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Straight from the Gut PDF Summary

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A really good story for an autobiography. In Straight from the Gut, the emphasis is mostly on Welch’s career and less of his private life.

So, let’s take a look Jack Welch’s professional life story.

General Electric is one of the biggest companies in the world. The fact that over the last 30 years it developed and bought a lot of other small companies and ended up in businesses from aircraft engines and power generators to plastics, medical, and financial services, is due in great part to Jack Welch and his vision.


Creating a big company with a heart and a soul.

“Jack: Straight from the Gut PDF Summary”

He realized that he could do anything and transform every business into a success, as long as he had by his side the right people.

Becoming a CEO was not on Jack’s agenda from the start. But after working a few years with General Electrics, he realized that he really enjoyed his work and he wanted to climb the ladder as high as possible.

Even though he was not one of the top favorites for the position, the fact that he had a vision and he had good instincts helped him get the job. He was not always right about his decisions. Some deals were not profitable at all.

You may say it was like a game of trial and error until he developed a strategy. That he could see a good deal from the beginning of the negotiations.

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