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On The Shortness of Life Summary

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On The Shortness of Life Summary

Life Is Long if You Know How to Use It

This “Seneca old fellow” jumped through our motivational nuggets by remembering what stands at the bottom of all great ideas. This book gets us back to the essence.

Who Should Read “On the Shortness of Life” and Why?

Don’t search for contemporary concepts such as entrepreneurship, business strategies, leadership or overcoming failures. Save your energies for something bigger than this.

Try this time something more classic, simple but at least as strong. Try posterity, life, mortality, fortune, goal, and self-consciousness.

We recommend “On the Shortness of Life” to all people who feel like they are not living their lives to their fullest.

About Seneca the Younger

Seneca the Younger

Lucius Annaeus Seneca, known as Seneca the Younger, was a Roman statesman and philosopher in the first century AD.

He is an author of a wide array of works such as letters, essays, tragedies, a Mennipean satire, and a biography of his father.

He practiced Stoicism.

“On the Shortness of Life Summary”

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you are not using your life the best you can, that it is just passing you by?

Well, we all do have that feeling.

Even the famous Seneca had it as well.

However, he decided to do something about it and left this essay filled with ideas on how to make your life purposeful in his heritage.

You may feel that nowadays it is really easy to waste time since there are the internet and social media, but to be honest, people have always been good at doing trivial things that don’t matter.

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