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Sprint Summary – Jake Knapp

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Sprint Summary

How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

When 3 guys from Google Ventures – Google’s arm of investment in technology – come together to write a book, you know that good stuff comes around. Sprint presents us with a simple and effective cadence to help companies solve problems, with a proven model in hundreds of companies.

With clear processes and a flow of just 5 days, you’ll be able to validate ideas faster with your team. This book is a must-read for entrepreneurs and technology leaders, but its principles can be used in any company and any size team. Innovating is something challenging, whether you are an entrepreneur, a teacher or a multinational executive.

“Sprint Summary”

Let’s read this microbook in a 12-minute sprint?!

To Grow And Execute With Speed, Use Sprints

In your company, have you tried to introduce a new idea? Ever tried to create a new business model? It is extremely common for entrepreneurs and leaders to get frustrated with these challenges.

Many of them invest a lot of money to test ideas and end up discovering at the end that this was not exactly the best way to go.

To avoid these mistakes and not reach the market with a product that is not what the customer wants or with an incomplete product, you need to seek new approaches. If you ask yourself “what should be my focus now?” Or “how to put a new idea into practice?”

You need to know a simple and extremely effective methodology: Sprint. The process was created by designer Jake Knapp on Google and widely accepted, delivering real results. Several Google units, such as the search team and email, use sprints.

Even the most ambitious project unit, Google X, has adopted the methodology, including the development of self-driving cars.

Realizing his potential, Jake joined his coauthors and adopted the process in over 100 companies invested by Google Ventures. Sprint is a project management methodology that gives speed to businesses and is based on short cycles of just 5 days.

The Sprint methodology requires a process that may seem a bit intensive and challenging but will yield great results. If you are a startup, plunge headlong into the methodology to test ideas faster. In a startup, you do not have many chances of making a mistake when launching a product.

If you make a mistake, you usually run out of funds, and the company dies. You need to be able to hit and adapt to speed.

With sprints, startups have an efficient method to test their ideas, before too many resources are invested, thus increasing their chances of success.

When To Use Sprints

Possibly, you’ve seen yourself in a situation where multiple projects are happening, deadlines for deliveries are threatened, a huge volume of tasks are piling up, and physical and human resources are not being as well leveraged as they should be.

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