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Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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Six Thinking Hats Summary

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Six Thinking Hats SummaryAlways deal with one concept at a time don’t rush things, even if you are a prominent member of the group!

A notion forgotten by many members who overestimate their influence and tend to go on their own.

Who Should Read “Six Thinking Hats”? And Why?

The book is especially intended for that part of the population which “dives deeply into dangerous waters” of entrepreneurship.

Lawyers, managers, and investors will surely enjoy the easygoing writing style of Edward and his viewpoints.

About Edward de Bono

Edward de BonoEdward de Bono is a Maltese-born entrepreneur, writer, consultant and an individual who holds college degrees in medicine and psychology.

He was born on 19 May 1933, in Malta. St. Edward’s College in Malta granted him a medical degree, and he obtained an MA in psychology from Rhodes Scholar.

After receiving many honors, he got to a stage to teach in prestigious universities like Oxford, Harvard, and Cambridge.

Edward wrote more than forty books; among them, you can find masterpieces like I am Right, You are Wrong; The Happiness Purpose and Teach Your Child How to Think.

“Six Thinking Hats Summary”

People are familiar with two types of challenges when they strive to resolve some problem or to overcome an unpleasant situation. You probably know the first obstacle already – The Ego. Don’t consider ego as something wrong; you should understand how your personality affects your decision-making ability.

It is composed of an ambition to succeed, to oppose someone or something, and to underline the mistakes made by other people out of confusion and misunderstanding.

The ego is a mix of emotions and phenomena which regularly judge other people based on their opinion, appearance, education creativity, intelligence, etc.

Sometimes for a person, it is better to disregard emotions like logic, hope, and creativity to cope with the difficulties of today. The “Six Thinking Hats” will help you to carry out meaningful analyses that will aid you in the managerial processes by focusing only on the most important issue of all.

The hats are reckoned as visualization tools that associate to each of our brain functions.

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