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Coach Yourself to Win Summary

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Coach Yourself to Win Summary7 Steps to Breakthrough Performance on the Job and In Your Life

Coaching yourself is becoming a discipline not everyone can afford. You can help yourself by changing your behavior!

Nothing is impossible, leave your worries aside and coach yourself to victory.

Who Should Read “Coach Yourself to Win”? And Why?

Attitudes, moods, feelings they all belong to the temporary category since its effects only last for some period of time. The most courageous people are aware of this and willingly participate in the self-improvement process.

These persons, avoid getting dragged into – the impossible notion, that tackles some core societal principles.

In this case, the theory describes the lasting positive behavioral change and covers all its subelements.

We warmly present this useful guidebook and self-coaching material to all people willing to take life to the next step. By following some principles or methods, a person can sense the change in almost on time at all.

About Howard M. Guttman

Howard M. GuttmanHoward M. Guttman is an American-born management consultant, writer, and expert on self-coaching.

He was born on January 17th, 1951 in the U.S. As the founder of Guttman Development strategies, Howard endorse many theories on organizational hierarchies.  

“Coach Yourself to Win Summary”

On the other side of the road, people often get lost – when it comes to conducting some personal change that can transform everything associated with one’s well-being. Behavior has always been an aspect that reflects some other inner sensations, like fear, happiness, sadness, enthusiasm, etc.

Numerous experts have put their theories to the tests and discover that behavioral change has no stable ground to hold on to. Such a revelation has finally, uncovered a cutting-edge idea – sustaining the new “state” is a relatively hard thing to do, but the smooth part refers to that instant change. In the light of this discovery, a new perspective was born – behavior is habitual.

One good example is to analyze smoking and why people are still doing it, even though everyone is quite aware of the harmful consequences. Knowing its side effects, and yet keep puffing is non-sense because on an annual basis it takes away up to 450,000 American lives.

However, not all people play with absurdity and stimulate the “lasting behavioral change,” often by using some key transformation principles:  

    1. “People are capable of making things happen by themselves.” – Don’t impose any limitations on yourself, unless you want to consciously.  
    1. “Change begins when you say so” – Controlling one’s behavior is not only difficult but impossible. Be a man of vision, transform everything associated with you, starting inwardly.
    1. “At the end of the day, attitude counts the most” – Make sure you analyze every action and figure out why you’ve acted in a certain way, in other words, look beneath the carpet. It’s equally important to focus on strategies that will grant you a “shift-opportunity”.
    1. “Self-coaching is the only thing that stands before you and final victory. Don’t make it sound toо theatrical, cope with every challenge along the way and achieve lasting behavior change”. Coaching actually works, the self-aspect is nothing more than a variant.
  1. “Self-coaching starts with the idea: ‘Yes, I can do it’” – Believe in ultimate victory because only you can make things happen. Such attitude is a mere reflection of the ever-present changing attitude.

Some motivational authors take matters to a whole new level, claiming that some of their books are not just self-help texts but life-altering masterpieces. Not all, but some of them entered the “do or don’t category” meaning that different covers and recommendations manifest a real life-changing content – if a person is eager for starting such a campaign.

Summer breeze at its best, in spite of overflowing the market with the same material, over and over again, these authors still believe in attributes like trustworthiness and uniqueness. In the same fashion, Howard M. Guttman co-joins the club and streamlines the process by trying to make your life easier and better.

It’s only natural to say; no one is perfect. Awkwardness is slowly starting to fade away because the society accepts many forms of personhood. The judgemental approach went from uphill to downhill – leaving everyone stunned in many ways.

Don’t make it harder on yourself; everything can be fixed if stubbornness is no longer present inside person’s mind and heart. No one wants nor expects any miracles from you. Don’t be afraid that on some level, people already are judging you because of your attitude.  

Key Lessons from “Coach Yourself to Win”

1.      Are you ready for the big day?
2.      What is an intention without an action?
3.      Identify a circle of support

Are you ready for the big day?

Without the determination to conduct an inner-change all other aspects will make no difference and have little impact.

Changing your behavior requires not just faith, but endurance throughout the whole process.

Playing a victim or a superhero will do you no good, just focus on one question – Am I self-coachable individual?

What is an intention without an action?

Commitment must be backed by a series of actions that can do some damage to the “unchangeable part” of one’s self.

Second, don’t put faith in any intention if it lacks: time frame, expected result and actions. Even though, this theory is just good sense, many people just skip it.

Identify a circle of support

Changing person’s behavior especially if that self-coaching process stagnates for so long, can be a tricky business. Assistance from all parts is necessary in order for a person to feel motivated enough to proceed.

Ask those more experienced than you, to provide you with some guidelines and share helpful thoughts on the “changing cycle”.

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“Coach Yourself to Win” Quotes

We set goals, we reach, we grasp – and then we fall back into old habits. Click To Tweet Planning isn’t so much about predicting the future as it is about trying to shape it. Click To Tweet Change brings uncertainty. And uncertainty can be scary. Click To Tweet It may...be helpful to select as a guide someone who has had the same intention as you and has reached it. Click To Tweet The whole premise of executive coaching is that people are 100% accountable for their behavior. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

The author of “Coach Yourself to Win” as a renowned executive coaching expert, illustrates seven easy-to-follow stages or stapes, you can make use of if you decide to embark on an adventure.

Coaching yourself is not a single technique, it’s a mix of strategies that can reshape the course of your life. Above all, creating value is a most critical element.

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