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Bit Literacy Summary

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Bit Literacy Summary

Productivity in the Age of Information and E-mail Overload

The human factor of error is decreasing, and the e-mail overload is increasing.

Finding the perfect balance is proving to be a nightmare.

We give our thoughts, and embrace Mark’s on this never-ending discussion.

Who Should Read “Bit Literacy”? And Why?

You can’t eliminate or blockade the progress. These reforms are crucial for improving our way of life and thus stimulate growth.

Big Literacy” encourages people to adapt to the new era, but only if they want it. As such, it is suitable for all individuals, because it inspires and educates.

About Mark Hurst

Mark HurstMark Hurst is the founder and currently the CEO of consultancy company that focuses on CRM named – Creative Good.

He is also an MIT graduate and an author.

“Bit Literacy Summary”

Living in a digital world is not all exciting because you can run into many troubles. Instead of exploring the real world, we are all fed up with tons of useful and meaningless information coming from our social media profiles or through surfing. We ought to admit that the overflow of data is keeping us away from the real joy, by demanding a slice of our attention.

Before technology showed up, people used written documents, or a simple piece of paper to transmit information and to impart knowledge to one another. After centuries, we find ourselves in the perfect spot to replace this cheap, and easy to handle medium, with cutting-edge technology.

Although these transcripts are still in use, digital world and especially the internet are enforcing new ways of handling papyrology.

Over time, the society had little choice than to implement and embrace another direction due to the vast paper’s limitations. For instance, just imagine placing all the government documents in a library or put all inside several office cupboards. This will take an awful lot of space, and you’ll need to organize it and add a hard-copy version of every new document on a day to day basis.

On the other hand, the internet embarked on an adventure, to deal with the necessity to store data and reduced the amount of physical space required to run an operation. Not just that, for instance, you’re head of the management department, and you need to check some info linked to your company. Instead of going up against large chunks of paper, you can just perform a computer search and get access to all the information you need – it’s practical.

Next in line is availability, unlike papyrology, people can access documents from various parts of the world. Many companies dabble in organizing their schedule of activities; if you’re not among them, it’s crucial that you get a firm grip on these facts.

You can’t neglect the idea that living in the 21st century compels us, to incorporate the benefits of these systems. Literally, every industry is on a full-scale transformation mission, to apply and take into account the gain of bits. Such efforts will probably lead you to complete-integration to share, create, read, and update information.

In other words, opposing the mainstream concepts can improve your production and distribution processes. According to Mark Hust, the ability to manage a large number of bits will increase your chances for success and lay down a solid foundation for growth.

Do you check your e-mail daily? In reality, plenty of us have a list of 1000+ unread emails, and that number continues to pile up. Such numbers put the e-mail world on hold, and label it as the most mishandled bitstream of today. The question is – why?

Partially, we are witnessing such massive inefficiencies because people are not making the most of this medium. Users have a tough time when it comes to capitalizing on e-mail inbox – issues. This situation contributes to demoralizing workflow and lack of usability. Every once in a while, we tend to clean up that digital mess, which leads to complete satisfaction.

Now it’s time to make an effort to manage your schedule and reduce the to-do list.

How often, especially the older ones felt like being too uninformed and old-fashioned. It even seems hilarious, but embracement these days usually comes after the inability to cope with the digital time. So, to cover up this lack of expertise, we may keep nodding and staying away from open discussion on the topic.

Since everything is available you may just end up being a self-taught master, right? – Wrong!

If a hundred years ago our forefathers had only a few available sources of information, which led to shortages of reliable facts; we are surely not experiencing deficiencies but an overflow of data. Most people’s desktops can tell you the whole story as they are cluttered with all sorts of files.

To handle this issue, we must turn away from the “default” scheme and create our own unique way of organizing the files.

Key Lessons from “Bit Literacy

1.      Full access doesn’t give you insurance
2.      No shortages of channels
3.      Social mediums are taking over

Full access doesn’t give you insurance

Although getting your hands on various types of information seems like an easy task in this world, yet many individuals struggle to reach it.

Even if you get premium access, that doesn’t serve as a guarantee that you will find a use for that data.

No shortages of channels

It’s safe to say that nowadays we surely don’t have shortages of channels.

These bitstreams serve as platforms for facilitating the interaction and picking up the right pace for launching information processing.

Social mediums are taking over

The endless need for social engagement grabs our attention, and keep us on full-alert for new notifications.

We are not talking about addiction, but it’s beneficial to estimate how many of these platforms are sufficient for you?  

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“Bit Literacy” Quotes

It’s far too rarely stated that the technology industry is not in the business of making people productive. It is only in the business of selling more technology. Click To Tweet The overload makes users less productive and more stressed; thus, there’s a need for some solution. Passively ignoring the problem won’t work, since bits are still heavy, even if we pretend not to notice. Click To Tweet Bit literacy means letting the bits go; anything else perpetuates the problem. Click To Tweet Bits have unique properties, then, that we can use to our advantage: they’re super-small, super-fast, easily acquired and created and copied and shared in near-infinite quantity, protected from the ravages of time, and free from the… Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

We don’t have much to say, except that we enjoyed every bit of this book.

We sincerely hope that you’ll love it too.

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