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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do Summary

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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do PDFTake Back Your Power, Embrace Change, Face Your Fears, and Train Your Brain for Happiness and Success

The numbers prevent us from being where we want, or do they?

In fact, college grades and other factors are merely the starting point.

This book summary covers 13 critical concepts, which will aid you in times of crisis.

Who Should Read “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”? And Why?

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do is best suited for those who question their independence.

If you claim that you don’t have aspirations to go on your own, then perhaps you should stop lying to yourself.

About Amy Morin

Amy MorinAmy Morin is an author, psychotherapist with lots of expertise and a clinical social worker.

She’s been focusing mostly on human inner interaction and the effects of it.

“13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do Summary”

To define “mentally strong,” you need to possess certain traits that will lead you to the ultimate conclusion.

The different viewpoints illustrate the main issue. However, in order to stick with the routine, it’s best to use a straightforward justification.

Hitting the books will not help you on this, check and inquire these 13 practices that are strongly resisted by the mentally strong.

  1. They Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves

There is no greater setback than spending your limited resources such as time and energy on meaningless assignments.

Mentally stable people have a habit of taking action, not reaction. Their role in this “wretched” or “happy” life manifest the privilege of taking full responsibility for every obstacle thrown at them.  

  1. They Don’t Give Away Their Power

Do you understand the chain of command? If you cherish the desire to be “The Boss,” probably someone else sits in a bigger desk than yours!

You’ll never hear these people say: “That guy is giving me a hard time” because they stand firm and regardless of the consequences.

  1. They Don’t Shy Away from Change

In a time of rapid advancement, flexibility is crucial. These individuals embrace change in all forms.

In order to adopt the stance of a modern fighter, you need to reconsider your habits and organize your thoughts.

  1. They Don’t Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control

Even the Buddha 2500 years ago said – Don’t worry about the things you cannot influence.

Since then, this law works perfectly fine for the mentally strong personalities. For instance, you failed to reach a deadline? – That’s fine, move over to the next assignment.

  1. They Don’t Worry About Pleasing Everyone

The society imposes many new ideas on the young adults, requirements that must be met to experience prosperity. This may work just fine for the mediocrities, but not for the mentally stable.

They don’t hesitate to share their views with the world if such thing is required – at any cost.

  1. They Don’t Fear Taking Calculated Risks

Romans used to say, the line separating the brave one from the fool is very thin.

As a matter of fact, taking too many risks falls into the “foolish” category, an opinion shared about those that are too aversive.

Mentally healthy people spend their time in making trade-offs between risks, costs, benefits, and advantages.

  1. They Don’t Dwell on the Past

How many times have you heard – Don’t live in the past! One too many we suppose. What is done is done, no point in looking back.

This step examines the people’s notion of seeking for a guilty party that is responsible for their current failures.

The mentally strong live by the motto – let’s focus on today and now.

  1. They Don’t Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over

A mistake is not a mistake if you perceive as a life-lesson. A notion shared by many renowned individuals.

Your attitude is merely a reflection of your inner state.

  1. They Don’t Resent Other People’s Success

Mentally stable individuals don’t envy other people. They, over the years, grasped the value of individual success as a tool for reaching togetherness.  

Instead of being jealous, they turn similar situations to their advantage.

  1. They Don’t Give Up After the First Failure

Failure is only a shortcut to success, sounds a bit bizarre, but that’s the truth.

Growth is literally impossible without suffering small injuries. For them, stopping is not an option!

  1. They Don’t Fear Alone Time

Mentally strong people, unlike others, can spend quality time with themselves just contemplating about their next move.

Quite often, we as humans do almost anything to keep our mind occupied, and resist the idea of self-inquiry.

  1. They Don’t Feel the World Owes Them Anything

They don’t feel like the world owes them an apology or should grant them free-passage to all beauties.

Instead, these persons are mostly self-sufficient and ready to take down single-handedly all the obstacles that prevent them from being where they want.

  1. They Don’t Expect Immediate Results

There is nothing better than enjoying the taste of victory after a long and hard struggle – immediate results are fairy-tale scenarios.

Find the perfect match for your skills, merge talent and dedication, be ready for a full-scale “war” and ultimately, success will draw near you.

Key Lessons from “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

1.      The only definition
2.      The trickery of control
3.      The formula for success

The only definition

The ability to resist the temptation to fall under the command of your emotions, thoughts, feelings, and concepts represents the foundation for being described as a mentally stable person.

The trickery of control

By controlling everything, you influence nothing. Take your pick, choose wisely and then embark on a prosperous journey.

Your lucrative career will not suffer if you inject a little bit of wisdom in it.

The formula for success

If you embrace the idea – that the world is suffocating your progress, you’ll just end up feeling angry and envious.

Make sure that you are equipped with self-esteem and expertise because that is all that matters.

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“13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do Quotes”

We do not heal the past by dwelling there; we heal the past by living fully in the present. Click To Tweet Retaining your power is about being confident in who you are and the choices you make, despite the people around you and the circumstances you’re in. Click To Tweet Learning from each mistake requires self-awareness and humility, but it can be one of the biggest keys to reaching your full potential. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Unlike other self-help classics, Amy shares some valuable insights that are easy to understand but tough to digest.

You’ll be given a shot, to take your knowledge to the next level and make peace with yourself!

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