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Beyond the Brand Summary

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Beyond the Brand SummaryWhy Engaging the Right Customers is Essential to Winning in Business

The best way to create that special bond with your most loyal customers is to be open to their needs by listening to their stories – and express your viewpoints.

We summarize the key aspects in exposing what happened before Brands became Global Influencers.

Who Should Read “Beyond the Brand”? And Why?

Learn how to market things!

Marketing is more than a concept, according to the author it is our everyday reality which has to be taken with sobriety. “Beyond the Brand” is perhaps one of the best self-promoting books ever written. It is intended to solve business problems with all-around economic solutions.

A small investment is needed on your part – openness to new knowledge.

About John Winsor

John WinsorIn the late 90s, John Winsor founded Radar Communications – a marketing consultancy tool for helping companies to evolve from self-listeners to community-listeners.

Momentarily, he heads the department of CPB’s Strategy and coordinates the ever-expanding business network of relationships among communities and businesses.

Despite being an author of “Beyond the Brand” Winsor wrote another marketing related book called – Spark. 

“Beyond the Brand Summary”

In the 90s, Nike established the very first series of golf products like bags, balls, clubs, shoes, t-shirts. At the time the market had several dominant companies which tried to make the industry as hard as possible to prosper for newcomers.

The easiest way to reach the audience was to design a strong marketing campaign by finding common ground with pro golfers and signing sponsorship deals. Nike is known for paying exclusive attention to the “building-one-to-one relationship” processes with the world’s greatest athletes or in this case golfers.

The famous sports gear brand never neglected their customer demands; they only interfere with helping them to choose.

Nike has been signing top players for decades, a policy which gave them profits and fierce reputation. As players started to use their products increasingly, Nike exploited the situation and lured Tiger Woods with a $100 million sponsorship deal. In the meantime, Tiger has transformed from an early adapter to a golf star.

By 1999, the investment passed the break-even point, and the Nike gold mania began to take shape. All major tournaments could not “proceed” without the company’s gear – referring to the obsessiveness that ruled in that period.

If you plant the seeds correctly, you can expect fruits. It is tempting to tell your story, but you should be a good listener, allow people to share their problems and perhaps you’ll be able to resolve theirs and become rich.

Millions of dollars spent on marketing campaign and promotions are not equal to the all-powerful word-of-mouth method. The satisfied storytelling can boost your company in a second.

Most marketing books debate how marketers should approach a customer, what techniques to use when relating to existing ones or hunting new ones. An intelligent marketer must not cross the line by adopting an informal penetration tactic.

A formal one is the best way to jump over the wall of awkwardness and build a profitable relationship. However, this book promotes another unique and softer method, “anthrojournalistic”. This approach consists of hearing the consumers’ demands and desires before you start making conclusions.

The interaction will help you to steer the decision-making wheel because it provides your business with valuable information about the product’s design. The idea about the concept was borrowed from “anthropology” an oral tradition only adapted to the digital era – word-of-mouth promotion.

The author John Winsor advocates for listening and storytelling as essential “money-building” marketing techniques applied only by trained professionals. Any business ought to enforce the same rule – understand the customers’ wants and demands before you start identifying the target group.

IBP can only be identified by listening; analyzes can help trained marketers to produce business value for their companies by putting extra focus on customer requirements. Don’t follow the anthropologist’s perspective blindly; some societal, economic or political surroundings will suit the method better.

The digital times are proving to be hard to handle. The expenses are increasing and accordingly, our salary must increase. Before you start wondering why this has anything to do with the book, ask yourself – How can I get richer?

The answer is simple, by producing greater value for the world. In the marketing world, higher value means higher profits, leading to a higher income and ultimately a better life. Whether we like it or not, every person on this planet is promoting something or someone.

Analyze the situation and make your decision. We prescribe this marketing masterpiece for newcomers in the “marketing world” and students who are keen to learn new ways to contribute by exploring new ideas.

Key Lessons from “Beyond the Brand”

1.      Anthro-journalism is more than a concept
2.      Use social networks for marketing purposes
3.      Stories represent a newly established marketing foundation

Anthro-journalism is more than a concept

Storytelling is a powerful tool for achieving marketing goals. The process must be performed by the other side, or the customer itself. To produce the best results the companies must transform by adopting “Anthro-Journalism” and become “listeners”.

Use social networks for marketing purposes

The world communicates through social networks, so the importance of it is familiar to everyone. Emphasize word-of-mouth marketing because a “commendation” echoes for eternity. Social networks known as potent persuaders have the credibility to influence the world.

Stories represent a newly established marketing foundation

Attention placed on story-telling puts the company’s marketing strategy to a whole another level. Customers want to feel important! If you disregard their opinion and continue with your stubbornness; the business will suffer. To achieve the possible results, tell your story and allow other to express themselves as well.

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“Beyond the Brand” Quotes

If you are passionate enough in what you do and remain open to feedback, your customers will sense your attitude and be excited by it. Click To Tweet Listening, storytelling and dialogue with your internal team connect you to humanity in the fullest sense: through intuition, creativity, and innovation. Click To Tweet Business schools have done a disservice to today's executives by downplaying the need for intuitive thinking... Click To Tweet To find inspiration, companies must embrace a fluid world of creativity and discovery. Click To Tweet When you are developing your bottom-up strategy, you have to be able to think about the lives of your customers. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

This book will give you first-class insights already tested by experienced marketers on how to overcome the customers’ confusion. This is a straightforward process, which will provide you with a creative know-how to deal with people.

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