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Derailed Summary

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Derailed SummaryFive Lessons Learned from Catastrophic Failures of Leadership 

There are times when even Fortune 100 officials lose their jobs over blunders of judgment or conduct. Derailed examines all these occurrences.

Such things always happen because they let their intrinsic nature to lead them somehow adrift.

In this summary of “Derailed,” we summarize the characteristics and lessons that author Tim Irwin found while exploring six cases of executives that have derailed.

So, to make sure such a thing never happens to you, read on and stay attentive for the advice this book brings to you.

Who Should Read “Derailed”? and Why?

Dynamic, intense, goal-oriented managers often do not see their darker desires. However, if you need to make progress during a time of stress and achieve your objectives, you should examine your inner self and stay honest about what you find there.

We recommend this fantastic book which is a blend of business history, self-improvement, and social critique. Genuinely noting the answers to the questions that the author raises can be the thing that prevents someone (even you) from derailing.

About Tim Irwin

Tim IrwinTim Irwin is a consultant of a significant portion of America’s most respected companies. Apart from being a consultant, he is a keynote speaker and an author and is currently a Managing Partner of Irwin, Inc.

“Derailed Summary”

At the point when new top managers arrive, everybody expects great things: a progression, a splendid turnaround, supporting business in the usual way, et cetera. However, even the best expectations and intentions can turn out badly.

The good news is that studying the failure of skilled, talented representatives uncovers a great deal about corporate quality, corporate life, and ordinary people. Moreover, all these studies result in making a list of particular takeaways.

However, Tom Irwin does not stop there – at a simple list of takeaways. Instead, he writes a book in which he presents real cases and shows the characteristics he found at all of them that led to the derailment.

Do not get me wrong: none of the officials presented are involved with criminal conduct.

In simple words, they somehow got to a point when their dark aspects dominated over their leadership skills. To be fair, they tumbled off the tracks because of a reason that can crash anybody.

What is this reason?

A failure of character.

The derailment is a term that implies that a manager or leader got so distant from the organization’s objectives that he or she needs to leave the association. As expected, derailment extricates a substantial financial or social cost.

A firm can fail to meet expectations and endure great misfortunes. Additionally, the leader can guide the firm far from its corporate culture and values. In the most pessimistic scenarios, both things happen: organizations lose both their profits and their culture.

It sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? Well, it is. Moreover, it can all happen because of one individual.

Your identity has numerous aspects. To see it with lucidity, you have to look at the aspects of yourself that you hide. On the contrary, the darker side can develop in an emergency and push you toward implosion.

Just about anybody can derail. We are all human, and we are all vulnerable at times.

The leaders studied and presented in “Derailed” exhibit that people that remind themselves of their vulnerability are more prone to stay away from inconvenient events and actions. Your shortcomings can fix you, and vice versa – quality can rapidly show as a shortcoming.

The parts of identity that individuals frequently cover up rise in situations filled with stress and power, uncovering their actual nature.

Key Lessons from “Derailed”:

1.      Five Stages of Derailment
2.      Dimensions of Character that can Guard Against Derailment
3.      Five Important Character Lessons

Five Stages of Derailment

    • “Failure of self-awareness.”
    • “Pride before the fall” – If you are a reader of mythology you know about the term “hubris.” It is a term which imploys pride, unhealthy ambition and blindness before one’s faults and shortcomings.
    • “Missed early warning signals” – Many, if not all derailing managers suffer from what we know as tunnel vision. They ignore nonverbal signs that tip them off about their repeated mistakes and wrong actions.
    • “Rationalizing” – Is where the derailing individual twists the facts to fit what he wants to believe and makes up reasons why the events are not his fault.
  • “Derailment” – Is the culmination point of the derailment process.

Dimensions of Character that can Guard Against Derailment

  • Authenticity – In all honesty, masks are not uncommon, and they are not considered as lies. Everyone needs to wear different masks for different occasions. In fact, it is quite significant to pick the right mask you will wear in a situation. When the mask is proper, people will trust you and respect you more. If the mask is wrong, on the other hand, people will think you are weird. If your behavior matches the person you seem to be, people will find you more authentic and thus will trust you more.
  • Self-management – In managing your “self”, it is essential to stay self-aware. In other words, you need to understand not only your thought patterns but also the thoughts and emotions of others around you.
  • Humility – Do not underestimate humility, which means forgetting the credit you deserve and taking advice.
  • Courage – Each work environment requires courage. And, to be courageous, you need to know who you are.

Five Important Character Lessons

    • In the end, character trumps competence
    • Arrogance drives derailment
    • All derailers lack self-awareness
    • Your inner qualities determine your actions, especially in the events of stress
  • If you don’t develop, you are bound to derail

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“Derailed” Quotes

Leaders must set direction, gain alignment among diverse constituencies, risk change, build high-performing teams, achieve results, go the extra mile and endure ungodly stress. Click To Tweet The most spectacularly successful leaders possess an odd combination of extreme personal humility and intense personal will. Click To Tweet It cannot be overstated how critical self-management is to success at work and how detrimental its absence is. Click To Tweet

If we are shallow inside, we will get to the end of who we are very quickly. Click To TweetIndividuals who derail appear more susceptible to stress and its sinister tendency to fuel their dark sides. ” username=”getnuggetapp”]

Our Critical Review

Tim Irwin presents the cases of six top managers who derailed and clarifies what you can gain from each of their stories. His simple, easily readable, merciful tone hides the significance of many insights he gives. However, he somehow succeeds in conveying his message.

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