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Purpose Driven Life Summary

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Purpose Driven Life PDFWhat on Earth Am I Here

Put your beliefs to the test, by challenging your ideas, and motives!

As it turns out, we reckon that a person with limited capabilities illustrated through the mind can become the lord of all creation – the alpha and omega. We doubt that!

In this brief summary, we explain the Will of God and more.

Who Should Read “Purpose Driven Life”? And Why?

This book is divided into forty brief chapters, to help the reader go through the process with relative ease. After the introduction part, Warren elaborates details about his key findings and ideas.

You can’t do it on your own; not knowing God is like resisting the ocean current, which is too strong for you to swim in the opposite direction. You must let go, and allow the Universal Force to take good care of you.

As such, it’s pretty evident that “Purpose Driven Life” is recommended for the entire population, even for those who mark themselves as non-believers.  

About Rick Warren

Rick WarrenRick Warren is praised for his immense contribution to society, as America’s greatest spiritual leader – or Guru. His methods vary from conventional to ultra-modern all in the service of the community.

He, alongside his wife, are the founders of one of the largest Church in California.

“Purpose Driven Life PDF Summary”

What is the main incentive that pulls you in a certain direction? – What gears you up, for the challenges up ahead? – If you lean on hate and guilt to show you the way, you will not get too far.

To be purpose-driven individual means to have something that backs your agenda, some abstract energy that urges you to move on.

The eternal-reality is manifested through the strides we make to deepen our relationship with the almighty God. If you intend for this communication to get more profound and to enter God’s grace, you must orient towards broadening your viewpoints.

The glory of God is expressed through mercy and love for those who can’t simply renounce their old habits.

Christ, whose mission was to say the words deriving from the absolute Truth, served others to turn and understand the will of God.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. Humility is thinking more of others.

This indicates that once we establish ourselves as real believers, thy kingdom will enter our hearts. To make God happy, you must make his children happy, which means to renounce your prejudices and stereotypes, and leave the notion to judge aside.

All the ceremonies, which show why we indulge in specific practices, to get God’s affection, makes us peaceful as well. Through the idea of showing that we are ready to accept the natural flow of life, we sing his praises and worship his existence.

Acknowledging our wrongdoings, and accepting the secondary role as an egoic entity, makes God smile. Meditation and other mind-altering practices can get you closer to him, but you must confront your narrow-mindedness first, to get there.

You weren’t put on earth to be remembered. You were put here to prepare for eternity.

The whole worship-process or should we say life-routine must rely on authenticity and readiness to digest the actual meaning of God’s intentions. When you seem like you are out of God’s grace, it’s vital to remain calm, and 100% prepared to accept his guidance.

According to Rick, God’s family includes everyone, even those who don’t believe in him. The Universal Life-Force loves and takes good care of its children, it doesn’t turn its back on them, even if they do likewise.

Through the Church and other religious objects, God assembles all the believers to cross that threshold. To become a valuable asset to the community, one must be spiritually prepared, to express his regards, courtesy, love, and appreciation.

You must take the initiative to heal broken hearts, and repair damaged relationships among people.

If you want God to bless you and use you greatly, you must be willing to walk with a limp the rest of your life, because God uses weak people.

If you are keen to be protective of the church, you must distance yourself from all the wrongdoings, such as, harming others, and gossiping.

Following a path of a peaceful solution, will help you climb the ladder of compassion, and endorse God’s methods for handling conflicts.

Pay exclusive attention to values, attitude, and character, and understand what it takes to become like the Savior – Jesus Christ.

God wants you out of the ignorant behavior. The whole existence prefers to have another loving person, whose actions will speak on behalf of those who are unequipped to step up. Take this truth into account, and embark on a mission to become everyone’s right-hand man/woman.

Each creature has a role, and each path is highly unique. It’s about time we accept this assignment, and fill our hearts with spiritual wisdom.

All of the facets are perfectly shaped to be in the service of the only Truth. Using them requires for you to dive deep into the unknown, and abandon the hectic lifestyle. Whatever God throws at you, embrace it, don’t reject nor oppose his will, because you don’t know what’s best for you.

Rest assured that God will crush your fears, if you decide to continue Jesus’ mission on this planet.

Balance your life, accept that judgment comes only from one power, and that is something far greater than your mind.

Be the witness of your thoughts, learn the lessons of life, and walk step-by-step until you reach the kingdom of salvation.

If you truly are a Christian, you should be psyched up to conduct an internal transformation. Melt that self-centered personality and embrace evangelism fully.  

Key Lessons from “Purpose Driven Life”

1.      Be in the service of God
2.      Know your mission, and follow it
3.      Become a person with integrity

Be in the service of God

True believers, also labeled as servants, remain faithful even in the darkest hour. God will test your faith, and your courage to stay calm under pressure.

The service doesn’t start outside of your room but in your heart and mind.

Can you devote yourself to the Universal Power, regardless of the outcome?

Know your mission, and follow it

Whether we are aware of it or not, every person on this planet has only one purpose – serving God.

In other words, this means that no matter what you believe is essential, there’s a more prominent and greater power around the corner, which can crush your agenda within seconds.

Become a person with integrity

Growing means, abiding by principles which reveal your intentions.

Resisting the temptation to go for the poisonous apple, can show you the way to locate the treasure trove.

Find the support in small things, and ignite your faith by endorsing a non-judgmental attitude.

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“Purpose Driven Life Quotes”

Forgiveness must be immediate, whether or not a person asks for it. Trust must be rebuilt over time. Trust requires a track record. Click To Tweet Trusting God completely means having faith that He knows what is best for your life. You expect Him to keep His promises, help you with problems, and do the impossible when necessary. Click To Tweet Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. Don’t waste your pain; use it to help others. Click To Tweet Other people are going to find healing in your wounds. Your greatest life messages and your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts. Click To Tweet God intentionally allows you to go through painful experiences to equip you for ministry to others. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Do you have the strength to follow a path paved with real intentions and a pure heart? – Do you accept the will of God?

This book explores the mysteries of the human existence and puts God at the center of it.

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