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How to Be a Positive Leader Summary

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How to Be a Positive Leader SummarySmall Actions, Big Impact

A company is at its best when its employees are satisfied and fulfilled.

But what can you do to foster such positive organizational behavior?

As it turns out, there are some characteristics successful companies share, and we summarize them for you.

Who Should Read “How to Be a Positive Leader” and Why?

“How to Be a Positive Leader” is a book based on extensive research of successful companies and the approach they share toward creating a positive working environment for their employees.

We recommend it to all managers, leaders and business owners, who want to learn what motivates their employees and how they can “press their right buttons” so they put more effort and do their jobs better, while at the same time being deeply satisfied.

About Jane E. Dutton and Gretchen M. Spreitzer

Jane E. DuttonJane E. Dutton is a researcher and author. She teaches Business Administration and Psychology at the University of Michigan and is interested in the ways people make connections.

Gretchen M. SpreitzerGretchen Spreitzer is a researcher, co-director of the Ross Leadership Initiative, and also teaches Business Administration at the University of Michigan (RSB).

“How to Be a Positive Leader Summary”

Humans are social – we cannot survive without interacting with our families, friends, colleagues et cetera.

Moreover, high-quality connections make people more energetic and creative.

Just think about it – did you ever feel a rush of energy after you talked to your colleague or partner about something, even though you were feeling tired just a moment before?

That is an example of a high-quality connection.

Having creative and energetic staff is crucial for companies. So, from what we already presented you, we can conclude that it is imperative for companies to foster an organizational climate where high-quality connections are made.

However, how can company leaders do this?

Well, they can go about it following two main strategies.

First, leaders need to pay close attention to their employees, to what they do and what they say and show them that they respect and value their opinion and contribution.

Second, leaders can empower teamwork by encouraging employees to take part in more games and team building activities.

The pay and the office is only a momentary satisfaction for employees. Of course, it is important, but in the long term, it is not the defining moment of how satisfied your employees are.

Employees love their jobs when they find them meaningful.

Meaningful work is beneficial not only for the company, but for people outside the company as well – it makes them happy, or makes their life easier.

When employees work in a company that they feel is doing a meaningful job, they go the extra mile and work harder.

Another thing employees have to learn about is a mindful negotiation.

Every one of us faces some form of negotiation at some point in our lives, and negotiations are an everyday happening in companies.

It does not matter whether it is a negotiation between a manager and its employees, an employee and a customer, or a manager and a partner – negotiations are everywhere.

During negotiations, you cannot let your emotions rule you. You have to be fully present in the moment and not let your past or your projections about the future distort the reality.

Mindful negotiations are objective and do not let personal reasons get in the way of reaching the goal.

Even in cases when the other side is not negotiating mindfully, and you can notice is ruled by feelings, try to see where he or she comes from.

If as a leader you successfully teach your employees to negotiate mindfully, you have accomplished a great task.

Apart from allowing your employees to feel that they are doing a meaningful job, and teaching them about mindful negotiations, you need also to make them feel good about themselves.

When people feel good and confident, they are more focused on what they do and achieve better results.

But how can you do this?

You can employ the GIVE model, which is an acronym for four elements: growth, integration, virtuousness, and esteem.

Leaders should create room for employees to experience all of these four elements and should help them discover their talents and strengths.

Finally, fill your employees’ experiences with thriving moments, or moments that give them a sense of hope, progress, growth, and learning.

Employees that feel that they are thriving are more creative, satisfied and courageous, and feel more confident that they can deliver whatever is asked of them to perform.

You can achieve all of the above by putting effort to create a positive working environment, in which rude and disrespectful behavior is nonexistent.

Key Lessons from “How to Be a Positive Leader”

1.      Invest Your Time Into People
2.      Find Meaning in Your Work
3.      Stay True to Your Values

Invest Your Time Into People

In order to create high-quality connections, which are crucial to success, you have to give your full attention when you are communicating with other people.

Putting in the effort to increase the quality of your connections will have a positive impact on your energy levels since high-quality connections an inspire and energize you.

Find Meaning in Your Work

People put more effort and feel more motivated when they do jobs that they find meaningful. Seeing the impact of what we do is always bound to inspire us to live better lives and do better work.

To see the impact of what you do, connect to the end users and see how your product or service changes their experience for the better.

Stay True to Your Values

Many opportunities and temptations in this world can make you behave immorally. However, if you want to be truly successful, you should stay true to your morals and ethical code.

Do not let a momentary reward blind you.

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Our Critical Review

The best thing about this book is that it is not suited only for managers and business owners, but for all readers who want to lead better lives.

It is full of useful tips and recommendations that each one of us can use to improve the quality of their everyday behavior.

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