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Manage Your Mind Summary

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Manage Your Mind SummaryThe Mental Fitness Guide

This book clarifies that mental health is a not so different than physical health.

The connection between these two is evident, but you need to work hard in order to improve both of them.

Who Should Read “Manage Your Mind”? And Why?

Self-criticism, obsessive thinking habits, and miserable attitude are sensations that eat you from within; leaving lesser and lesser space for potential growth and development.

Fortunately, just as you can improve your physical health with diet and exercise, you can also take specific steps to improve your mental health.

Every knowledge seeker who has the capacity to explore the terms “mind,” “thoughtfulness,” and “spaciousness” will be a perfect fit for this book.

About Gillian Butler & Tony Hope

Gillian ButlerGillian Butler was born on April 13th,1942. She is an American born psychologist, consultant, writer, and clinician. Gillian assisted in finding the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and practices with the Oxfordshire Mental Healthcare Trust.

Psychiatrist Tony Hope momentarily works as a professor at the University of Oxford – teaching medical ethics.

“Manage Your Mind Summary”

The benefits emerging from stable mental health need no specific explanation. The extra effort will generate certain payoffs like better interacting/connecting with other people, less obsessive attitude, a more positive perspective, improved self-esteem and overall a better life.

In general, these features need no further explanation, your task is to spot those pros and make use of them. The psychological aspect also requires training, a personal fitness coach or a regimen that can help you soar and grow. To put it differently, the chances for an individual to achieve its goals rely on the mindset that person has developed during some period of time.

Nevertheless, its attributes are of changeable nature, so putting principles to work can take some of the pain away. Design your mind to be more grateful, to appreciate things and to stop judging situations superficially.

Mental health strikes again using two segments of its trilogy. In the light of reality, a person mustn’t expect to receive respect from some other individual if on a deeper level self-love hasn’t appeared yet. First, you must learn how to love yourself, and how to focus on your qualities rather than emphasizing your flaws.

Indeed, the self-appreciation reflects the love you feel for the world, community, and every other living thing in this universe. This is not a subsequent step; it’s an imperative to realize love from within and share it along the way.You must be familiar with the concept known as psychology – the foundation for maintaining a stable mental health.

Without that essential notion of self-acceptance, a person’s ideas and plans will simply face disaster. In the same fashion, your underdog status should be challenged by your inner force.

The second crucial step identifies your abilities to cope with change or transformation. Nonetheless, humans evolved, and we are still evolving, so it’s more a question of awareness rather than sheer will. Believe in change, don’t just run around going from place to place purposelessly.

Wouldn’t be just easier to interpret life as a live-or-die period? – It would, but that is not how things actually are. Whether you like or not, the body and mind are subjected to change, and that is a reality we can’t switch.

You can utilize that theory so that it works for your sake, not against your interest. Life is not a brick wall that you need to run up against; face your thoughts and deal with them one and for all.

Emotionally well-prepared therapy experts Gillian Butler and Tony Hope present several steps on how to implement changes using few essential inner tools. The goal is to attain a state where the mind will have lesser maneuver powers.

The smoothest transition consists of integrating physical and mental health for achieving a state of calmness and peace. Your mind is kind of like a trash can, the more garbage you put in, the more it smells.

The same concept works for your body since its impact heavily relies on mental stability. Furthermore, it’s not a cliché to indicate the devastating effect that unhealthy food like candy, chips and root beer have over us.

Correspondingly the same impact is intertwined with your mind. It is simple as that.

The manipulative nature will gradually reduce, producing a healthier and happier individual. To drive this point one step further, the authors have designed practical techniques that assist in the self-respect buildup process.

Key Lessons from “Manage Your Mind”

1.      The Connection between the mind and body
2.      The source from which anxiety and stress come from
3.      Manage your time is equally important as anything else

The Connection between the mind and body

Don’t create divisions between the mental and physical state of being – as mentioned above.

A good connection will produce excellent results on a personal and professional level. A good diet is one of the most crucial elements for overcoming bad habits and addictions.

Everything affects your daily routine, establish a stable mind-body connection.

The source from which anxiety and stress come from

Does worrying too much make you suffer less in the future? That’s not even close to reality.

The fears often derive from a lack of knowledge, or in this case lack of self-knowingness.

Despair usually is followed by an additional worrying process. To avoid getting involved in mind-debates – meditate, be with yourself and study those sensations that trouble your peace.

Manage your time is equally important as anything else

Every day you have 24 hours; time that is often unused in its entirety.

As a consequence of boredom, or apathy, people often waste precious time and do things that are dragging them away from their goals.

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“Manage Your Mind” Quotes

It is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit that the process of adjustment, or readjustment, starts almost immediately after a loss. Click To Tweet The most usual reason for failing to break a habit is going about it halfheartedly. Click To Tweet Your relationships will work best if you are able to be yourself within them. Click To Tweet Learn to relax because tension, the opposite of relaxation, has so many painful effects. Click To Tweet There is no point in trying to solve a problem for which there is no solution. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

We warmly present “Manage Your Mind“, which stretches beyond the self-help genre covering many aspects of the human existence.

A lot of examples manifest the strength of having developed a self-appreciation character. This book is best-equipped for any person out there willing to take arms up against its own ego.

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