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Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times Summary

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Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times PDFHow to Win in Any Environment

Unlike other leaders, Stephen and Bob had the vision to find the perfect recipe for all-time victory.

It’s needless to say that competition these days is fierce, and you need something to stand out!

We summarize the key takeaways from this book in a nutshell.

Who Should Read “Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times”? And Why?

You must stop running around looking for a way to make money, without having a strategy. There’s a better game now, so before you put your idea to the test, you might want to arm yourself with the right attitude and knowledge.

Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times” is yet another classic deriving directly from the pond of Stephen Covey and Bob Whitman.

Frankly speaking, this book is suited for everyone, because it covers thought-provoking situations that we as people daily encounter.

About Stephen R. Covey

Stephen CoveyStephen R. Covey is best known for his bestseller 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He was an incredible author, motivator, and trainer who helped companies and individuals to achieve their desired results.

As an award-winning author, he left a legacy of life-altering books and eye-opening insights.

“Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times PDF Summary”

Principle One: “Execute Priorities with Excellence

Before you start with the execution, reassess your team capabilities and push full steam ahead towards accomplishing realistic objectives. Your associates or members involved in the project must have strict assurance from you, that there’s plan which fits their needs and skillset.

Your attitude must herald victory, an incentive that will urge you to enhance your knowledge and improve your status.

The right attitude must fuel every business endeavor because there’s a lot at stake. If you don’t have vision, nor appetite for a grand slam, you may end up on the bottom floor. The implementation phase is only icing on the cake, once you get all things settled.

    • Pay attention to the top tasks–  Stephen Covey throughout his career emphasized the power of focus. Nonetheless, many people these days, deceived by multitasking propaganda fail to identify the priorities. Define these agendas, before you move on!
    • Delegation of routine and specialized tasks must be taken seriously” – Put yourself in the shoes of your employees and see whether you’ll be able to produce value if you have little clue of what’s expected of you. We firmly believe that behind every right action, there is “shadow work.” In other words, a sequence of processes supported by efficient planning that will keep you on course.
  • Track the progress” – Do we need to say more? – If you don’t measure your progress, how else would you be able to beat your competitors and fight for a place at the table?
    Put to the test everything that raises suspicion, and those processes which affect your income statements.

Principle Two: “Move with the Speed of Trust

As head of an organization or company, you must be at the center of happenings. If you pursue a win-win situation, the employees will do the same. Make sure that all of your plans are out in the open so that a brainstorming session can be arranged.

It may come as a surprise to you, but your associates have a lot to offer, just give them a chance. Your output will increase dramatically if all the parties are involved in finding a solution.

You don’t need gigantic strides to achieve success. As a manager, it’s more than enough if you follow simple ground rules, to rekindle that trust and determination.

Advocate for full-transparency” – The company’s policy must allow the staffers to speak freely and avoid quarrels at any cost. As a matter of fact, no one has the right to overshadow others. Even if someone doesn’t like this free-supporting environment, you must lay out that friendliness comes first!  

Be a person with integrity” – These days it’s more than easy to abandon your promises in a matter of minutes and pretend that you’ve said nothing. It’s time to restore that purity and ask the same of your associates.

Praise your team” – Don’t forget to pay tribute to a great employee or associate who contributed a lot to the company.  Give them your thanks and express a sense of gratitude for everything they’ve done.

Principle Three: “Achieve More with Less

Define those activities that are crucial in the value creation process. Most managers cannot cope with incoming crisis or lower sales or something that hinders the company’s progress.

To do more in less is not straightforward, but skillful executives handle the crisis in two ways:

    • “Place emphasis on loyalty from both channels – customers and employees.”
  • “Come to an agreement with everyone not comfortable with the goals.”

Principle Four: “Reduce Fear

If you want to get the best out of your employees, you might want to help them to exploit their potential to full extent. Generally speaking, that’s not something you can do within days.

Nevertheless, this is a lot harder than it seems due to the economic situation which jeopardizes their financial stability. It’s up to you to help them direct their energies towards more meaningful things and get a firm grip on their future.

Key Lessons from “Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times”

1.      Develop the right attitude
2.      Make them feel better
3.      Positivity is key to success

Develop the right attitude

Many successful athletes and businessmen embroiled in rivalries just for the sake of adrenalin. They stood their ground in order to capitalize on the other party’s weakness and lack of experience.  

If you valiantly discard the possibility of winning over and over again, we can’t help you.

Make them feel better

If you fail to create an atmosphere of support, don’t be surprised to witness your collapse.

Do your best to keep your staffers happy and encourage them to speak freely on whatever occasion.

Positivity is key to success

This cliché talk is annoying to most people, but why do we hear it so often? – Have you laid eyes on a negative person who inspires other?

Indeed, to spark a change, you must become that “change”!

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“Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times Quotes”

There might be exceptions—and if so, you might rethink their employment—but few people really want to be mediocre. Most of your team members want to make a valued contribution—to find purpose in their work. Click To Tweet Business confidence is one of the top concerns of CEOs in the latest Conference Board Report of 2009—earlier in the decade, it didn’t even show up. Click To Tweet A turn in the economy can hurt you, but your own decisions can hurt you even more. Click To Tweet In a crisis, narrowing the focus is critical. Click To Tweet Clarity reduces fear, even if what is made clear isn’t very positive. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times is a practical book, which underlines some fundamental principles anyone should follow.

If achieving glory is on your checklist, this classic is the last thing you should skip.

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