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The Art of Negotiation Summary

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The Art of Negotiation SummaryMicroSummary: No matter what you do in life, your work may contain elements of negotiation. Of course that its clear sellers need to negotiate the best price, but that does not mean that trading is not important in all other trades. To be promoted, you need to negotiate, and if you want to buy a new car, you also need to negotiate. In this book, Michael Wheeler brings all the fundamental concepts so that you understand how to succeed in negotiating. In a nutshell, we could all benefit from learning some negotiating skills. This microbook will show you what these skills are and how you can put them into practice.

How to Improvise Agreement in a Chaotic World

Imagine that you are in an important salary negotiation, knowing full well what you want: you know that it is worth $ 20 thousand a month, so naturally, you ask for this amount. But what do you do when the boss says no?

Of course, you will lose confidence and control of the negotiation and consequently will abandon the negotiating table with less than you expected.

You knew what you wanted, but you had not prepared a map that considered other possible paths to get the most out of your trading.

“The Art of Negotiation Summary”

A Successful Negotiation Requires Planning, But Also Flexibility

The Art of Negotiation” starts with a map, and examines why should you begin with an identification of your ultimate goal. For example, your goal, with some intermediate steps to be followed, or minimally acceptable results.

That way, if the other side of the negotiation does not accept your goal, then you have another goal to pursue. Even middle stages are important because your trading partner has their own goals that can sometimes be contradictory to yours.

Let’s look at that hypothetical situation of wage bargaining: if your maximum goal of $ 20,000 is rejected, then you can jump to the intermediate goals, which may be, for example, reduce your workload or receive a percentage of the salary in company stock.

Maps are also quite useful for you to feel like you know where you are going, providing the confidence you need to be successful.

It was this basic principle that saved a military unit from certain death after being lost in the Swiss Alps. The unit was at risk of death when one of the soldiers found a map in his pocket, which was followed by the team to unharmed escape.

The interesting thing here is that the map was not from the Alps but from the Pyrenees! The fact that they thought they knew where they were going gave them the confidence to get out alive.

Do Not Forget Plan B

Just as you would not make a recipe without first getting the ingredients prepared, you should also prepare well before the negotiation. Before approaching your negotiating partner, ask yourself: what is the best time to negotiate this particular issue?

You should always try to schedule trades at the most advantageous times. You should not, for example, try to sell your ski equipment during the spring. It would be wiser to wait until the fall when people are more interested in skiing, and consequently, in their offer.

Then ask, “How likely is it that we will come to an agreement? How much would I benefit from this agreement? “You should seriously reconsider putting too much effort into a negotiation that you believe will not be successful.

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