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Why Women Earn Less Summary

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Why Women Earn Less SummaryHow to Make What You’re Really Worth 

The society still hasn’t managed to produce an equal workforce among men and women.

Different paychecks and incomes for the same amount of work are tormenting the concept of fairness among us.

Who Should Read “Why Women Earn Less”? And Why?

An objective point of view is unavoidable if the society dreams of moving through this process. The author presents several highly productive ways which with their essence can contribute to the overall transformation of the world.

Given these points, this book is written with one purpose in mind – To challenge the functionally of our communities. “Why Women Earn Less” will broaden your perspective and give one more aspect to think about.  

About Mikelann R. Valterra

Mikelann R. ValterraMikelann R. Valterra is a highly capable author and a financial recovery specialist who operates for worldly benefits.

The book “Why Women Earn Less” granted her the opportunity to perform as a public speaker and educate the audience of moral values.  

“Why Women Earn Less Summary”

All the major setbacks result in despair but “underearners” deal with unique kind of injustice. Back in the days, the community was built on men’s ingenuity and female sacrifice. With this in mind, people fail the identity the influence that women had over this world.

Constructive self-criticism is a point which underlines the theory – that every girl, mother, daughter, wife or grandmother contributes to the common good of any community. However, in the 21st century, with all the facts presented openly, it is completely unprofessional to pinpoint woman as the only culprit for the present situation.

The process of earning is still subjected to lots of controversies in modern history. The “underearners” a name implied on millions of women is a consequence of the sabotage they’ve experienced for hundreds of years. Suffering lower payment for the same for work is a “silent disease,” presented in secrecy.

Maternity leave is also a process that has problems during the implementation phase. Many countries perceive it as a holiday which prompts women all across the world to shorten their child-care period as a result of the constant pressure from their superiors.

As a matter of fact, ignoring this societal and economic issue increases the complexity of the situation by “feasting” with the incapability to handle this dilemma. In reality, earning less tends to create a society in which true values are secondary while personal stimulation takes the front seat – creating long and short-term side effects.

The short-one refers to regular everyday expenses like the inability to cover household bills or the presence of healthy food on a daily basis. On a long-term perspective, the so-called “underearners” fail in the intention to spend their retirement days in prosperity due to lack of funds. Lower financial power can seriously endanger their well-being and by covering only the most essential daily needs.  

Some people perceive their life as a complete failure; often creating a desperate community which is usually the case. If your career is an illustration of a rock which is buried 10 feet beneath the surface, it’s time to do something about it.

Many women are in the same situation especially younger job-seekers who underestimate themselves only to get a job. With attention to details and quality work, women give more than they receive as a consequence of the gratefulness towards the boss who gave them work.

The ability to deal with societal issues separates us from the animals, but the strength to follow integrity and courage makes us vulnerable and proud at the same time. Life is a mix of challenges and actions, the attitude you adopt over the years is going to shape the amount of happiness that you’ll experience during your lifespan.

The reality tends to get a bit different since we cannot control our lives. To live an ethical life is the only thing we can do actually. The modern underdogs or women are fighting the gender discrimination, or in other words, they strive to be recognized equal to men in all aspects.

“It’s not that bad” syndrome leads to earning less than your male colleagues. The book is a vibrant mix of facts, theories, and comments all underlying the societal issues that we are facing. Mikelann R. Valterra challenges the gender pitfalls which are reflecting the salary differentiation.

The author reveals these hidden problems, which are tearing the world apart. We contribute to a solution by presenting this book summary to all people willing to put the world on a scale from 1 to 10 and evaluate equality.

Key Lessons from “Why Women Earn Less”

1.      The Glorification of Poverty
2.      The mystery of underperforming
3.      Have a better life

The Glorification of Poverty

Financial “underearners” often function under the theory of “moral poverty”. Companies use this scenario to create a guilt of having money.

Many dedicated, hard-working people all over the world trade their time to receive a small paycheck for their immense effort and contribution.

Generally speaking, “The Money is Evil” –  don’t fall for that.

The mystery of underperforming

A significant percentage of women all across the world underearn due to their habit of believing in underperforming.

Hidden agendas such as – “I’m paid accordingly to my contribution” are just tricks used to confuse you.

Have a better life

To demonstrate risk-aversiveness, the author reveals several straightforward methods. These techniques focus on how to increase your earnings in order to cover the fundamental daily needs.

Not to mention, the necessity of investing. In other words, if your salary is not sufficient to cover the essential demands and grant you some basic social privileges, you’re in need of a change.

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“Why Women Earn Less” Quotes

Talking about money has survived as the last great cultural taboo. As a result, many money problems fester in secret. Click To Tweet Despite how common underearning is, no one talks about it. In fact, it is considered downright rude to discuss how much one earns. Click To Tweet There can be a fine line between anti-materialism and self-deprivation. The key is to be conscious of what you choose. Click To Tweet We need to be honest with ourselves and tell the truth. Click To Tweet Many women chronically earn less than they could, and are tired and frustrated at their apparent inability to increase their earnings. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Facts and theories are the essential attributes that every book needs to possess. Another key point worth remembering is “Why Women Earn Less” and how to handle that problem. A shortage of moral values drives the world to continue promoting this questionable behavior.

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