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Make a Killing on Kindle Summary

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Make a Killing on Kindle SummaryAre you a self-published writer?

Then it is time you understand that your job is not just to write, but to market your book as well.

Read on to find out the exact techniques that can help you top the Amazon charts in no time.

Who Should Read “Make a Killing on Kindle” and Why?

“Make a Killing on Kindle” is a step by step marketing guidebook that will help self-published authors reach their readers and climb the Amazon charts in a particular category in a matter of just a few weeks.

We recommend it to all aspiring authors, and to the already published ones who want to experience bigger success.

About Michael Alvear

Michael AlvearMichael Alvear is a successful self-published author with over two decades of experience in media and marketing strategies.

“Make a Killing on Kindle Summary”

Some time ago, everyone who wanted to publish a book, had to gain the favor of the publishing gatekeepers: the critics, editors and publishing houses.

However, the Internet has changed the world in so many ways, and it has already changed the publishing industry.

Now aspiring authors no longer have to beg for mercy: they have the market at their fingertips.

But, does that mean that now anyone can be an author?

Well, it does mean that everyone can publish a book, but that is not the same as being a successful author.

The fact that everyone can publish his or her book means that the competition is as big as ever.

There are so many titles that readers can choose from, so why would they pick your book?

The key is not being a good writer. Yes, you have to know how to write, but your job now extends much further than that.

Once you take off your writer’s hat, now you have to roll up your sleeves and put on your marketer’s hat.

Many books and articles explain the world of self-publishing. However, most of these texts advise you to do the same as other already successful authors: create a reader’s platform by making people subscribe to your email newsletters and follow you on Twitter.

However, this is such a hard thing to do, since you will have to have hundreds of thousands of people in your loyal fanbase, in order to make it.

Statistics show that only three-tenths of one percent will click on an advertisement displayed on your blog. Out of this number, only four percent will continue and buy your book.

Can you see how low these numbers are?

Out of 10 000 subscribers, only 1.2 will become your reader.

Obviously, if you are a new author, this approach will not work for you.

Another thing you should not attempt doing is creating a social media campaign around your Kindle book. Social media is great for attracting followers, but that does not mean that those followers are Kindle users.

We just told you not to use the two most famous tactics about making it in the self-publishing world.

Then, what do we advise you to do?

Do not worry; we have a few other, more useful tools you can use to actually create results.

First, remember that readers need to be able to find your book. In order to do that, you have to insert keywords in your book title, description, and the search engine profile, which will connect your book to what your customers search for.  

However, how do you know the words people search for?

Google has you covered on this. Search for a phrase of your book on Google AdWords, and you will see a list of related keywords along with the frequency of searches. Then, choose your keywords from this list.

Another thing you have to put some thought into is the category you place your book in. To find a category, find authors who are similar to you, and the categories they use for their publications.

While you do this, be careful not to put your book in a category that has too much competition in it.

Balance is the key since you want something the readers search for, but you do not want your book to be just another of the many.

Now that you have this covered, it is time that you take care of the visuals.

The cover is what makes the first impression of your book, as well as its title.

Do not lose your battle before it even begins – put some effort into coming up with a good title and put your book design into a professional’s hands.

The best titles are short and attractive. Also, make it as clear as you can, since today’s readers do not have too much patience to find out the meaning of the words.

The only thing that is left is creating an effective book description and adding the “look inside” option, which will allow your readers to have a peek at your content.

Of course, once you let your readers have a look at your content, you must ensure you get them to see the best part of your content, that will only leave them asking for more.

What we covered are just the basics of creating your book for online readers. For more information scroll down to our key lessons, and for a better understanding and all the techniques refer to the full book.

Key Lessons from “Make a Killing on Kindle”

1.      Social Media Presence Will Not Help You as Much as You Think It Will
2.      The Title and Book Cover Are Everything
3.      Get Reviews

Social Media Presence Will Not Help You as Much as You Think It Will

Most books on self-publishing will advise you to build a following on social media, but in fact, only a small portion of your followers will turn into your readers.

So, instead of obsessing over the numbers on Twitter, put an effort in creating a good book.

The Title and Book Cover Are Everything

You have heard it many times: do not judge a book by its cover, but the fact is that everyone WILL judge your book by its title and cover.

So, make sure they are good.

Get Reviews

When you are starting out, make sure you have reviews on Amazon, since readers will get more interested in reading your book if they see someone else has read it.

Reach out to your friends and family to do you this favor. Make sure not the starting reviews you get are five-starred, since if that is all there is – no one will believe they are genuine.

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“Make a Killing on Kindle Quotes”

Don’t pretend to ask for advice when you’re looking for vindication. Click To Tweet Write the book description in the third person and present tense. As if you’re sitting face-to-face with a browser who just asked you what the book is about. Click To Tweet Try not to mention more than three or four characters unless they’re vital to the story. If you can’t hook them with four characters you won’t be able to do it with five or six. Click To Tweet Search -Power words- on Google and you’ll find plenty of them. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

“Make a Killing on Kindle” does exactly what it promises in the title: it gives readers a set of useful principles that they can follow if they want to make it in the highly competitive self-publishing world.

Although it is a bit old, when it comes to the Internet, the principles are still sound and valuable.

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