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Social Intelligence Summary

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Social Intelligence SummaryThe New Science of Human Relationship

Daniel Goleman takes the word “Intelligence” on another level by emphasizing interpersonal interactions and skills leading to a smooth communication.

Let’s dive right in!

Who Should Read “Social Intelligence”? And Why

Social Intelligence will get the best of you by making you eager to inquire more about our hidden potential.

Dialogues, discussions, arguments, thesis all represent one theory – Two heads think better than one. Understand that communication skills are an unreplaceable asset in any business!

The world always required modifications, these processes will either come from you or someone else – more skillful. 

Seize the “decade”, by improving on a daily basis.

In reality, for a person to apply a transition from self-sufficient to socially-oriented a new mindset is needed!  That kind of profile is in perfect correlation with the book’s content.

About Daniel Goleman

Daniel GolemanDaniel Goleman was born in California – Stockton on March 7, 1946. He has expertise in various fields such as writing, motivating, teaching, journalism, publicist and as a spiritual consultant.

During the time at the New York Times, he covered subjects related to human behavior, habits, and brain operations.

The experience Daniel gained back in the days, served him on a deeper level, where later on he was able to produce marvelous masterpieces.

“Social Intelligence Summary”

Neuroscience is playing on controversial grounds; it reveals a series of remarkable insights related to the mystical human nature. A large portion of these discoveries are focusing on one basic idea – People “have trouble connecting with one another”.

These relationships have always been the primary difference which gave the humans the edge as the most evolved species on the planet.

As a matter of fact, scientific revelations have nothing to do with the theory that the human brain mustn’t be taken as an isolated mass which engages in all things like a computer. Integration between the inner and outer world exists, there is no separate entity.

By all means – being more/less social at work, home, or any other place – is a topic for scientific discussion.

Humans over the course of thousands of years have shown their immense ability to contradict each other. The 21st century thought, relies on reaching a higher level of understanding that is prejudice-free and socially independent.

Have we learned to appreciate the opinions of others over the years? – Probably not, due to our lack of communication skills. People’s brains instinctively take signals from other brains – the ability to transfer energy is a tool that humans have.

Don’t take this as a sign/phenomenon that can’t be altered or modified to serve a higher purpose.

People have tried to synchronize emotional and social intelligence, where for example, a facial expression expresses the inner state.

Nevertheless, the society has embedded a secret weapon and lured the community into “secrecy”. An attitude which in some cases caused isolation, detachment from the world, and psychological issues. 

Many cultures interpret loneliness as a state of sadness, displeasure, and depression.

By intensifying pattern of social isolation, a person can feel rejected by the community that ultimately will treat him/her as a separate entity. The more you create connections among humans, the better; since our job is to connect.

There’s certainly some activity that you excel at, but without the ability to support the community, you won’t get too far. When it comes to success, Daniel Goleman offers a perspective that tackles procrastination and leads you to a position that you can leverage.

The links for such an operation must intertwine from social, emotional and neural backgrounds – an indispensable part of conducting a successful interaction.

At the end of the 20th century, Daniel Goleman started his “intelligence Journey” with the intent to publish a life-altering book called Emotional Intelligence.

In 1997, the author of “the intelligence series revealed a concept which later on will present the basis for his new book.

As mentioned earlier, two decades before; he began with a personal agenda to raise awareness about the brain-operations.

This process enabled the appearance of many other similar books (mostly written by him). “Working with Emotional Intelligence” is one of the masterpieces which by many standards uncovers some hidden details related to the word “Intelligence”.  

The author incorporates a far-reaching range of intellectuals and encapsulates their studies smoothly.

To really make the book easy-digestible, flowing, and fact-filled you must put extra effort into presenting yourself as a trustworthy individual. Although this is not a child’s play, you might want to keep in mind that embracing such a mindset is vital for rising above all imaginary boundaries.

The readers have little patience for decoding your sentences; their interest lies in getting in touch with an understandable material which will expand their perspective.

Some sections of this book reach beyond the simple thesis of social interactions and enter into the field of emotions.

The effects from such a discussion emerge on a daily basis, visible only to those who are willing to fight in order to uncover the benefits of “Social Intelligence”.

As an illustration, of this point, we present this summary and warmly prescribes this book to those people eager to evolve in the world of social intelligence.

Key Lessons from “Social Intelligence PDF”

1.      The ability to understand others
2.      A natural state of every human being
3.      Social Intelligence in the act of love

The ability to understand others

Given – Social intelligence as a discipline, it indicates the ability to comprehend others’ intention and communicate with them more profoundly.

If you act intelligently when relating to other people, you’ll soon be able to spot benefits emerging from those interactions like: trust, commitment, trustworthiness, etc.

A natural state of every human being

The synergy between your emotions and the interlocutor’ feelings is a mere reflection of the social success or failure.

Brain waves synchronize the external and internal process and merge them into a single unit. In other words, remoteness isn’t a natural state of being, affairs on every level can spark creativity into the everyday routine.

Social Intelligence in the act of love

When a person is in love with some other person, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

The author places three critical “interrelated brain systems” up front, which describe love. Attachment, Caregiving, and last but not least Desire.

All of these social facets bring about change, which should be perceived as an influential force that can cause positivity.

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“Social Intelligence Quotes”

Self-absorption in all its forms kills empathy, let alone compassion. When we focus on ourselves, our world contracts as our problems and preoccupations loom large. But when we focus on others, our world expands. Our own problems drift to… Click To Tweet When the eyes of a woman that a man finds attractive look directly at him, his brain secretes the pleasure-inducing chemical dopamine - but not when she looks elsewhere. Click To Tweet Others point to data showing that even as toddlers, 40 percent of American two-year-olds watch TV for at least three hours a day—hours they are not interacting with people who can help them learn to get along better. The more TV they… Click To Tweet Though they are quick to put others down, unhealthy narcissists view themselves in absolutely positive terms. Click To Tweet As Marcus Aurelius said millennia ago, pain “is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it, and this you have the power to revoke at any moment. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Emotional intelligence is one step closer to a person’s heart than the social aspect.

However, creating division between these two shows your inability to understand the concept – intelligence. Being able to solve math problems doesn’t make you smarter than the guy who hasn’t got the solving-problem capacity as you do.

Social Intelligence destroys all interactional obstacles and generates a new ideology in which the communication can unfold on a more profound level of understanding.

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