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Developing the Leader Within You Summary

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Developing the Leader Within You SummaryYou do not just need to be good at what you do. To shine, you have to learn how to become a leader.

Today, we will teach you how can you go about “Developing the Leader Within You.”

About John C. Maxwell

John C. MaxwellJohn C. Maxwell is an author and consultant for sports organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

“Developing the Leader Within You Summary”

We will be honest with you: no matter how good you are at what you do, and how hard you work, if you are not a leader, the chances of succeeding are not that high.

Of course, you may succeed to keep your job, but you will never shine, as you could if you learned to lead.

Below, we will offer you ten principles, which you can use to refine your leadership skills.

  • “The Definition of Leadership: Influence”: to be a leader, you need followers. People choose to follow someone for different reasons.
  • “Position: People follow because they have to.”
  • “Permission: People follow because they want to.”
  • “Production: People follow because of what you have done for the organization.”
  • “People development: People follow because of what you have done for them.”
  • “Personhood: People follow because of who you are.”
  • “The Key to Leadership: Priorities”: keep your priorities straight, and make sure you use the time and energy wisely.
  • “The Most Important Ingredient of Leadership: Integrity”: say what you mean, mean what you say, and do what you say. Take accountability for your behavior and the decisions you make.
  • “The Ultimate Test of Leadership: Creating Positive Change”: do not resist change – if you are not transforming, you are not leading.
  • “The Quickest Way to Gain Leadership: Problem Solving”: the problems you face are a gift because they can teach you many things. Keep a positive attitude when you try to solve issues.
  • “The Extra Plus in Leadership: Attitude”: you do not control events that surround you, but you do control your responses to them. Work on your attitude and mindset, and slowly change all the negative patterns with positive ones.
  • “Developing Your Most Appreciable Asset: People”: pay attention to your followers, try to inspire them, motivate them and shape them into leaders themselves.
  • “The Indispensable Quality of Leadership: Vision”: great goals ask for a vision, since vision creates a sense of direction and focus of everyone’s actions and energy.
  • “The Price Tag of Leadership: Self-Discipline”: you will not always want to do what you have to. Discipline is what will make you do whatever you need to do, despite your resistance to it.
  • The Most Important Lesson of Leadership: Staff Development”: even if you are a leader you are not working alone. Instead, you just focus everyone’s efforts toward the ultimate goal. So, do not forget to choose the right people for the right positions. Creating a well-functioning support team is crucial.

Key Lessons from “Developing the Leader Within You”

1.      Steps to Guide Your Stuff Through an Innovation
2.      Steps to Build a Well-Functioning Team
3.      Run Away from People That

Steps to Guide Your Stuff Through an Innovation

    • Discuss “information items.”
    • Introduce “study items.”
  • Vote on “action items.”

Steps to Build a Well-Functioning Team

    • Make expectations clear
    • Give equal chances to individuals to shine
    • Shower team members with praise for their progress
    • Be there to help and to advise them when necessary
  • Reward team members for their work and contributions.

Run Away from People That

    • Have small ideas
    • Are literal-minded.
    • Are dogmatic.
    • Feel too disappointed by previous failures to try again.
    • Are complacent.
    • Follow tradition for its own sake.
    • Fear being different.
    • See problems everywhere.
    • Are too selfish to see beyond their own needs.
  • Fear failure.

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“Developing the Leader Within You” Quotes

When the leader lacks confidence, the followers lack commitment. Click To Tweet A leader is great not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others. Click To Tweet People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Click To Tweet People tend to become what the most important people in their lives think they will become. Click To Tweet Leadership has less to do with position than it does disposition. Click To Tweet

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