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La Casa de Bernarda Alba PDF Summary

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La Casa de Bernarda Alba PDF SummaryA Drama of Women in the Villages of Spain

How relevant a book subtitled “a drama of women in the villages of Spain” can be to a sophisticated 21st-century reader?

You’d be surprised.

Federico Garcia Lorca’s “La Casa de Bernarda Alba” will be read and reread until there’s sexual discrimination, bigotry, and the need for #MeToo movements.

Who Should Read “La Casa de Bernarda Alba”? And Why?

“La Casa de Bernarda Alba” – or “The House of Bernarda Alba” in English – is a three-act play written in a time when even in WEIRD societies, women had about as many rights and freedom as dogs and cats.

Things have changed in the meantime – helped by books such as this one – but that doesn’t mean that women have won the war for equality. In fact, they are still unjustly discriminated in about half of the world.

(And even the rest of it isn’t that great.)

“The House of Bernarda Alba” is for men who want to stand for an hour or two in women’s shoes and see how it’s like. It’s also for women who want to rebel.

But, more than everything, it’s for women who are cynical enough to think, like their title character, that tradition gives them the right to further the injustice on their own sex.

Federico Garcia Lorca Biography

Federico Garcia LorcaFederico Garcia Lorca was a Spanish poet and playwright, one of the most important writers of the 20th century.

He was a member of the influential literary group “Generation of ‘27” which was the first one to introduce in Spain the avant-garde forms of poetry and art, such as symbolism, surrealism, and futurism. He is usually remembered as “a gypsy poet,” since many of his best-known poems were first published in the appropriately titled “Gypsy Ballads.”

Dubbed “socialist,” “freemason” and “homosexual” by the Franco government, the 38-year-old Lorca was shot by Nationalist militia on August 19, 1936.

His body has never been found.


Plot is not exactly the right word when it comes to “The House of Bernarda Alba.”

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