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Just Shut Up and Do It Summary

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Just Shut Up and Do It PDF7 Steps to Conquer Your Goals

Brian is renowned for his ability to flip even the laziest persons into self-motivated machines.

He presents an idea by which he briefly explains how anyone can beat the odds with a dose of discipline.

Refrain yourself from any comments and make the first step!

Who Should Read “Just Shut Up and Do It”? And Why?

This is one of those books that target the entire planet. We all have become slaves incorporated in the endless circle of breakdowns and failures.

Just Shut Up and Do It, fights against everything that is keeping you down, and prompts a new attitude that will take your game to the next level. Abandon that sinking ship and climb on board!

About Bryan Tracy

Bryan TracyBrian Tracy is a Canadian-American motivational speaker and author whose words have changed the lives of millions all around the globe.

His best works are: The Psychology of Selling, Goals!, The Power of Self-Confidence, Eat That Frog, etc.

“Just Shut Up and Do It PDF Summary”

Indeed, executing the tasks that are breathing down your neck is not a straightforward process. To find the incentive to take care of business, by enforcing a new set of rules can be really tricky. First and foremost, speed and quality combined are all that matters.

Don’t fall into laziness and put into effect whatever is required of you! In reality, you are accountable for every mistake; stop passing the blame onto others. The quicker you take into account your part in everything, the better.  

Brian Tracy in all of his works underlines the essence of avoiding procrastination and do the job. Such attitude will help get you the powerful leverage in whatever you do. Sailing through without doing the necessary work, is a scenario you wouldn’t want to embrace.

In this book, Brian outlines seven main principles or steps to conquer the world, and we will begin with the first one:

1. The Biggest Obstacle to Success

You will be surprised to know that more than 90% of what we do is a result of our habits. Whatever you embrace, you become – it’s that simple. If you decide that you cannot accomplish something – you are absolutely right and vice versa.

Unleash that beast within you and change your habits at once. Such power indicates only one thing – no one can stop you unless you stop yourself. Replace those negative sensations with positive reactions, and don’t impose any limitations on yourself.

2. Take Charge of Your Life

It may come as a shock to you, but you must stop with the idea of pointing your fingers at someone else – and label them as the guilty party. As much as we hate to admit it, we have developed habits that are keeping us down.

Have the guts to fake full-responsibility for your actions. Not even your family can rescue you, 100% you are on your own. Putting an effort to save yourself and it may seem strange, but many of us are waiting for “Prince Charming” to pull them out of the fire.

Confront everything that adds to your misery, and fill your life with peacefulness, and integrity. If you are tired of the daily grind, this can be a reasonable basis for you to start running the show. Get over to the driver’s seat and accept the challenge.

3. Dare to Go Forward

Every once in a while, we find ourselves trapped the midst of uncertainty, not sure of our next move. So, either we are afraid to climb up the ladder, or we simply don’t understand the game. Self-motivated attitude full of belief is the only path paved with real vision and endurance to overcome the obstacles.

How to pump up that self-confidence? First things first, put your fears on a piece of paper and start pushing yourself over the edge. However, don’t forget that ambition without knowledge, is like a boat floating on dry land.

4. Decide What You Really Want

Have you heard the old-saying: Whatever you think, you become? The worst thing about this quote is that it’s 100% accurate. Although it’s great for you to reassess your position in this world, it’s not the only thing on your check-list.

Define your goals and make a grand entrance on the big stage. Take one task at the time, and you’ll no longer be at the mercy of the life-current.

When your mind is fixated on the most critical goal, the whole universe conspires to make that dream come true. Paulo Coelho also said this in a slightly different manner, and that’s another clue of how significant your goals are.

5. Overcome Procrastination

It’s not about getting the job done perfectly well; it’s about striving to get it finished the best you can. Perfectionism can be a dangerous thing, and your only real job is to do it, as quickly as possible – but not at the expense of quality. Is that a lot to ask?

Like most other things, these kinds of habits can be conquered and altered. It takes determination, strength, and endurance to turn over a new leaf!

6. Become a Lifelong Learner

Acquire the right knowledge before you embark on a mission. The biggest setbacks occur when people fly in the faces of challenges without having the proper gear for the task.

Brian states that the law of probabilities can be your fairy godmother when it comes to becoming wealthy or increasing your chances at it.

7. Never Give Up

Last but not least, we’d like to introduce the most important step. All of the previously mentioned stages would have no impact unless you arm yourself with a fierce attitude to stand your ground no matter what!

It’s okay to fail; it’s not good if you don’t recover from that temporary defeats. Your luck is just around the corner; you just have to find it!

Key Lessons from “Just Shut Up and Do It”

1.      Life is a nothing without goals  
2.      Get the big picture
3.      Pursue real glory

Life is nothing without goals

You wouldn’t want to drift off course right? – Why not make up a list of the things you like to accomplish in a year or so.

Such simple trick can give you the inner edge when you confront life as it is.

Get the big picture

Your small world is not the only reality out there. To change your life, you must adopt new behavior that defies conventional wisdom.

Put your name on the map by taking a firm stance against mediocrity.

Pursue real glory

We don’t want to you to think that having a well-paid job or a local business is the best you can do.

With no disrespect to owners or corporate workers, Brian merely suggests that your know-how has not reached its peak yet, so find that momentum and go for huge success.

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“Just Shut Up and Do it Quotes”

Your success mechanism, however, is triggered by a goal, by your accepting complete responsibility for your life and then getting busy working on something that you care about, something that you really want. Click To Tweet One of the greatest fears that holds us back is the fear of rejection. This usually comes from destructive criticism in early childhood. As adults, we still may be hypersensitive to the opinions, real or imagined, of others. This concern… Click To Tweet Successful people in every field have been interviewed many times to learn what enables them to accomplish exceedingly more than the average person. Perhaps the most important quality of successful people is ambition. They are hungry. Click To Tweet One of the things you can do to increase the probabilities of financial success is to cast a wide net. Keep upgrading your knowledge and skills and gathering more information as if your future depended on it, because it does. Click To Tweet Top people build learning into each day. They read thirty to sixty minutes each morning—approximately one book per week. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Brian rarely disappoints, and this book same as “Eat That Frog” or “No Excuses” lays out the only real recipe for prosperity.

If you don’t have the courage to follow it, then you should at least consider changing your habits!

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