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Full Frontal PR Summary

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Full Frontal PR SummaryGetting People Talking about You, Your Business, or Your Product

It’s never easy to achieve full public relations “climax”— to make the audience engage in a conversation about your products or services.

We summarize the essential features that will boost your business and company.

Who Should Read “Full Frontal PR”? And Why?

In the digital era, companies that are not financially strong enough to influence a big mass of people, tend to get a little “guerilla” orientated. With attention to details, these marketing strategies are proven to be quite useful, because they rely on creative.

Never even try to deceive a reporter by making up a story. The audience wants reliable news, gambling with your credibility is not such a good idea. All aside, this book reflects a beautiful journey, from a white sheet of paper to a fully grown organization or personality.

Given these points, it’s highly recommended for the decision-making body in any company – referring to all people associated with management processes.

About Richard Laermer

Richard LaermerRichard Laermer was born on September 16th, 1961 in Queens, New York. Despite being a PR expert, he is also a renowned writer who has written many columns and articles for the New York Daily News, USA Today and other journals.

Richard expresses his passion for creative marketing by appearing on a public radio chatting about “Guerilla Marketing” topics.

“Full Frontal PR Summary”

When you first had a meal in some local restaurant, what was your first reaction? As a matter of fact, the feedback is not what’s important, but your interactions with others about your “tasty” afternoon.

The “buzz culture” nowadays controls the market and everything associated with it. To demonstrate this point further, many marketing experts expose the power of chatting. Never underestimate the impact of a positive conversation, even if it arises only from a single person.

Generally speaking, the best method for promoting or exposing products or services is by encouraging people to talk about the features of your commodities. Spending millions of dollars on marketing campaigns is not just expensive, but also ineffective. The real buzz is – word-of-mouth marketing.

Don’t get disappointed if your product doesn’t travel from mouth to mouth with the speed of light. You make sure that people around you are interested in speaking about the benefits your company has to offer. People often complain that they do not possess any product-promoting tactics nor they have the money to pay for someone’s services.

On the positive side, people don’t actually care about that; your job is to plug your product by creating value. In other words, stimulate purchase on the streets rather than on billboards. Take this situation for example – A good ad is not a long-term selling machine, especially if the product fails to impress on other levels.

No firm would ever conduct an advertising campaign knowing that the funding process will not produce the wanted results. World’s most prominent brands have several things in common, the most potent one of all is having a “killer phrase”.

By all means, put your imagination to the test by inventing a brand-new slogan – differentiation is as significant as quality.

Nowadays, the advent of a developed publicly owned media regime has left the journalist community on the verge of being 100% dependable of everyday stories by ordinary people.

That sounds like an opportunity begging to be exploited. Full Frontal PR is no stranger to stories; it provides the readers with an inside perspective in the mass media circles. Leave those post-industrialism marketing tactics aside and enter into to the “spin the world – marketing guerilla buzz”. Come to a rational understanding of the media intake biz.

The book covers some essential PR lessons, which can take your business to the next level. Globalization is merely ruthless to all new companies, so people have to make their mark as soon as possible.

CEOs, Managers, and other decision-makers must ask themselves: How to get the people around talking about the commodities that my company offers? Indeed, this is an essential factor in conducting a successful PR campaign.

Entice the people with your personal charisma to share some info about your business. Sooner or later, reporters will ask for your opinion if you give yourself enough room to grow as an industry expert.

Fortunately, media veterans these days, have no other choice than to dig for new ideas, which means growth on a personal and professional level. We strongly suggest this magnificent PR guide-book not just to people in business but to all individuals who are looking to manipulate the media and its buzz.

Key Lessons from “Full Frontal PR”

1.      Marketing has its ROI
2.      The perfect method of giving an interview
3.       The power of signs

Marketing has its ROI

A simple thing as a sticker campaign or creating a brochure can have an enormous impact on potential customers.

Even though it may seem like – not enough, that is entirely not true. ROI is essential to big corporations as it is to smaller ones.

The perfect method of giving an interview

Generally speaking, people feel flattered when giving an interview, sometimes even too self-centered. The reporter needs you as much as you need him, so give the interaction a natural flow.

The first thing you should do is becoming more enthusiastic about your products, find the perfect balance between energetic and relaxed approach.

The power of signs

A simple flag can boost your company because people interpret those actions as a sign of something important. In addition, such acts can increase brand awareness and improve market positioning.

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“Full Frontal PR” Quotes

The most efficient way to generate exposure is to get word of mouth started skillfully and maintain it with artful diligence. Click To Tweet Dealing with press people is a game, and it’s a two-way street that never ends. Click To Tweet A placement on the Associated Press wire, for example, will officially make you an expert, as far as the media’s concerned. Click To Tweet Once you begin to get exposure, you’ll learn how to instantly create it in different markets - for example, by taking a small mention in a local paper and using it to source file yourself nationwide. Click To Tweet Buzz makes the world go round. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

In the hope of getting successful (with a tight budget), companies utilize these tactics, sometimes only to make the audience laugh.

Public relations refer to publicity, and according to experts, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Make sure that your methods consist of a visible link to your products and services. 

Full Frontal PR” is all about that.

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