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Jesus CEO Summary

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Jesus CEO SummaryUsing Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership

Have you ever thought of Jesus as the perfect leader? Well, Laurie Beth Jones has. So, it isn’t at all surprising that her book is called “Jesus CEO.”

And, well, it’s enlightening in more than one way.

About Laurie Beth Jones

Laurie Beth JonesLaurie Beth Jones is a bestselling author and motivational coach. She writes about business from a spiritual perspective. Many of her books see Jesus’ ways as the archetypal ones: “Jesus Life-Coach,” “Jesus Entrepreneur” and “Jesus in Blue Jeans.” She has also written “The Path” and “The Four Elements of Success.”

“Jesus CEO Summary”

Well, look at that:

It seems that the ancients knew a lot about many things! To start with, modern science has all but confirmed their simple formulas for wealth and happiness.

And Laurie Beth Jones has discovered a new field where they excelled: leadership. All levels of it.

And when we say “they” In the context of Laure Beth Jones’ name, we usually mean Him with a capital “H.” Yes, that’s right: the Man himself, the Son of God, Jesus Christ!

It’s not the first time respected leadership authors have used his words and deeds to talk about leadership techniques. However, it is the first time someone has imagined him as the perfect leader.

But, don’t be surprised: after all, he was the Perfect Everything, so why wouldn’t he be the paragon of the Ultimate Leader as well!

And when you read Laurie Beth Jones’ books, the only thing you ask yourself is how has no one thought about this before! He was a transformative influence; and he was intelligent, balanced, original, and beloved by his followers. As for visionary – well, probably everyone would agree that you can’t get any more visionary than him!

(Quick note: doesn’t this mean that we should have featured “The New Testament” among our top leadership books? Who would have seen that coming? We have to admit: now, it makes a lot of sense…).

Why exactly?

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