is this going to make me happy? – The bitter truth is neglected so that we can enjoy the lies of our lives.

10% Happier doesn’t have a rulebook; it is designed to help you grow and ultimately aid you in the “inner prison break,” that you’ve been planning unconsciously.

About Dan Harris

Dan HarrisDan Harris is employed as a news anchor for U.S. TV broadcasts including renowned channels such as Nightline and ABC News. He has earned his reputation by providing exclusive reports about the civil wars in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

“10% Happier Summary”

There is not a single person out there, who hasn’t been at least once “sinking” and drowning in its own emotions. It’s perfectly natural that you at some point, lost control over your mind and body.

In more ignorant circles, people tend to neglect these and continue without even questioning their arousal. Now, we look over and under, to throw light on why we end up depressed, what causes mood swings and how to handle it.

Before we embark on resolving this great mystery, it’s best to start with facts. Recently conducted scientific research indicate that a term known as “mindfulness” is vague to a large portion of the world. A state achievable through internal reforms.

Meditation, for example, is a very misleading term, people think that you need to find a perfect position, have a beautiful garden, or Zen interior to be able to be with yourself, and thus experience the positive pull from it.

Such false claims only prolong your mental suffering and lead you from one pitfall to another. Although “making peace” is gaining ground in today’s world all the practices leading to it are still blurry.  

The incentive to begin pursuing self-contentment must be correlated with the understanding of the enemy. In these regards, you are not obligated to look outside of you. Even though almost everyone has heard that the ego is the one drawing the line; yet very few are truly aware of its impact and reach.

The Eastern wisdom spreads like wildfire in the Western World. Unlike 50 years ago, people are now more prone to investigate around this “ego” and look under the kilt of it. If someone calls you egoistic, what does that even mean?

It actually illustrates that you are too busy trying to satisfy your small little world.

Let’s take it slow and digest it quickly.

Most often referred as the voice in our heads, more and more persons are giving all they got to conquer their minds. Sounds almost bizarre and in some circles even religious, but it’s actually nothing shorter than a real battle.

The innate nature of it is reflecting the thirst for more, the inability to say – that’s it.  Sometimes, portrayed as a “wild beast” that will go for a second kill even with a full belly. To cut a long story short, it means that your ego is a “junky” regarding energy, admiration, and expects to be worshiped.

Have you ever said, I want only this and yet the next day after closing in on your temporary goal, you’ve found something more interesting?

Don’t worry you are not the only one, welcome to the club.

For a second, think about those Hollywood celebrities who committed suicide, or those destroyed by alcohol and drugs. What more can an individual want, right? Money, fame, status, and yet the ego is never satisfied.

The great spiritual leaders of today such as Dalai Lama claim “Be wise selfish rather than foolish selfish.” Don’t become blind to all that surrounds you, make sure that you adopt an unbiased approach towards yourself.

Your first reactions may be – So, if I reject all my desires and aspirations – what should I do? Should I sit from sunrise to sunset, doing nothing, contemplating and be happy with what it is? No, of course not! Being aware of your ego doesn’t mean that you should neglect the material world and meditate all day long.

You will keep your edge and mental wit, but now you will be in charge, not your thoughts and imposed concepts.

According to the basics of Buddhist teachings for reaching our true self, the world is set on three highly repetitive responses or scenarios:

We want it. Think about the desire to become a celebrity or eat your favorite food.

We reject it. Imagine walking away from a party that is not synchronized with your music taste.  

We zone out. What about the safety instructions? No one really pays too much attention to procedures.  

The simplest way of getting the big picture is realizing that mindfulness is the foundation for being able to perceive everything without judging.

Key Lessons from “10% Happier

1.      The trick to full peacefulness
2.      Inner change triggered
3.      The first bite to happiness

The trick to full peacefulness

Mindfulness moves beyond the basics of decision-making and even affects the biological aspect of one’s self.

When prestigious magazines and universities publish such findings and theories, you should really take into account the reliability of these organizations.

Inner change triggered

A simple Harvard MRI study examined a group of people who were subjected to full eight-week training.

The results showed that the participants through meditation successfully modified the brain’s structure especially in the areas associated with self-knowingness.

The first bite to happiness

For beginners, it’s advisable that you don’t dive into something absent proper education or in this case self-knowledge.

Meditation is your life-guide that will keep you away from judgmental sensations and on the right track.

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“10% Happier” Quotes

When you have one foot in the future and the other in the past, you piss on the present. Click To Tweet There’s no point in being unhappy about things you can’t change, and no point being unhappy about things you can. Click To Tweet The pursuit of happiness becomes the source of our unhappiness. Click To Tweet Your demons may have been ejected from the building, but they’re out in the parking lot, doing push-ups. Click To Tweet Everything in the world is ultimately unsatisfying and unreliable because it won’t last. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

In the madness of capitalism, we’ve forgotten about the fundamental values of inner satisfaction.

Dan Harris transparently gives you a reason to worry about, and a possible solution to your long-term problem.

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