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Get to the Top on Google Summary

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Get to the Top on Google SummaryTips and Techniques to Get Your Site to the Top of the Search Engine Rankings — and Stay There

Google’s ranking system is not so simple to understand.

To reach the top of the search result list, specific rules must be obeyed.

Wh Should Read “Get to the Top on Google”? And Why?

As it’s said earlier, most of the firms are aware that the web nor online presence is a recipe for success. Furthermore, the dream relies on preparation, information and not just ambition.

Nonetheless, Google cannot do the hard work on your behalf; it only acts as a calculator for measuring your actions and value creating methods. 

In general, “Get to the Top of Google” is best equipped for present and future entrepreneurs.

About David Viney

David VineyDavid Viney is a consultant, author, and technologist with more than twenty years of experience in all sectors – both public and private.

He spent approximately six years consulting for large companies about their SEO techniques and strategies. David graduated from the London School of Economics.

“Get to the Top on Google Summary”

Almost half of the population use Google frequently or have used it at least once, to get information related to a particular subject. This power rekindles the drive and commitment to seek ways to improve your company’s rankings.

The internet is synonymous with search engines, even though this makes no sense, the first thing that comes to our minds when we mention Internet is – Google. Online activities expand far more than the essential Google Search, but that is the basis – according to some standards.

Billions of people and millions of companies worldwide struggle to improve their rating. Although the internet has produced other search engines, the emphasis falls on Google.

The popularity of this brand-awareness viable method is a result of millions and millions of searches on a daily basis. Stats have shown that almost 16% of the users, never reach out to page three, of search results.

This is a clear indicator of the importance of high online ranking. The searches are amazed by the relevance of information presented on Google, search engine results. Perhaps that’s the reason for the low percentage of searches beyond the second page.

Nevertheless, don’t get discouraged, many techniques can help you to “Get to The Top on Google.

Businesspeople dream of making their company recognized as a global brand. The sad thing is that this idea can only become a reality if the firm is present in the search engine results.

The audience on the web expects something new, due to the fact that now, there is an overflow of possibilities. In the early 20th century, people had to choose between a small portion of products because the alternatives were limited.

As technology and digitalization pushed forward, the companies started to develop a new strategy – based on people’s requirements. The Internet played its part in this dream – no doubt. Not many firms became global brands, and those who did – must thank the “Google Era”.

Your competitors are probably working as hard as you because no one wants to be an underdog. “Grabbing” is a popular term in today’s market. Several techniques are beneficial when a company wants to increase its online sales.

The first one and the most prominent one of all is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). SEO represents the process of redesigning, refining, recreating, a Web site to become better ranked on search engine results.

The information emerging from this book conveys one subtle message – Google’s ranking is important as the production itself. Your efforts to improve your company’s visibility will not go unnoticed, and unrewarded. 

David Viney shares his expertise on the subject and indicates the value generated from adequately conducted Search Engine Optimization (SEO). His methods are simple and modern, but his attitude remains conventional.

In case of great success, the company must play well in all fields – including online. He doesn’t promise much but outlines that SEO is not the future, but the “present”. We were amazed by the versatility of this book, consisting of both facts, and examples.

Generally speaking, knowledge is everything, because Google is only a tool, but when the right methods are applied it becomes much more than that. Companies should focus on building relationships on the web and expand their presence online.

Although Web doesn’t guarantee visibility, it guarantees opportunity. A motivated person would act right away and exploit all of the market opportunities to see his company grow.  

Key Lessons from “Get to the Top on Google”

1.      The Internet cannot solve all the problems
2.      The real goal of SEO
3.      Google’s AdWords effectiveness

The Internet cannot solve all the problems

In spite of the numerous opportunities available on the web, the real deal happens behind the curtains.

The Internet doesn’t guarantee visibility or profit increase; it offers freedom for growth. The same thing goes for Google.

The real goal of SEO

Many businesses, these days are using SEO not just for better rankings, but also for better online visibility as well.

Another process occurs, while we are on the topic – called conversion.

The ability to convert your online searches into paying customers is probably the most challenging part, but that’s the goal now is it?  

Google’s AdWords effectiveness

Lots of companies and ordinary people use Google’s Paid Ads for “getting there”. The money given for better placement and highlighting don’t always produce the expected results.

You should understand that a lot of the money spent on Web Advertising is equal to lose. However, if you insist on doing it, make sure that the ad is written correctly.

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“Get to the Top on Google” Quotes

The world of SEO changes fast, and with new developments come fresh opportunities to pull ahead from your competitors. Click To Tweet Check at all times that you are not inadvertently doing something on your site for legitimate, ethical reasons that might trigger a spam penalty from Google. Click To Tweet The best way to get a lightning-fast site is to pay for a lightning-fast hosting provider. Click To Tweet The route to a good Google ranking is to get a high quantity and quality of links to your pages from important, relevant and reliable sources. Click To Tweet The nearer to the number-one position your business gets, the greater the chances that you will actually convert your visitors to sales. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

This book is a spot on match, for all people owning a company, and those striving for such a thing.

This guidebook will help you overthrow your shallow views, and adopt a more flexible approach that is more useful in the digital time.

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