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Chinese Business Etiquette Summary

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Chinese Business Etiquette SummaryA Guide to Protocol, Manners, and Culture in thePeople’s Republic of China

If you have ever worked with a Chinese person, you are familiar with their hospitality.

However, their “yes” sometimes isn’t real; so, the people are wondering how to function properly if a simple nod means “I’m listening.

Who Should Read “Chinese Business Etiquette”? And Why?

Chinese Business Etiquette is great for newcomers for two reasons: first of all it helps them to deal with bureaucracy, and second, it will make their stay in China more comfortable.

This book comes highly recommended for all those foreigners who currently reside in China and those who plan to visit it in the near future.

About Scott D. Seligman

Scott D. SeligmanScott D. Seligman is an American-born historian, writer, and retired executive from Orient New Jersey. He has obtained degrees from both Harvard and Princeton University.

His master degree from Harvard University granted him an opportunity to teach in Taiwan where he discussed many important subjects. He assisted in the process of finding the American Chamber of Commerce in China where he had an executive role.

Scott D. Seligman has also written plenty of articles related to the Chinese way of life and culture.

“Chinese Business Etiquette Summary”

In the early 90s, the Chinese people experienced changes in their state regulation. A country known for its Leninist perspective suddenly transformed into a new social governance in favor of old Chinese symbols and characteristics.

The Western influence undoubtedly played its part to reshape the Chinese society. The new government wanted to maintain a strict line which will indicate the difference existing between the East and the West. The Chinese society and culture partially embraced the Western-effect in terms technology, digitalization, education, and most importantly manners.

That was the birth of a new modern China, with more liberal external and internal policies. A large portion of the communist conservative and stringent protocols are still in use even this very day.

Many foreigners take this as a sign that despite China’s openness there are still some old basic rules and orders which must be obeyed. Their culture is too precious to be destroyed by external factors that threaten the Chinese history.

According to people from divergent backgrounds, who discussed business matters with a Chinese delegation, the first thing they’ve noticed is discipline and respect. So, if you want to enjoy their company, you should work on that.

The core behavior of China is probably their warm hospitality and special treatment. This refers to their mentality – meaning that any stranger will be treated with utmost confidentiality according to its needs. Ancient history speaks a lot about Chinese dignity even towards their enemies, so, this will probably not come as a surprise.

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