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Hard Choices Summary

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Hard Choices SummaryA Memoir

The growing unrest and tensions can be only reduced with diplomacy and the right approach. Hillary Clinton shares her ideas, vision, and plans for overcoming the crisis throughout the world.

About Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham ClintonHillary Rodham Clinton is a former secretary of state and a candidate in the presidential elections in 2008 and 2016.

“Hard Choices Summary”

Hillary Rodham Clinton served as a senator, and she was also the former first lady during the presidential tenure of her husband “Bill Clinton.” After Hillary accepted the offer and becoming the nation’s top diplomat, she began enforcing reforms.

To control the world, and cool down “heated” regions constituted the U.S. foreign policy. Such power as she describes can put to risk many nations, if not used properly.

During the 2008 presidential campaign and victory of Barack Obama, Hillary was offered a role to work as the new secretary of state, something that she gladly accepted. Her duty prompted an immediate counteroffensive at the initial period of many conflicts.


At first, she commenced seeking military and economic stability in Asia through the promotion of many reforms that will stimulate the economy. The Asia-Pacific region had several groups of high stature such Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which were supported by Clinton and her associates.

Hard Choices” give thoughts about the international affairs and how these relations affect the world economy.

In the 4-year tenure as a US secretary of state from 2009-2013, Hillary Rodham Clinton advocated for improving the U.S. relations by applying “smart power” and diplomacy to deal with the rising tensions. Such partnership will stabilize the regions and increase the American influence.


Not everything went according to plan, and Clinton realized that Pakistan is vital for maintaining stability and prosperity in the rest of the world. To compensate for the operations on their soil in the past decade, Clinton gave her best shot in trying to convince the Pakistani government, to close the escape routes for potential terrorists.

Bin Laden admirers are still assembling in remote areas somewhere near the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Requesting support and shared accountability for the situation in Afghanistan, Clinton hoped that the supply roots would be reopened and cooperation will flourish.


Vladimir Putin’s unending reign in the Russian Federation somehow froze the US-Russian relations that were put on standby since 1945. This stigma temporarily reduced during the Dmitry Medvedev’s term as a head of state.

Many experts believe that it was Putin all along, who stood behind Medvedev’s decisions and he was the leader operating in the shadows.

Latin America

Latin America and Africa Latin America several times had been on the verge of bankruptcy due to political instability and drug trafficking problems. Clinton decided to reinstitute a valuable program with Organization of American States (OAS), to ease off tensions with Cuba and to use dialogue as an asset in handling conflicts.

Democracy was encouraged and promoted by Clinton whereby African leaders had two options: growth or growing unrest – which will further destabilize the country and destroy the economy.

The Arab Spring

Obama and Clinton discussed a possible peace treaty between Palestinians and Israel, but first – the establishment of a cease-fire zone in Gaza became a priority.

The Arab Spring spread all the way through Northern Africa, afflicting the stability and the economy of many countries including Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iran, etc.

These tensions escalated in Syria in 2011. President Bashar al-Assad brutally killed approximately 150,000 protesters and people who demanded reforms. Russia and China condemned the Assad regime, but later on, especially Russia changed its policy – concerning the Arab Spring.

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“Hard Choices” Quotes

When your President asks you to serve, you should say yes. Click To Tweet Sometimes the best way to achieve real change, in diplomacy and in life, is by building relationships and understanding how and when to use them. Click To Tweet In today’s hyperconnected world, our ability to communicate with publics as well as governments has to be part of our national security strategy. Click To Tweet Most Americans understand that our troops often must be in harm’s way. But the same is also true for our intelligence officers, diplomats and development experts. Click To Tweet It’s easy to give speeches and write books about standing up for democratic values, even when it may conflict with our security interests, but when confronted with the actual, real-world trade-offs, choices get a lot harder. Click To Tweet

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