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The Five Levels of Leadership Summary

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The Five Levels of Leadership SummaryProven Steps to Maximize Your Potential

Is a leader created or born? Can a leader change, and become better?

Find the answers below.

Who Should Read “The Five Levels of Leadership”? and Why?

Being a leader is not something you are born with, or you become – and that is it. Instead, it is a journey that requires constant learning through your entire lifetime.

If you have always wanted to know what it takes to be a leader, and how you can become one, “The Five Levels of Leadership” is the book for you.

John C. Maxwell explains how you can understand your current position, and how you can move upwards on the leadership ladder built of five levels: influencing others, building relationships, producing results, developing your employees’ talents and finally, creating future leaders.

About John C. Maxwell

John C. MaxwellJohn C. Maxwell is a bestselling author, speaker, and leadership expert.

“The Five Levels of Leadership Summary”

You cannot “become” a leader since “becoming” alludes to a final position, a reached goal.

Instead, you can “be” a leader, since leadership is a journey that lasts your whole life.

As you develop, you will move through five levels, which will multiply your amount of work, but at the same time, with each passed stage, you will feel that leadership gets easier.

There is no shortcut since every new level is built upon the previous one.

Moving up takes a long time, a lot of patience and commitment, but the higher you get, the more fulfilled you will feel until you finally see the end goal: to build a legacy.

So, what are these five levels we are telling you about?

You are on level 1, or the “Position” level, when you first begin as a manager.

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